Yogafiction: Yogatruth, Ebook 3

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'YogaFiction:YogaTruth, eBook 3', defines the development of a strong and stable Light Body. The sensitivity of an established Light Body knows where we've been, where we are, and what is needed for the next stage of our lives. The practices, associated with Meditation and Samadhi, provide powerful Yoga techniques to invoke inner-peace, joy, bliss and emptiness, in spite of continuing limitations and challenges. Although this eBook stands on its own, 'YogaFiction:YogaTruth, eBooks 1 and 2' provide a more complete background for the concepts presented here.
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Your Light Body Reveals Your True Self


"A divine life is a divine body." Sri Aurobindo


Your Light Body is comprised of energies, vibrating through your physical body. Contracted tight muscles and tissues loosen. More energy flows through you, and you experience a lightness of being and a sense of vitality that makes you feel open, alive and present. Your connection with others is enhanced. You flow towards them as a vibrant being of light, and you receive them in an open and sensitive way.


The Light Body has many different names. For example: Energy Body, Vital Body, Pranic Body, Pranayama Body, Subtle Body, Divine Body, Crystal Body and Diamond Body. There are 70,000 nadis or channels (some say 350,000!), running Prana through our Light Bodies. (To see Light Body, Click here.)


I understood the importance of the Light Body after attending a lecture on, "Stress Without Distress", by renowned scientist, Dr. Hans Seyle.


Supported by two canes, Dr. Seyle hobbled onto the stage, and sat his crumbled body down. The room fell silent, instatntly; and his magnetic voice held the rapt attention of over 1000 people for more than two hours. Enveloped by Dr. Seyle's keen intellect and heart-felt passion, I felt his Light Body. And, it extended far beyond his physical body. I wanted what he had-a strong Light Body!


Curious about the relationship between the physical and Light bodies I asked Tibetan Lama, Sakya Trizin, about their connection. He replied, "At one level your physical body matters and at another level it doesn't". What I understood him to mean is that the neurochemical interactions within the physical body is one aspect; and the Light Body, which encompasses the flowing of energy through the nadis and out into the surrounding atmosphere, is another dimension of our beings.


The relationship between my physical and Light bodies became apparent to me, as I practiced Yoga. At times, repressed emotions surfaced; and like Theresa (below) came into my conscious awareness. These experiences helped me understand what was happening to Theresa when we were straightening her spine!



Theresa had scoliosis (crooked spine) and, now at 40, her doctor wanted a permanent rod placed along a portion of her spine. Theresa hoped Yoga might help. Attempting to straighten her spine, I tied a necktie around her thighs (in those days we didn't have Yoga belts!). Then, in a simple Spinal Stretch, Theresa pressed her thighs sideways into the band, breathed through her back, and her spine straightened, slightly! After that, Theresa got hot, broke out into a sweat, felt like she couldn't breathe, and began to cry. To calm her, we encouraged Theresa to back breathe, and her spine straightened some more! Theresa avoided the operation, and she got taller!


What happened to Theresa? Prana dislodged her stuck emotions and triggered the feelings, associated with them. We deduced, these blockages contained the fear of being stuck in the birth canal. (Her mother confirmed, Theresa had a difficult birth.) Overtime, Theresa's spine became straighter, her chronic free-floating anxiety disappeared, and she was in less pain. So, we all created space in our spines! Prana flowed, and we felt freer and more open!


Some, like Donna, experienced life-altering breakthroughs. (Donna agreed to the use of her real name.)


Donna arrived at the workshop suffering from a chronic muscle wasting disease. Just released from the hospital, and given a few years to live, Donna surrendered her emancipated body to Asana, deep breathing and the release of trauma through sound (Toning). Prana trembled through her, she let out a spontaneous scream, and collapsed. We helped Donna home to rest and recuperate.


Donna's chilling scream discharged the fear and terror of living, for so many years, with a chronic illness. Afterwards, even though her physical body was weak, Donna felt herself, as physically stronger. When I next saw her she looked stronger; not just physically, but energetically! Others also noticed that Donna exhibited more of a presence in the room.


Donna continued stretching and strengthening her body. She aligned her bones and breathed with her Muscles of Respiration (see below), in the best way her compromised body could manage. She even took my Yoga Teacher Training course and later, helped her students release their blockages, and get in touch with their Light Bodies. What she couldn't demonstrate she instructed them to do, and when they turned up in my classes, the connection to their Light Bodies astounded me. She called herself, "Prana-Donna", and inspired her students with her humour, good will and caring nature. After twenty-five years of Yoga, although physically weaker, Donna's Light Body was strong and stable. She passed away in 2016 at 52 years of age, having lived a full and vibrant life, 20 years longer than expected. Donna is a testament to the power of our Light Bodies. She inspires me!


Kirlian photography takes pictures of Prana, radiating from the Light and physical bodies. This energy is called the 'aura'. For instance, an emotional ache in our shoulder looks like a dark mass and, if inflamed, it is bright and seething. After it heals, the colours are lighter. Our auras are also lighter when we practice Yoga, and they extend further out from the physical body. Radiating outwards, the colours of a strong Light Body expand into the colour white. This is why saints are often depicted with white light, emanating from their bodies.


The aura is composed of five Koshas or 'sheaths'. The first Kosha depicts Prana, emanating from the physical body, and is called the Physical Kosha. When Prana balances the physical body it expands outwards, through the Energetic (Prana) Kosha. The Energetic Kosha increases sensitivity, and sensitivity develops our Feeling-Emotional Kosha. More informed through the Feeling-Emotional Kosha our self-awareness increases. And, our Wisdom Kosha expands! A wise, intelligent person moves towards happiness and joy, in spite of limitations and obstacles, and enters the Joy Kosha!


Seven major energy centres, or chakras, affect the Koshas. These chakras are situated along the centre channel of the Light Body. Analogous to the spine, this centre channel is referred to, as the Sushumna. (To see Sushumna and chakras, Click here.) Energy, running through the Sushumna, energizes our chakras, strengthening our Light Bodies. A radiant Light Body expands the Koshas. They blend into each other, and we are more sensitive, self-aware, Intelligent and joyful, in spite of ongoing difficulties in our lives.


Master spiritual teacher, Jack Schwarz, increased my understanding of my Light Body by encouraging me to sense and feel my chakras. And, by helping me to see and read the auras that surround people. And later Dr. David Teplitz, my Sanskrit teacher, introduced me to Sabda Brahma Mantra Yoga, the chanting of the Sanskrit sounds that energize the chakras. In addition, he translated the verbal roots of the Sanskrit names of the chakras. This increased my understanding of the relationship between the chakras, the Koshas, and my psychological wellbeing.


However, my view of the Light Body was mainly influenced by my own experiences with Prana, as it vibrated through my Sushumna, energizing my chakras. And, by noticing my students, as they became more integrated, vibrant and open through the understanding and experiencing of Prana, running through their Sushumnas, and energizing their chakras.


Sushumna translates as, "gather together distracted energy". Therefore, I jokingly call it our, 'cosmic vacuum cleaner'. However, before the Sushumna can vacuum away our confused thoughts, anxieties and fears, we need to be powered by KUNDALINI!! (see next section, below.)


Principle - Yoga Introduces You To Your Light Body.


DO IT! Muscles of Respiration: Breathing with your proper breathing muscles increases energy (Prana). Prana dissolves your stress, even while on-the-go! To see your Muscles of Respiration Click here.


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