Lords of Norse

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Lords of Norse is an adventure story based in Norse/Norway Mythology back before the times which most are familiar. Connecting into a much large world and universe than what the main character would have originally believed. The story will continue on when Argos the main character finds himself being tied into the fate of life itself. Enjoy!
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978-1-0983-0017-3 (9781098300173)

Chapter One

Old Magic


Transcending through space, rainbow of colors wrapped around the warrior suited in full golden armor as he shot deep into the surrounding stars. Hurdling toward a bright green and blue planet at the end of the glowing tunnel, the warrior growing closer to the world before him. Slamming down into the ground, sending up dust into the surrounding village of mud shacks. He stood up from his kneel looking around to the people beginning to bow before the golden armored man. The sun light shined down on his head revealing a scarred face with a long black beard, his green eyes matched the trees around the village. People in worn down robes gathered around the man and began laying gifts before him.


Below the man's feet laid breads, small metal coins, a large stone rune. He looked angered causing the people around him to back up as his deep voice echoed through his beard. "Why have you summoned me here? These tributes are meaningless." The eldest of all the people stepped forward holding a golden necklace with a red gem at the base, the warrior snatching it from his hands and roaring out, "Where did you get this?" Everyone's faces pressed into the ground as he raged about grabbing the old man's neck.


"An offering was made for us to provide worship elsewhere, they gave us the amulet of knowledge." He frail voice scratched the man's ears.


"You are all to worship the All Father!" He through the old man back as people rose to their feet, "Where are these false gods!" The golden armor glimmered in the sun light as he pushed through people, no one acknowledging him. Angered with this disobedience he drew his sword, the golden handle wrapped around the black blade, runes line the dark metal. "An example must be made." Moving back over to the old man still recovering from his fall, the warrior lifted his sword high above his head driving it down through his neck. Rolling to a nearby woman's knees he stood tall over the frightened people as she began to cry. Placing the blade under his chin and tilting her head up he roared out, "Where is the one who gave you people this?" He pulled the amulet from the old man's hands pressing it in her face.


She pulled her head back from his blade and then began to point south into the dark misty forest, "T-They came from the trees." He grunted and rose the sword up ready to strike again.


Flowing next to him the rainbow tunnel hit the ground next to him, a woman in white and gold armor exited yelling at the warrior, "Argos, enough the All Father wishes us to track down those who gave them this. Their blood is not to be spilled." He swung his sword down into the ground, the runes glowing bright white as he released the handle, the woman on the ground jumping back.


Argos' deep voice rolled through the air, "Why have you come here Cassia? I have this under control!"


"Is that why you were about to slaughter the village. Come we must track them down quickly, it may be the giants again." She said beginning to run south disappearing into the dark forest, the bearded man staying back in the village looking at the people scared before him. Grabbing his sword and moving into the forest the golden warrior began to run to catch up to his friend, finding her within the dark forest, her armor glowing even brighter in the darkness. She stood over a murky lake, feet just on the edge of the water.


He walked up to her, sensing something dark eluding around them. His voice was unsmoothing to the woman, "Do you sense that?"


"No I am just waiting for you, for no reason. We should go in together." She snarky said pressing into the Argos' armor with her fist and taking a single step into the dark water. A black glop wrapped around her leg, pulling her down into the water, Argos reached for her trying to pull her back, but she became completely submerged under the water. Her head came out over the water and she screamed, "Argos help!"


Pulling his sword holding it above the water, the runes began to glow bright white as white glowing flakes fell down into the water. The first flake hit the water and it began to glow, he roared out, "By the all father reveal yourself!" Slashing his sword into the water, the black glop rose from the water with Cassia revealing a large creature holding her. It began to wrap completely around her, the gold and white armor disappearing under the black sludge. A dark face showed from within the black glop, "release her!"


Continuing to spin around, the black creature swirled in the water as Argos entered the water, quickly losing his patients. Holding his sword as it glowed bright white, he moved closer to creature as he could hear the woman's screams from deep within it. A deep rumble rolled out of the creature, "Aaaarrrrgos."


