Inside the Secret World of College Cheerleaders
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College cheerleaders are extreme athletes who fly thirty feet in the air, build pyramids in which a single slip can send ten people crashing to the ground, and compete in National Championships that are won by hundredths of a point. Cheer! is a year-long odyssey into their universe, following three squads from tryouts to Nationals.

Meet the Stephen F. Austin Lumberjack cheerleaders from Nacogdoches, Texas, whoseem destined to win their fifth National Championship in a row -- until they are shaken by the departure of their longtime coach. Fall in love with the Southern University Jaguars from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, an African-American team hoping to raise the $17,000 needed to travel to Nationals and transform their near win several years ago into a Cinderella victory. Root for the University of Memphis All-Girl cheerleaders from Tennessee -- a team that continually struggles for the same respect Coed teams get -- when their quest for a national title is threatened by injuries and dropouts.

Along the way, meet unforgettable characters like Sierra, a cheerleading prodigy who has never lost a competition; Doug, who is in his eighth year as a college cheerleader; and Casi, one of the few female bases who can lift anothercheerleader on her own. These are people who risk horrifying injuries on a daily basis, battle demons like eating disorders and steroid use, and form intense bonds.

In the immersive tradition of Friday Night Lights, Cheer! is a captivating, all-access journey into a deeply absorbing world.

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Kate Torgovnick

Author's Note


Chapter 1: The Yale of College Cheerleading -- The Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks

Chapter 2: Both Teams in Bring It On Rolled into One -- The Southern University Jaguars

Chapter 3: The Superwomen -- The University of Memphis All-Girl Tigers


Chapter 4: "Have a Hell of a Good Time."

Chapter 5: "When a Coach Leaves, a Program Either Drops Off or Goes to a Whole New Level."

Chapter 6: "Coach Will Go Crazy If We Win That Award."


Chapter 7: "Hey, Mom, I'm on ESPN."

Chapter 8: "That Was the Most Fun I've Ever Had at a Game."

Chapter 9: "I Was Addicted to the Attention, Not the Cocaine."

Chapter 10: "I Know We Cheered Our Hearts Out, 'Cause My Voice Is Hoarse."


Chapter 11: "They Need a Little Cussing Out Sometimes, Bless Their Hearts."

Chapter 12: "Pretend Like It's Nationals Every Time."

Chapter 13: "Agendas Are Pulling Them in Different Directions."


Chapter 14: "Practices Have Been Scary Lately."

Chapter 15: "He Can Do Rewinds with a Horse."

Chapter 16: "I'm Shit- My- Pants Nervous."

Chapter 17: "It's Like Race Car Driving -- There's Always a Chance Something Could Go Wrong."

Chapter 18: "That Dream Slowly Melted Away."

Chapter 19: "That Pyramid Should Be Called the Wall of Death."

The Cheerleader's Dictionary

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