Tango with the Divine: SELFGnosis® 101

Bring Your Life into the Light!
SELFGnosis® Trilogy; Window to the World Publishing
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Why am I here? A 'WHY' as great as this needs a great HOW. SELFGnosis exactly answers your Truly big ask. It's the next step followers of Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. David Hawkins have been looking for.

Learn what it takes to bring your life into the light, and the light into your life to be TRUE to your Spirit SELF and kick your ego to the curb!

If It's Profound Answers You Seek, You'll Find Them in SELFGnosis® 101.

The conversational tone of Sharon Quinn's heart-to-heart writing makes you feel she's sitting with you as you face the deeper meanings of life, death, ego-mind, and Spirit.

You Get Candid Answers-In Easy-to-Understand Language.

Bringing TRUTH into the 21st century, Sharon examines and answers profound questions such as:

• Is there a purpose bigger than our life?

• Is death the end of our existence?

• How do we explain consciousness?

• How do we divest ourselves of ego?

Quinn provides you with clarity, breaks through the spiritual status quo as she puts an end to the mystery thought to be unknowable, and relieves the pressure of "trying to figure out" life's mysteries by yourself!

What Do You Know about SELFGnosis® Breakthroughs?

Tango with the Divine draws you into embracing the very real possibility of rekindling a beautiful relationship with your InSpirited Higher SELF, granting you the intimacy most people long for with Creator-God!

Learn what it takes to:

• Shift your default from habits to transformational change.

• Solve your problems the Higher-SELF way.

• End your birth-death cycles.

cliff-notes to the trilogy
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978-1-944796-08-2 (9781944796082)



1. My Burden of Discovery

2. The Origin of Knowledge

3. What's in It for You?

4. Are You Ready to Reconsider Your TRUE Love?

• Wondering How to Dance with the Divine?

Part 1: What's the SELFGnosis® Difference?

1. Why Should I Care About This?

2. SELFGnosis Consciousness Benefits

5. List of What's Different, What Matters

• Spirit Rehab & Renaissance Overview

Part 2: Paradigms Made Clear

1. Paradigms Defined

2. Phase 1: Paradigm Change Alert:

3. Phase 2: The Band-Aid Syndrome:

4. Phase 3: A Springboard Platform for Change

5. Phase 4: A Clean-Slate Paradigm Emerges

• What Sets SELFGnosis Apart?

• Your Next Step Can Be a Step Up!

6. Scrambled Today, Sunny-Side Up Tomorrow

7. The Wisdom of Cycles

Part 3: Redefining How We See Prophecy

1. Sage Awareness is Wisdom on Deposit

2. Hindu Yuga Cycle: Wow! For Real??

3. Mayan Calendar Cycle: Amazing Synchrony!

4. East & West Shake Hands: A Synergy Merger

• Our Future Healing Transforms & Transcends

5. Oracle of Delphi: TRUTH Set in Stone

Part 4: Just the Facts, Ma'am

1. God-Creator-Great Spirit (TRUTH)

2. Oneness

3. Unity-of-Oneness

4. Wholly Holy!

5. Holy Resonance

6. Separation-Consciousness (Ego-Mind)

7. "Life Is TAO"

8. 'The Master Key' Unlocks the Unknown

9. Duality

• Free Will Is a Subset of One-Will

• The Big 'IF' Choice

• Is That a Paradox or a Contradiction?

10. Relationship to the Divine

11. The Game of Life

12. Enlightenment Is TRUE Health!

Part 5: InSpirited Skills & Gnosis Abilities

1. Confront Life!

2. Eternal Law Trumps All & Obligates You

3. 'ON COM'

4. Pure Symbol Language

5. Sacred Intentional Listening

Part 6: Reality Check

1. NDEs: Death Gives Us New Eyes

2. Worship Contracts Your Spirit

3. Religious End-of-Cycle

4. Look to the Skies: There's Wisdom in those Stars!

5. On Aquarius

6. Constant, Continual Revelation

7. On Suffering

8. Virtual Facts = Virtual Hope

9. A Paradigm-Shift Caveat

10. You and Mother Earth

Part 7: SELFGnosis® Awareness Mini-Lessons

1. Define Creator-God-Great Spirit

2. Nutshell Explanation of God-Creator

3. Confront the Rhetoric "Talking Trash" about God

4. Oneness Is Creator & You in Relationship

5. Going Past Life's Pinnacle

6. Sacred Text: Vulnerable & Grassroots

7. Explain the Spelling: HUmanity

8. How Does Infinite Spirit Become Mortal Man?

9. Rectifying Maslow's Hierarchy-of-Needs Pyramid

Part 8: Metaphors that TRULY Enlighten

Part 9: Beware Is to Be Aware

1. Trying to Be Spiritual

2. Masks of Spirituality

3. Are You Wearing Blinders or

4. "Specialness"

5. Holy Moley, Holy Has Been Modernized

6. Anything Goes: Truth Is Personal

7. Mutual Admiration Societies of "Me"

Part 10: SELFGnosis® Stories

1. When My Dad Died…

2. A Child's Unspoken Story

3. A Fortuitous Crash!

Part 11: SELFGnosis® Wisdom & Highlights

One-a-Day TRUTH Capsules


Try Out This Practical Action Step

• Discussion Questions for Reading Groups

Addendum: Know the Person Behind SELFGnosis® Spirit R&R

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