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Comprehensive yet concise and easy to read, this updated edition of Immunology for Medical Students effectively explains complex immunology topics and their relevance in clinical practice. Boasting just the right amount of detail for today's busy medical student, it delivers state-of-the-art coverage of the latest scientific and clinical knowledge in the field. Detailed and explanatory illustrations, combined with clinically relevant examples and cases, offer a unique understanding of the human immune system and its role in protecting us from disease.
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Approx. 320 illustrations (320 in full color)
978-0-7020-6796-9 (9780702067969)
Section 1: Introduction

- Introduction to the Immune System

- Basic Concepts and Components of the Immune System

Section 2: Antigen-Recognition Molecules 3. Introduction to Antigen Recognition 4. Antigens and Antibody Structure 5. Antibody-Antigen Interaction 6. Antibody Diversity 7. The T-cell Receptor 8. Major Histocompatibility Complex 9. Review of Antigen Recognition Section 3: Physiology 10. Antigen Processing and Presentation 11. Lymphocyte Activation 12. Hematopoiesis 13. The Organs and Tissues of the Immune System 14. B-Cell Development 15. T-Cell Development 16. Cell-Cell Interaction in Generating Effector Lymphocytes 17. Effector T-cells (chapter formerly titled Immunological memory)

18. Regulation in the Immune System (new chapter) 19. Review of immune physiology Section 4: Innate Immunity 20. Constitutive Defenses Including Complement 21. Phagocytes 22. Killing in the Immune System 23. Inflammation 24. Cytokines in the Immune System Section 5: Immune system in health and disease 25. Infections and Vaccines 26. Hypersensitivity Reactions 27. Immediate Hypersensitivity (Type I): Allergy 28. How Autoimmune Disease Develops 29. Antibody-Mediated Hypersensitivity (Type II) 30. Immune Complex Disease (Type III Hypersensitivity) 31. Delayed Hypersensitivity (Type IV) 32. Primary Immunodeficiency 33. Secondary Immunodeficiency 34. Transplantation 35. Tumor Immunology 36. Monoclonal Antibodies and Recombinant Cytokines 37. Review of immunity in health and disease Glossary Index

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