"Alright that's enough!" He lifted the sword and struck the creature, slashing a glowing white hot hole in its side, black blood beginning to pour out of it, Cassia sliding out of the hole covered in black goop. She quickly rose to his side as he took a stance before the creature, "Back!" It began to cower back into the corner of some trees on the edge of the water.


"Careful! It is just a Draugr, we must release the undead spirit." Cassia said stepping closer toward it but disappearing from sight, the creature formed down into a skeleton in armor and passed through the rocks within the lake. "This world is disturbed, the dead rising, amulets of power appearing in villages of man. At least there aren't any dragons."


"Let's move before the dead returns." Argos said sheathing his sword and then sensing the power deeper within the water. Following closely behind, Cassia dove into the water following the golden warrior, deep into the lake. Thrashing deeper into the water, coming to a small tunnel at the bottom of the lake, curving up into an air pocket. They broke the water's surface gasping for air as they rose up into a large caver, the red amulet began to glow pulsing red.


They looked around the cavern seeing a red glow up ahead coming from another tunnel leading deeper, the glow matching the tunnel. Both of them looked at each other hesitant, this was the old magic, it frightened them. No beings of power had walked the mortal world of Midgard, but something brewed ahead. Argos took the first steps, Cassia staying close, this place made her uneasy, though Argos never turned down a fight. He was the All Fathers grand warrior, his general, but every general can lose control.


"Argos, should we call for others?" Cassia said pulling at his hand.


"If you wish to turn back woman, I am going down there." Yanking his hand from hers and coming to the entrance of the tunnel. The red glow shinning on his armor, it glimmering with each step he took down deeper into the cave. Cassia quickly ran up to his back, scared to make her way back alone. Pushing down into the tunnel, the glow getting brighter. Argos held the amulet out in front of him watching the pulse as it changed, they could sense the power growing, getting closer.

"Argos, I do not like this. We should go back, get others to help us. All father entrusts me to wage war on many different people, who do you think got the dwarves to finally submit and have them craft these weapons of ultimate power?" Argos lifted his sword out of his sheath and held it out father than the amulet, they came to a dead end covered in collapsed rocks. The amulets pulse was almost completely solid, it pulsing rarely.


"What we want is on the other side of this!" Argos said slapping the rocks as he got down on a knee. He did not want to leave the amulet anywhere out of his possession, not even Cassia. Throwing the amulet around his neck, the pulse disappeared completely, then the glow became constant, Argos roared out as his eyes began to glow red perfect with the amulet. Visions shot into his mind.


Argos saw himself, standing over all. Even the All Father fell before him, Cassia was there at the base of the steps he stood so proud on. He was on the golden throne, the golden warriors kneels before him as the steps ran red with blood. Wielding the All Fathers Staff made from the Dwarves he held it to the sky and summoned the rainbow bridge. To find himself kneeling before five men all in cloaks, all with Amulets. Argos held out the staff and presented it to the cloaked figures. They then brought a glow to their amulets and the colors washed over Argos as he grew in strength. He was powerful before. Now even more.


Cassia appeared before him, trying to pull him away. They dark power, the old magic is what brought the fall of their people before. He turned away from he cloaked figures and focused on her, her path was one beyond his, she brought him back to the light. Old magic was strong though, the powers wrapped around Argos as he heard Cassia voice in his head. "You will fall corrupt to the power of the amulets, to the old magic. Stay with me Argos."


The visions ceased as Cassia ripped the amulet from his neck and through it to the ground, he gasped grabbing the ground. "It showed me things! I feel corrupt. I betrayed the all father divulging myself with those of false power." Cassia grabbed his thick beard chin pulling his face up to hers as she got on her knees in front of him.


Her voice soothing him, "You would never. Come back to the here and now, do not fall into the old magic." Beginning to hoover next to...

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