A Ship for the King

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With war on the horizon, his path to greatness will be revealed.

Bristol, England, 1618. Kit Faulkner is a young vagrant orphan, taking life as he finds it in the rough world of the docks. But after a chance encounter with two men while out scavenging for food, his fortunes are changed forever.

Kit is taken aboard the Swallow, a large merchant ship partly owned by the two men, and after spotting some promising qualities in him they decide to train the boy for a life at sea.

And so begin the adventures of Kit, which see him rise through the ranks and risk all on the high seas. Meanwhile, England edges ever closer to civil war, and very soon Kit must choose which side he will fight for...

A scintillating adventure at sea, based in detailed historical research, perfect for fans of Patrick O'Brian, C. S. Forrester and Julian Stockwin.

Praise for Richard Woodman

'Woodman is a master of both maritime nonfiction and fiction' Booklist

'Gripping ... Woodman spins an exciting tale' Publishers Weekly
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Richard Woodman is a prolific author of historical fiction, and was born in London in 1944. He became an indentured midshipman in cargo liners at the age of sixteen and has sailed in a variety of ships, serving from apprentice to captain. In 1978 he won the Marine Society's Harmer Award. This experience gives his naval fiction a rich authenticity, and spurred him to write over forty historical novels, as well as a series on the history of the British Merchant Navy, alongside many other non-fiction historical books.

  • Intro
  • A Ship for the King
  • Prologue
  • Mr Rat
  • Bristol, January, 1618
  • Part One
  • The King's Whelp
  • Whelp
  • One
  • Awaiting El Dorado
  • Summer 1620-Spring 1623
  • Two
  • The Prince Royal
  • Summer 1623
  • Three
  • The Spanish Voyage
  • Autumn 1623
  • Four
  • Bristol, 1623-1627
  • Five
  • The King's Whelp
  • 1627-1628
  • Six
  • Buckingham
  • 1628
  • Part Two
  • A Ship for the King
  • Seven
  • High Barbary
  • January-September 1637
  • Eight
  • Civil War
  • 1638-1645
  • Nine
  • Pendennis
  • 1645
  • Ten
  • Escape
  • Author's Note
  • Next in Series
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