Roots and Consequences of Independence Wars: Conflicts that Changed World History

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Throughout history, people longing for independence have fought wars to win their freedom. Some of these wars, such as the American Revolution and the Israeli War of Independence, were great successes. Others, such as the Jewish Revolt against the Roman Empire, were devastating failures. In some cases, most notably the Arab Revolt, the outcome had immense repercussions that are still felt today all over the world. This book examines 26 of the most significant independence wars, from ancient times to the modern era and identifies the origins and consequences of these key conflicts. Comprehensive overview essays as well as explanations of the causes and consequences of each war give readers the background needed to understand the importance of these seminal events. Additional learning tools include detailed timelines that contextualize all of the key events in the conflict, maps of several of the key battles that help readers visualize the strategies of both sides, and a lengthy bibliography that offers a wealth of options for students looking to further investigate any of the conflicts.
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  • Introduction
  • Maccabean Revolt (167â??160 BCE)
  • Jewish Revolt against Rome (66â??73)
  • Scottish Wars of Independence (1296â??1328 and 1332â??1357)
  • Dutch War of Independence (1568â??1648)
  • American War of Independence (1775â??1783)
  • Haitian Revolution and Wars of Independence (1791â??1804)
  • Spanish War of Independence (Peninsular War) (1808â??1814)
  • Latin American Wars of Independence (1808â??1825)
  • Mexican War of Independence (1810â??1821)
  • Greek War of Independence (1821â??1830)
  • Texas War of Independence (October 2, 1835â??April 21, 1836)
  • Hungarian Revolution and War for Independence (1848â??1849)
  • Italian Wars of Independence (Wars of Italian Unification) (1848â??1849, 1859, and 1866)
  • Confederate States War for Independence (1861â??1865)
  • Cuban Wars of Independence (1868â??1878, 1879â??1880, and 1895â??1898)
  • Philippine War for Independence (1899â??1902)
  • Arab Revolt (June 8, 1916â??October 31, 1918)
  • Irish War of Independence (1919â??1921)
  • Rif War (1921â??1926)
  • Indonesian War of Independence (August 17, 1945â??December 27, 1949)
  • Indochina War (1946â??1954)
  • Israeli War of Independence (May 14, 1948â??January 7, 1949)
  • Algerian War of Independence (1954â??1962)
  • Portuguese Colonial Wars in Africa (1961â??1974)
  • Biafra War for Independence (1967â??1970)
  • Tamil War for Independence (1983â??2009)
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