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Although one of his lesser known plays, Shakespeare's considerable abilities as a playwright are readily apparent in "Troilus and Cressida." This historical, tragic 'problem play,' thought to be inspired by Chaucer, Homer, and some of Shakespeare's history-recording contemporaries, is initially a tale of a man and woman in love during the Trojan War. When Cressida is given to the Greeks in exchange for a prisoner of war, Troilus is determined to rescue her. When he does find her, however, Troilus believes Cressida has betrayed him. On a larger scale, this play also deals with the political battle being waged by Agamemnon of the Greeks against Priam of the Trojans. Much of the plot centers on war councils and battles in which Hector and Achilles play a part. Ultimately, Shakespeare's play is memorable for its love and betrayal, questioning of hierarchy and honor, morality in the face of reality, and cynical disillusionment.
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  • Title page
  • ACT I.
  • SCENE I. Troy. Before Priam's Palace.
  • SCENE II. Troy. A street.
  • SCENE III. The Grecian camp. Before Agamemnon's tent.
  • ACT II.
  • SCENE I. The Grecian camp.
  • SCENE II. Troy. Priam's palace.
  • SCENE III. The Grecian camp. Before the tent of Achilles.
  • ACT III.
  • SCENE I. Troy. Priam's palace.
  • SCENE II. Troy. Pandarus' orchard.
  • SCENE III. The Greek camp.
  • ACT IV.
  • SCENE I. Troy. A street
  • SCENE II. Troy. The court of Pandarus' house.
  • SCENE III. Troy. A street before Pandarus' house.
  • SCENE IV. Troy. Pandarus' house.
  • SCENE V. The Grecian camp. Lists set out.
  • ACT V.
  • SCENE I. The Grecian camp. Before the tent of Achilles.
  • SCENE II. The Grecian camp. Before Calchas' tent.
  • SCENE III. Troy. Before Priam's palace.
  • SCENE IV. The plain between Troy and the Grecian camp.
  • SCENE V. Another part of the plain.
  • SCENE VI. Another part of the plain.
  • SCENE VII. Another part of the plain.
  • SCENE VIII. Another part of the plain
  • SCENE IX. Another part of the plain.
  • SCENE X. Another part of the plain.

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