Black Belt

Martial Teachings for the Common Life
Hugo Silva (Verlag)
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978-1-0715-1985-1 (ISBN)

Oriental culture and the peculiarity of its principles of life, quite different from Western values, are guided by a logic of balance, management of strengths and fragilities, respect, nobility and the search for harmony between opposites, in all aspects of life of the human being, on a professional, personal and spiritual level. Through the analysis of the 20 principles of Karate-Do, written by Gichin Funakoshi, the reader is guided to a set of reflections that can help to change the way they look and experience the most mundane situations of the day, in an inspiring, constructive and harmonious It is fundamental to know ourselves first, to understand our strengths and weaknesses, qualities and defects, in a real constant analysis of ourselves, in order to live with our own adversities, so that we can better evaluate our surroundings and overcome our challenges, as if it were a combat. A book that will help you grow professionally and beyond. For all who seek to know new strands of oriental knowledge from a martial perspective.

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978-1-0715-1985-1 (9781071519851)

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