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International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Systems for Sustainable Development

Volume 1 - Advanced Intelligent Systems on Artificial Intelligence, Software, and Data Science
Erschienen am 9. Juni 2023
XXVIII, 970 Seiten
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This book describes the potential contributions of emerging technologies in different fields as well as the opportunities and challenges related to the integration of these technologies in the socio-economic sector. In this book, many latest technologies are addressed, particularly in the fields of computer science and engineering. The expected scientific papers covered state-of-the-art technologies, theoretical concepts, standards, product implementation, ongoing research projects, and innovative applications of Sustainable Development. This new technology highlights, the guiding principle of innovation for harnessing frontier technologies and taking full profit from the current technological revolution to reduce gaps that hold back truly inclusive and sustainable development. The fundamental and specific topics are Big Data Analytics, Wireless sensors, IoT, Geospatial technology, Engineering and Mechanization, Modeling Tools, Risk analytics, and preventive systems.

1st ed. 2023
Springer International Publishing
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XXVIII, 970 p. 440 illus., 309 illus. in color.
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978-3-031-26384-2 (9783031263842)
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Using Blockchain in University Management Systems- state of art.- Graph Neural Networks to improve Knowledge Graph Embedding: A survey.- Tifinagh Handwritten Character Recognition Using Machine Learning Algorithms.- Maintenance prediction based on Long Short-Term Memory algorithm.- Towards an approach for studying the evolution of learners' learning in E-learning.- Chatbots Technology and its Challenges: An Overview.- Machine Learning, Deep Neural Network and Natural Language Processing based Recommendation System.- Artificial intelligence for fake news.- Traffic congestion and road anomalies detection using CCTVs images processing, challenges & opportunities.- Text-based Sentiment analysis.- Smart tourism destinations as complex adaptive systems: A theoretical framework of resilience and sustainability.- Machine learning algorithms for automotive software defect prediction.- Agile User Stories' Driven Method: A Novel Users Stories Meta-model in the MDA Approach.- AI-based adaptive learning - State of the art.- A new Predictive analytics model to assess the employability of academic careers, based on genetic algorithms.- New approach for anomaly detection and prevention.- FunLexia: an Intelligent Game for Children with Dyslexia to Learn Arabic.- Artificial Neural Networks Cryptanalysis of Merkle-Hellman Knapsack Cryptosystem.- Using machine learning algorithms to increase the supplier selection process efficiency in supply chain 4.0.- A new approach to intelligent-oriented analysis and design of urban traffic control: Case of a traffic light.- Spatio-temporal crime forecasting: Approaches, datasets, and comparative study.- Data migration from relational to NoSQL database : Review & Comparative study.- Recommendation system: technical study.- The appropriation of the agile approach in public sector: Modeling the achievement of good governance.- The contribution of Deep learning models: application of LSTM to predict the Moroccan GDP growth using drought indexes.- Natural Language Processing and Motivation for Language Learning.- Generating Artworks using One Class SVM with RBF kernel.- Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms for Engineering Design Problems.- Designing Hybrid Storage Architectures with RDBMS and NoSQL Systems: A Survey.- Analysis of the pedagogical effectiveness of teacher qualification cycle in Morocco: A Machine learning model approach.- Smart education - A case study on a simulation for climate change awareness & engagement.- Towards an E-commerce personalized recommendation system with KNN classification method.- Convolutional Long Short-Term Memory Network Model for Dynamic Texture Classification: A Case Study.- Towards an accident severity prediction system with Logistic Regression.- FUZZY C-MEANS Based Extended Isolation Forest for Anomaly Detection.- Fashion Image Classification using Convolutional Neural Network-VGG16 and eXtreme Gradient Boosting Classifier.- MentorBot: A Traceability-Based Recommendation Chatbot for Moodle.- Regularization in CNN: A mathematical study for L1, L2 and Dropout regularizers.- Shipment consolidation using K-means and a combined DBSCAN-KNN approach.- A new approach to protect Data in-Use at Document Oriented Databases.- A Dual Carriageway Smart Street Lighting Controller Based On Multi-Variate Traffic Forecast.-Blockchain-based Self Sovereign Identity Systems: high-level processing and a challenges-based comparative analysis.- Impact of Machine Learning on The Improvement of Accounting Information Quality.- NLP Methods' Information Extraction for Textual Data: An Analytical Study.- Handwriting recognition in historical manuscripts using a deep learning approach.- Artificial intelligence for a sustainable finance: A bibliometric analysis.- Geoparsing Recognition and Extraction from Amazigh corpus using The NooJ Complex Annotation Structures.- Agent-based merchandise management and real-time decision support systems.- Selecting the Best Moroccan Tourist

Destination Using the Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process.- Improving model performance of the prediction of online shopping using oversampling and feature selection.- Combining Descriptors for Efficient Retrieval in Databases Images.- TOWARDS AN EDUCATIONAL PLANNING INFORMATION SYSTEM IN BIG DATA ENVIRONMENT.- CNN-based Face Emotion Detection and Mouse Movement Analysis to Detect Student's Engagement Level.- Data Cleaning in Machine Learning : Improving Real Life Decisions and Challenges.- Blockchain-Based Cloud Computing: Model-Driven Engineering Approach.- Student Attention Estimation Based on Body Gesture.- Cat Swarm Optimization Algorithm for DNA Fragment Assembly Problem.- DSGE AND ABM, TOWARDS A "TRUE" REPRESENTATION OF THE REAL WORLD?.- Predictive Hiring System: Information Technology Consultants Soft Skills.- Automated Quality Inspection Using Computer Vision: a Review.- A Comparative Study of Adaptative Learning Algorithms for Students' Performance Prediction: Application in a Moroccan University Computer Science Course.- Pedestrian Orientation Estimation using Deep Learning.- Artificial intelligence application in drought assessment, monitoring and forecasting using available remote sensed data.- CSR communication through social networks: the case of committed brandbanks in Morocco.- Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Octree Quantization Algorithm.- Release Planning Process Model in Agile Global Software Development.- Developing a New Indicator Model to Trade Gold Market.- A new model indicator to trade Foreign Exchange market.- Improving Arabic to English Machine Translation.- Artificial Neural Network with Learning Analytics for Student Performance Prediction in Online Learning Environment.- Attentive Neural Seq2Seq for Arabic Question Generation.- Microservice-Specific Language, a step to the Low-code platforms.- Case Study of Economic Dispatch Problem in Smart Grid System.- Teaching Soft Skills online, what are the most appropriate pedagogical paradigms?.- Road Object Detection: A Case Study of Deep Learning-Based Algorithms.- A comparative review of Tweets Automatic Sarcasm Detection in Arabic and English.- Mobile payment as a lever for financial inclusion.- New Approach to Interconnect Hybride Blockchains.- A Variable Neighborhood Search (VNS) heuristic algorithm based classifier for credit scoring.- Application of Machine Learning Techniques To Enhance Decision Making Lifecycle.- A Smart interactive decision support system for real-time adaptation in the mobility strategy for optimization of the employee's transportation.- A Hesitant fuzzy Holdout method for models' selection in Machine Learning.- Interpretable Credit Scoring Model Via Rule Ensemble.- A New Distributed Architecture Based on Reinforcement Learning for Parameter Estimation in Image Processing.- Smart Sourcing Framework for Public Procurement Announcements Using Machine Learning Models.- An MCDM-Based Methodology for Influential Nodes Detection in a Social Network. Facebook as a Case Study.- A Predictive Approach based on Feature Selection to Improve Email Marketing Campaign Success Rate.- DIAGNOSIS AND ADJUSTMENT FOR SUSTAINABLE TOURISM

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