Creating Myself

How I Learned That Beauty Comes in All Shapes, Sizes, and Packages, Including Me
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On the surface, Mia Tyler led a seemingly perfect life. She was a world-renowned plus-size model and the daughter of Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and seventies It girl Cyrinda Foxe. But growing up under the shadow of celebrity wasn't as glamorous as it's cracked up to be. From a poverty-stricken childhood in New Hampshire to running with troubled rich kids on Manhattan's Upper East Side, she has an incredible story to tell.

In Creating Myself, Mia shares scintillating details about her rock-and-roll family, as well as battling her own personal demons: dumping her mother's cocaine vial down the toilet at just eight years old, running around backstage at her father's concerts (including the one where she first met her sister, Liv), and attempting to distract herself from her pain through drug addiction and self-mutilation. Yet this memoir is ultimately a tale of redemption. Mia learns that in order to truly grow up, she must forgive both herself and those who hurt her, give up the quest for perfection, and acknowledge that she is still a work in progress.

Creating Myself is raw and inspirational, the tale of a hell-and-back journey from the depths of depression and addiction to triumphant self-discovery.

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Mia Tyler

Prologue: The End 1

Part One

One Liner Notes 9

Two A New York Doll 14

Three Walk This Way 18

Four What Do You Do with a Baby 21

Five There Is No Santa 27

Six Night Terrors 33

Seven Naked Nuns and the Bad Seed 39

Eight The Facts of Life 45

Nine The Problem with Cars 50

Ten Sisters 54

Eleven The Day the Roof Caved In 63

A Good Place Inside Me 67

Part Two

Twelve The Urban Symphony 73

Thirteen Fat Camp 79

Fourteen Learning My Part 86

Fifteen This Is the Life 90

Sixteen Damn, Still Here 97

Seventeen What Drugs Do You Have? 103

Eighteen Sweet 16 109

Nineteen A Scary Sight 116

Twenty Dream On 121

Don't Want the Pain 127

Part Three

Twenty-one Red Marks 133

Twenty-two City Ass 139

Twenty-three Help, I'm Going Crazy 147

Twenty-four Promises 152

Twenty-five V-Girl 159

Twenty-six I'm Not a Model 164

Twenty-seven Plus-sized 169

Twenty-eight My Time in the Sun 176

Twenty-nine Fan Mail 185

MySpace 191

Part Four

Thirty A New Boyfriend 197

Thirty-one Cancer 205

Thirty-two Amends 213

Thirty-three Matching Stars 219

Thirty-four Just Kissing 225

Thirty-five Lesson Learned 231

Thirty-six The M-Word 238

Thirty-seven I Do, I Do, I Think I Do 244

Thirty-eight Careful What You Wish For 250

Thirty-nine Going Solo 257

A Reason, a Season, or a Lifetime 261

Part Five

Forty Starting Over 265

Forty-one A Premonition 273

Forty-two Good Looking Out 280

Acknowledgments 287

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