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Based largely on the accounts of Plutarch and Livy, "Coriolanus" is a tragedy concerning the legendary Roman leader Caius Martius, later given the honorary name Coriolanus. From the first act with riots over grain to later pitched battles with the Volscian army, Coriolanus proves himself to be a brilliant general with remarkable bravery. In his bid for a position in the Roman Senate, he discovers the power of both his allies and his enemies, revealing his militaristic pride and a disdain for plebeians, as well as and his unwillingness to slander for personal gain and opaque heroism. Arguably one of the best political plays ever written, Shakespeare provides a protagonist that faces a fascinating struggle of personality and politics which has rather tragic consequences.
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978-1-4209-3646-9 (9781420936469)
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  • Title page
  • ACT I.
  • SCENE I. Rome. A street.
  • SCENE II. Corioli. The Senate House.
  • SCENE III. Rome. Marcius' house.
  • SCENE IV. Before Corioli.
  • SCENE V. Within Corioli. A street.
  • SCENE VI. Near the camp of Cominius.
  • SCENE VII. The gates of Corioli.
  • SCENE VIII. A field of battle between the Roman and the Volscian camps.
  • SCENE IX. The Roman camp.
  • SCENE X. The camp of the Volsces.
  • ACT II.
  • SCENE I. Rome. A public place.
  • SCENE II. Rome. The Capitol.
  • SCENE III. Rome. The Forum.
  • ACT III.
  • SCENE I. Rome. A street.
  • SCENE II. Rome. The house of Coriolanus.
  • SCENE III. Rome. The Forum.
  • ACT IV.
  • SCENE I. Rome. Before a gate of the city.
  • SCENE II. Rome. A street near the gate.
  • SCENE III. A highway between Rome and Antium.
  • SCENE IV. Antium. Before Aufidius's house.
  • SCENE V. Antium. Aufidius's house.
  • SCENE VI. Rome. A public place.
  • SCENE VII. A camp at a short distance from Rome.
  • ACT V.
  • SCENE I. Rome. A public place.
  • SCENE II. The Volscian camp before Rome.
  • SCENE III. The tent of Coriolanus.
  • SCENE IV. Rome. A public place.
  • SCENE V. Rome. A street near the gate.
  • SCENE VI. Corioli. A public place.

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