Employer's Guide to Union Organizing Campaigns

2018 Edition
Aspen Publishers
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978-1-4548-9721-7 (ISBN)
Employer's Guide to Union Organizing Campaigns helps you guide your company through every stage of union organizing campaigns, so that you can react quickly, effectively, and legally even before organizing begins. Whether you're looking to be proactive - or react effectively - you need the insights and the tools to create effective and legally compliant policies and responses to union activity. Employer's Guide to Union Organizing Campaigns provides: - How-to practical guidance on anticipating - and reacting to - union activity while staying in compliance
- Sample letters, checklists, and documents ready for your immediate use
- Up-to-date coverage of current case law
Employer's Guide to Union Organizing Campaigns delivers expert, step-by-step guidance to help you: - Understand how today's organizing environment can affect your company
- Recognize union tactics such as the corporate campaign and the request for card-check recognition
- Effectively respond to union organizing without violating the law, alienating the workforce or creating ill-will in the community
Employer's Guide to Union Organizing Campaigns, 2018 Edition, has been revised to include: - Updates on the NLRB's processing of election petitions under its new streamlined election rule amendments
- Updates on the process of challenging ballots and filing objections to elections under the NLRB's streamlined election rule amendments
- Discussion of the reversals of the potential "persuader" regulations that could have increased the disclosure requirement for employers that use outside consultants, including attorneys, to assist in organizing campaigns, and potentially limit the availability of such resources
- Discussion of recent cases on an employer's solicitation of grievances during an organizing campaign
- Discussion of the rejection by the new Republican NLRB of many of the legal extensions that the Obama-era NLRB brought about
- Discussion of additional areas of prohibited employer speech, including unlawful interrogations, surveillance, and solicitation of grievances
- Discussion of guidance issued by the General Counsel of the NLRB on common employer rules and the current General Counsel's efforts to reverse some of those decisions
- And more!
Previous Edition: Employer's Guide to Union Organizing Campaigns, 2017 Edition, ISBN: 9111149307
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978-1-4548-9721-7 (9781454897217)

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