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Your SMile is the 1st book in a new fiction fantasy trilogy by Sarantos. Sarantos starts this epic adventure with his faithful crew of companions on a discreet space mission trying to prevent an all-out war. During their quest, Sarantos falls madly in love with his Lieutenant, Addie Stuart, and the whole crew find themselves in an unexpectedly suspenseful setting. The thrilling conflict reveals surprises around every corner including siren warriors who seems invincible. Will they be able to help the innocent while racing against time? Will everyone survive?
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978-1-5439-1985-1 (9781543919851)
Chapter 1 "Your SMile" The sound of their footsteps echoed off the blank walls adding hollowness to the already forlorn and cold corridor. This part of the space station always smelled of disinfectant. "So Lieutenant Kitara, will you be joining me in the conference room with Admiral Bane, or were you just sent to retrieve me?" "Yes, Captain Sarantos." Her voice was stern and focused. It always drove him crazy. Her scent was soft though and fresh, just like the days he'd spent on Okura - the planet he grew up on. The memories of rash youthful summers running around the flowering hills of rural Pendash, day-dreaming of one day captaining his own spaceship and devotedly helping his grandparents tend to their four different gardens played inside his heart whenever he was next to her. There were times when he truly missed the simple life but the excitement of overseeing his own spaceship was very much in his soul. If she'd only smile! He knew that smile would immediately take away the grey of these dismal walls. Kitara was human, born and raised on the main planet of Antora. She was slightly taller than him with shoulder length straight black hair that hung wildly around her face with thick curls bouncing uncontrollably as she walked. When she was in uniform, it was usually pulled back showing off flashing blue eyes and luscious red lips but today they'd been summoned to an unplanned meeting of secrecy and great urgency. He was intoxicated with her. He never told her this though. One night in his private quarters he even wrote a song for her, but she would never find out from him. They had worked together since they'd been ensigns for about ten years, but the admiral frowned upon internal relationships among his field officers. It was very hard to control his overzealous emotions for her but he managed to contain it. Every minute, of every day. He was a Captain and a highly ranked professional. Sarantos belonged to The Federation of Antora. Antora was a planet comprised of humans until space travel introduced them to unusual races from various types of planets. Some were friendly, some hostile. One thing led to another and wars eventually broke out inspiring many races to join sides in a federation for freedom. Now, decades later Antora was inhabited by many species creating a federation of peace between the joined races. They shared a united purpose. At that time, many humans left their home of Antora and opted for a different way of life. His own ancestors had relocated to Okura, where his grandmother and grandfather met. He hardly knew his father, because most of his time was spent far away from home as an officer of the federation. His mother had nurtured him from a very young age, teaching him a wide variety of skills. She made a point of making sure he was highly educated. She was a linguist as well and shared different languages with him. However, new equipment attached to his uniform and hooked up on the space station, including his ship made the need not as necessary. But, in civilian clothes in a bar there were times it'd come in handy. His father had died when he was ten years old and his mother had remarried an Okurian. The Okurian's were a soft-spoken race with some telepathy and a Zen-like approach to life. Brackish was no different. He liked his step-father. His species was also one of the more pleasant races to look upon; human in appearance except for a larger skull and spots down the center of their forehead continuing down the bridge of the nose. The spots were dark brown in color with a tattoo-like appeal. His mother was happy and that's what mattered the most to him. Kitara had never said a word during their walk. Now they stood together in front of the door. The buzz automatically sounded and they heard the Admiral's familiar voice. "Enter." The door slid aside with a whoosh. Admiral Bane sat behind his desk tapping his fingers in an annoying manner. He was agitated. "Come in and sit down." He raised his hand from the desk and for a moment, the silence was gratifying. No matter how many times he'd looked upon the Olivian race, it still bothered him that they had no noses. Their large ears made their hearing keener than