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Sweet & Maxwell (Verlag)
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978-0-414-04849-2 (ISBN)
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This is the 4th edition of The EC Merger Regulation - a detailed guide to the method of merger control in the European Union. Fully revised for 2012, this comprehensive text describes how the European Commission determines approval of a notified merger, thereby providing information and techniques to complete merger deals successfully for companies operating in the European Union.
Sweet & Maxwell Ltd
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978-0-414-04849-2 (9780414048492)
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Part I: A Summary of the Law: Ownership and Theft; Sales of Dogs; Owners' Responsibilities under Strict Liability and Negligence Rules; Dogs and Diseases; Dogs on the Road; Trespassing Dogs; Nuisances, Byelaws and Hygiene Regulations; Dangerous and Ferocious Dogs; Dog Collars and Stray Dogs; The Rules about Killing and Injuring Dogs; Boarding Kennels and Breeding Kennels; Guard Dogs; General Welfare of Dogs; Performing Dogs; Dogs and Game; Import and Export; Part II: Acts of Parliament Relating to Dogs; Part III: Acts of Parliament Relating to Animals Generally; Part IV: Statutory Orders and Regulations; Part V: Government Department Circulars.