Advanced Materials and Engineering Materials IX

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This collection contains papers submitted on the 9th International Conference on Advanced Materials and Engineering Materials (ICAMEM 2020) held in Bangkok, Thailand 3-5, July, 2020 and introduces for readers the last scientific research in the area of materials science and technologies of materials processing.
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978-3-0357-2669-5 (9783035726695)
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Study of the Manufacturability of Production and Properties of Welding Wire from Alloy 1580Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Laser Butt Welded Laser Powder Bed Fusion Manufactured and Sheet Metal 316L PartsMicrostructural Evolution of Laser-Welded Dissimilar Lap Joints of Martensitic Abrasion Resistant Steel and Cold-Worked Austenitic Stainless SteelUnderwater Laser Turning of Commercially-Pure TitaniumMicrostructure Evolution of As-Cast Nickel Aluminum Bronze under ElectropulsingResearch on Microstructure and Wear Property of 45 Steel Quenched with Different Laser PowerResearch on New Technology of Metal Powder-Plate Composite RollingVacancy Formation Energy of MetalsTIG Overlap Welding Affecting Hard-Faced Weld Metal Properties on JIS-S50C Carbon SteelEffect of Secondary Aging Process on the Structure and Properties of 7050 Aluminum Alloy ForgingErtical Butt Welding Technology of Q355g Small Diameter Pipe TIGThe Study on the Weldability of 1MnCrMoNi Alloy Steel and Q235 Carbon SteelInfluence of Selective Laser Melting Process Parameters on Densification Behavior, Surface Quality and Hardness of 18Ni300 SteelHigh-Temperature Oxidation Behaviors of 30Cr25Ni20Si Heat-Resistant Steel in AirStudy on Fatigue Behaviors of 0Cr21Mn17Mo2N0.83 High Nitrogen Stainless SteelsAn Optimization Case Study on Single Point Incremental FormingEffect of Welding Parameters on the Tensile Strength of the Weld-Deposition LayerNanoparticles Size in Fe73.5Cu1Mo3Si13.5B9 MeltResearch Progress in Nickel Base Single Crystal SuperalloysWelding Operation Technique of Welding Electrode Arc Welding Overhead Welding Test BoardInfluence of Input Factors on Material Removal Rate in PMEDM Cylindrical Shaped Parts with Silicon Carbide Powder Suspended DielectricEffect of Input Parameters on Electrode Wear in PMEDM Cylindrical Shaped PartsStudy the Influence of Processing Oil on the Physical Mechanical and Adhesion Properties of Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer/Chlorobutyl Blend to Polyester FabricDevelopment of Natural Rubber Latex Foam for Hand Exercising ApplicationStudy on Preparation of Microstructured Optical MembraneInfluence of Layer Thickness and Continuous Carbon Fiber on the Mechanical Property of 3D Printed PolyamideThe Ternary Blends of TPS/PBAT/PLA Films: A Study on the Morphological and Mechanical PropertiesEffect of Zeolite on Mechanical and Barrier Properties of PBAT Films for Life Extension of Agricultural ProductsInfluence of Layer Parameters in Fused Deposition Modeling Three-Dimensional Printing on the Tensile Strength of a ProductVerifying the Gas Heating Method for Injection MoldingStructural Design and Dynamic Analysis of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic Shaft with Metal PartsMultilayer Coatings Using Epoxy and Superabsorbent Polymer Composite Material with Self Healing PropertyDevelopment of Conductive Packaging for Beverage Processing by Ohmic HeatingA Comparative Study of Photodegradation Behavior Sodium Niobate Nanowires and MicrocubesEffect of Sintering Temperature on Properties and Microstructure of Alumina-Aluminum Cermet via Vacuum Sintering MethodInterface Optimization of Al2O3-Fe Composite Materials Prepared via Vacuum Sintering MethodThe Sintering Process and Mechanism of YAG Pore Gradient CeramicsEffect of Forming Technology on the Properties of Quartz Sands Porous Materials via Dry Pressing MethodPreparation and Characterization of Coated Alumina/Aluminum Cermet Composite Powder via Ball Milling MethodResin Made Long-Period Fiber Grating Structure