Henry IV, Part II

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The third part of Shakespeare's impressive 'Henriad,' this play follows "Richard II" and "Henry IV, Part 1," and precedes "Henry V." In this portion of the tetralogy of history plays, Prince Hal is once again out of favor with his father the king, who is in his last months of life. Falstaff, the comical criminal, is further rejected by Prince Hal, who believes he must disassociate himself with the London underworld before becoming king. This is certainly a more somber play, for Henry IV dies, and Falstaff reflects on his own approaching death. A credible play worthy of the Shakespeare's early writings, "Henry IV, Part 2" is a work of conflict, reconciliation, and musings on life and death that attest to the universal nature of the Bard of Avon's canon.
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978-1-4209-3660-5 (9781420936605)
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  • Title page
  • ACT I.
  • SCENE I. Before Northumberland's castle.
  • SCENE II. London. A street.
  • SCENE III. York. The Archbishop's palace.
  • ACT II.
  • SCENE I. London. A street.
  • SCENE II. London. Another street.
  • SCENE III. Warkworth. Before the castle.
  • SCENE IV. London. The Boar's Head Tavern in Eastcheap.
  • ACT III.
  • SCENE I. Westminster. The Palace.
  • SCENE II. Gloucestershire. Before Justice Shallow's house.
  • ACT IV.
  • SCENE I. Yorkshire. Within the Forest of Gaultree.
  • SCENE II. Another part of the forest.
  • SCENE III. Another part of the forest.
  • SCENE IV. Westminster. The Jerusalem Chamber.
  • SCENE V. Westminster. Another chamber.
  • ACT V.
  • SCENE I. Gloucestershire. Shallow's house.
  • SCENE II. Westminster. The palace.
  • SCENE III. Gloucestershire. Shallow's orchard.
  • SCENE IV. London. A street.
  • SCENE V. Westminster. Near the Abbey.

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