humans, but they also breathed through them, needing no such structure on their face. He tried not to chuckle at the large droopy mouth that hung down on both sides, more than what humans considered normal. It routinely became poutier when he was upset. Admiral Bane was a brilliant strategist, highly decorated and admired among his peers. He stared at them with large round eyes, the color of which matched the purple blue tint of his skin and the spiked tuft of hair that protruded behind his ears. "Good morning. I'm sorry to disturb you on your day off, but it couldn't wait." He shook his head and leaned back in his overstuffed chair. "We've a delicate situation that needs you, Captain Sarantos and your crew. As we speak, they are checking and refueling the Starship Chicago. You need to be ready to leave at 0700 hrs." He stopped and took a deep breath, as his ears twitched and moved restlessly. "There's been a break in the treaty. The Satorians have aligned themselves with the Bendarian and have taken several of our bases on Okura. Currently Captain, we believe they've not yet entered the area of your homeland. However, they're on the move. They've also infiltrated our mainland, Omain, Stark and Veltar." "What? How'd this happen?" Sarantos anger and fear could not be easily contained and reflected in his voice. "I understand your anger, Captain Sarantos, but it's not going to help the situation I'm afraid. Right now, we need to react and that's why you're both here. I can't say that I'm surprised at their actions. These two races never liked the agreed upon peaceful agenda and complained from the start, never appreciating the need to work together. They're both aggressive races and surely want more than what they originally had, although in the treaty they both clearly received more than their rightful share. We still have some on that side that have vowed to bring their own race back to the peace table. One is Lieutenant Addie Stuart. She's a fine reflection of her race and will be accompanying you on this mission." Sarantos had met her on a few occasions. She was quite seductive but he blocked those thoughts out and said, "I don't like the idea of bringing a Satorian on this mission, sir. I know she's talented and a brilliant strategist but her race can't be trusted; they just proved that to all of us!" "Like it or not, Captain, you will take her with you and allow her in on your plans. She'll understand her own kind far better than you do and she's very loyal to the Federation. It's not open for discussion." "But," "You heard me Lieutenant Kitara, not open for discussion. Now, you and Captain Sarantos learn how to play nice on this mission, or it could fail and jeopardize everything." As if on cue, the door swished open and in walked Lieutenant Addie Stuart. "Sorry, I'm late sir. I was in the debriefing room with Major Flint." She nodded at the Admiral and faced him and Kitara. "I'm sorry if this missionwillbe uncomfortable for you, but I promise I'm committed to the federation and will not tolerate any insubordination against the peace treaty and the alliance of our great people." Sarantos tried to study her face, but found himself drowning in her violet eyes. She was pure magic. She smiled at him. He'd never seen her smile before. Her smile painted the room. He felt his body swell up like a peacock. At that moment, he knew she'd drifted into his life for a reason and he'd never be the same again. He smiled back. Good God, she drove him wild from the first time he'd met her and didn't know why. After all, her torso, front and back, was covered in greenish-blue scales with a purple incandescent color shimmering through it, though her breasts were quite defined and very perky. Her muscles rippled when she moved and her long purple hair sparkled down her back. He felt weak, intoxicated and suffocating when she sat in a chair and crossed her long legs slightly, accidentally touching his in the process. Her physical presence was strong and she possessed a fierce personality that radiated confidence around the room. Of course, he wanted this powerful, beautiful woman on his space ship. It'd be a long journey. He heard Kitara next to him give out a long sigh. He looked casually at her and she narrowed her eyes, clearly letting him know he was being unbelievable. He didn't care though. This was an important mission and they needed to do their best to stop these war mongers. Of course, it had been a long time since he'd been with a woman. Having her along would satisfy him somehow, even if nothing ever happened. He glanced at the Admiral and said, "I understand sir. We welcome Lieutenant Addie to our team." "I appreciate the three of you understanding the dire situation and agreeing to work together as a unified force. I expect Lieutenant Stuart to head up the security team on board...

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