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Tolley's Social Security and State Benefits

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Tolley's Social Security and State Benefits consolidates, in one volume, all the information you need to know on this complex subject.

It provides you with a well organised, logically laid out looseleaf, which allows you to find the information you want quickly and easily. With information about jobseekers allowance, income support, pensions, health and medical care and much more, you can be guaranteed to have all the advice and guidance you will ever need at your fingertips.

An essential reference tool for benefit rights officers, DWP departments, personnel managers, accountants, lawyers and franchise clerks.

Three issues per year; invoiced separately on publication.
3rd Revised edition
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978-0-7545-0822-9 (9780754508229)
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Benefits System Update; Contributions; Jobseekers Allowance; Income Support; Means-tested Benefits; Social Fund; Care in the Community - Provision for the Elderly and Handicapped; Housing; Council Tax Benefit; Family Benefits - Bringing up Children; Tax Credits; Child Maintenance; Family Benefits - Death in the Family; Health and Medical Care; Illness and Incapacity; Disabled People; War Pensions; Work Injuries and Diseases; School-leavers; Students; Job Search, Training and Employment; Pensions; Claiming Benefits Abroad; Social Security Claims, Backdating, Overpayments and Challenging Decisions; Secretary of State Decisions, Reviews and Appeals; Community Legal Services, Legal Aid and Criminal Injuries Compensation.

Appendices: Help from Independent Organisations; The Effect of Benefits on an Award of Compensation