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"The Prose Edda", or "Younger Edda", is a classic collection of Norse myths of the Icelandic people believed to have been written or compiled by Icelandic scholar and historian Snorri Sturluson around the year 1220. Preserved through a handful of medieval manuscripts and another dating to the 17th century, "The Prose Edda" is composed of a prologue and three additional books. In the prologue Sturluson describes the Norse gods as historical descendents of the Trojans who travelled north after the fall of Troy to settle the lands of Northern Europe. The second book, Gylfaginning, old Icelandic for "the tricking of Gylfi", describes the creation and destruction of the world of the Nordic gods. The third book, Skáldskaparmál, old Icelandic for "the language of poetry", contains of a dialogue between Ægir, a sea god, and Bragi, a skaldic god, on the nature of poetry. The fourth book, Háttatal, Old Icelandic for "list of verse-forms", is a section of poetry composed and discussed by Snorri Sturluson. A classic of Norse mythology, "The Prose Edda" is one of the most important of all Icelandic texts. This edition is translated with introduction, notes, and vocabulary by Rasmus B. Anderson.
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978-1-4209-5638-2 (9781420956382)
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  • Intro
  • Preface.
  • The Prose Edda.
  • Introduction.
  • Foreword.
  • The Fooling of Gylfe.
  • Chapter I. Gefjun's Plowing.
  • Chapter II. Gylfe's Journey to Asgard.
  • Chapter III. Of the Highest God.
  • Chapter IV. The Creation of the World.
  • Chapter V. The Creation-(Continued.)
  • Chapter VI. The First Works of the Asas. The Golden Age.
  • Chapter VII. On The Wonderful Things In Heaven.
  • Chapter VIII. The Asas.
  • Chapter IX. Loke and His Offspring.
  • Chapter X. The Goddesses (Asynjes).
  • Chapter XI. The Giantess Gerd and Skirner's Journey.
  • Chapter XII. Life In Valhal.
  • Chapter XIII. Odin's Horse and Frey's Ship.
  • Chapter XIV. Thor's Adventures.
  • Chapter XV. The Death of Balder.
  • Chapter XVI. Ragnarok.
  • Chapter XVII. Regeneration.
  • Afterword. To The Fooling of Gylfe.
  • Brage's Talk.
  • Chapter I. Æger's Journey to Asgard.
  • Chapter II. Idun and Her Apples.
  • Chapter III. How Njord Got Skade to Wife.
  • Chapter IV. The Origin of Poetry.
  • Afterword. To Brage's Talk.
  • Extracts from the Poetical Diction.
  • Thor and Hrungner.
  • Thor's Journey to Geirrod's.
  • Idun.
  • Æger's Feast.
  • Loke's Wager with the Dwarfs.
  • The Niflungs and Gjukungs.
  • Menja and Fenja.
  • The Grottesong.
  • Rolf Krake.
  • Hogne and Hild.
  • Notes.
  • Enea.
  • Herikon.
  • The Historical Odin.
  • Fornjot and the Settlement of Norway.
  • The Fooling of Gylfe.
  • The Niflungs and Gjukungs.
  • Menja and Fenja.
  • Why the Sea is Salt.
  • Vocabulary.

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