Knock 'Em Dead 2016

The Ultimate Job Search Guide
Adams Media (Verlag)
  • erschienen am 4. September 2015
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  • 384 Seiten
978-1-4405-8882-2 (ISBN)
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Take control of your job search, career, and life!

New York Times bestseller Martin Yate has helped millions of job seekers improve their job search and career management tactics, changing their lives forever. Featuring his unique, time-tested methods for achieving professional success, this brand-new edition provides you with the tools you need to win your next job and successfully navigate the twists and turns of your entire career. With details on everything from connecting on LinkedIn to finding the right job to accepting an offer, Yate shows you where today's employment opportunities are and how you can develop the skills and values that employers are looking for. You'll also learn how to:
  • Create resumes that get results
  • Maximize social networks to quadruple interviews
  • Turn those job interviews into job offers
  • Negotiate the best salary and benefits package
With Knock 'em Dead 2016, you will land your dream job and be better prepared to navigate the twists and turns of a long career.
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978-1-4405-8882-2 (9781440588822)
1440588821 (1440588821)
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Martin Yate, CPC, is one of the foremost experts in the field of resumes, job search and career management. The author of Knock 'em Dead, Knock 'em Dead Resumes, Knock 'em Dead Cover Letters, Knock 'em Dead: Secrets & Strategies for First-Time Job Seekers, and many other career books. Martin has helped millions of people achieve professional success and he can help you too.
  • Intro
  • Title Page
  • Dedication
  • Table of Contents
  • Why Knock 'em Dead?
  • Part I The Well-Stocked Briefcase
  • Chapter 1: The Realities of a Job Search
  • Chapter 2: The Transferable Skills and Professional Values That Guarantee a Successful Job Search and Career
  • Chapter 3: How to Build a Killer Resume
  • Chapter 4: Networking and the Successful Job Search
  • Chapter 5: Professional, Alumni, and Community Networks
  • Chapter 6: Network-Integrated Job Search Tactics
  • Part II Get the Word Out
  • Chapter 7: Making Contact
  • Chapter 8: Ace the Telephone Interview
  • Chapter 9: Dress for Job Interview Success
  • Chapter 10: Body Language
  • Chapter 11: The Curtain Rises on the Job Interview
  • Part III Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions
  • Chapter 12: The Five Secrets of the Hire
  • Chapter 13: Why Interviewers Do the Things They Do
  • Chapter 14: How to Knock 'em Dead: Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions
  • Chapter 15: Questions of Manageability and Team Spirit
  • Chapter 16: How to Handle Stress and Illegal Questions
  • Chapter 17: Welcome to the Real World
  • Chapter 18: Strange Venues for Job Interviews
  • Chapter 19: How to Ace the Psychological Tests
  • Chapter 20: The Graceful Exit
  • Part IV Finishing Touches
  • Chapter 21: How to Fight Age Discrimination in Your Job Search
  • Chapter 22: The Stealth Job Search
  • Chapter 23: Out of Sight Can Mean Out of Mind
  • Chapter 24: Negotiating the Job Offer
  • Chapter 25: Snatching Victory from the Jaws of Defeat
  • Chapter 26: Multiple Job Interviews, Multiple Job Offers
  • Part V Where the Jobs Are
  • Chapter 27: The Thirty Fastest-Growing Occupations
  • Acknowledgments
  • Copyright

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