for Tunable Optical Filter inside Single-Mode FiberIonic Diffusion and Dissociation in Room-Temperature Ionic LiquidsCopper (II) Oxide Powder Prepared by Low Temperature Hydrothermal MethodFirst-Principles Study of Effects of Combined Ti Supervalent Cations and Lithium Ion Vacancies Doping on Crystal and Electronic Structures and Conductivity in LiFePO4Mn3O4 Nanosheets Decorated on Graphene Modified Carbon Cloth with Improved Pseudocapacitive PerformanceInfluence of Synthetic Concentration on Surface Properties of SnO2 Nanofilm by Hydrothermal MethodProgress in Preparation of Electron Transport Layer in Perovskite Solar CellOptimization of Protoplast Formation, Regeneration, and Viability in Sorangium cellulosumOne-Step Rapid Synthesis of Al-Based Ag Dendrites for Highly Active and Cost Effective SERS Plasmonic SubstratesThe Research Progress of Fluorescent Probes for Detection of SelenolsThe Effect of Ta2O5 on the Densification Behaviour and Mechanical Properties of Zirconia-Toughened Alumina (ZTA) Composites Prepared by Two-Stage SinteringTwo-Stage Sintering of Nb2O5 Doped Zirconia Toughened Alumina (ZTA) CompositesHydrothermal Synthesis of Copper (II) Oxide MicroparticleEffects of Abrasive Particles on Lubricating Property of Oil-in-Water (O/W) Emulsions for Cold-Rolled StripResearch on Tribological Properties of Environment-Friendly Nano-MoS2 Water-Based Rolling LiquidResearch Progress of Rare Earth-Based Hydrogen Storage AlloysStudy on Preparation and Characterization of La2O3 Derived from Thai Monazite Ore Processing Supported Coal Fly Ash CatalystPhysicochemical Characterization of Natural Diatomite from Lampang Province, Thailand as a Solid CatalystDevelopment of Alginate Based Active Films Containing Turmeric Essential OilEnhance Cellulose Film Production from Oil Palm Trunk under NaOH/Urea Solution at Low TemperatureStudy on the Construction and Performance of Completion Fluid System in Fractured Carbonate ReservoirShale Stability Evaluation and Leakage Control of High Density Clay Free Brine Drilling FluidIrO2-Based Monolithic Electrodes for Efficient and Stable Oxygen Evolution Reaction in AcidResearch and Application of Concrete Winter Construction Techniques on Cast-in-Place BeamsResearch on Effect of Equivalent Diameter of Voids on Sound Absorption Performance of Porous Asphalt Concrete Based on Grey Entropy MethodStudy on Open-Graded Cold Mend Material's Road Performance of Porous Asphalt PavementResearch on Mix Proportion Design Method of Cement Concrete for Road Mixed with Antifreeze Admixtures Sealed in CapsulesResearch on Early Warning System for Plastic Shrinkage Cracking of Cement Mortar Based on Constitutive EquationsEffect of Raw Materials Formula on Performance of Steel Slag CementConsolidation Behavior of Clay Supported by Soil-Cement ColumnEffect of Moisture Content on Ultrasonic Infrared Detection of Concrete StructuresEnhancement of Thermal and Sound Insulation Properties of Cement Composite Roofing Tile by Addition of Nanocellulose Coated Pineapple Fiber and Modified Rubber Tire WasteResearch the Microstructure and Properties of Modified Asphalt from Dry SBS-TMechanical Properties and Microstructure of Oil Palm Fiber (OPF) Partial Replacement of CementNumerical Analysis of Effect of Different Initial Morphologies on Molten Pool FlowsFinite Element Simulation of Micro-Thermoelectric Generators Based on Microporous Glass TemplateNumerical Study of Radiative Heat Flux Emitted by Stainless Wire-Net Porous MediaNumerical Simulation and Parameter Study of Radial Forging of Conical TubeMathematical Modeling of the Magnetic Field Effect on Molten Iron CrystallizationMode Stresses for the Interaction between Two Inclined Cracks in Bonded Two Half PlanesCalculation of Stretch Stress of Double-Layer Plate CompositesEffects of External and Internal Porous Structure Design on Mechanical Properties of Porous Scaffold: A Finite Element AnalysisModeling the Process of Obtaining Bars from Aluminum Alloy 01417 by Combined Rolling-Extruding Method with Application of the Deform-3D Complex

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