Is your twin flame a dual soul?

When destiny meets love
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When destiny has its fingers in the game concerning love we usually find a soulmate. To find your dual soul is one of the most beautiful and one of the most sorrowful experiences you can make in your whole life. So beautiful, because you never ever felt such a strong connection and closeness to someone before. And so sorrowful, because suddenly everything seems so complicated. While one of the partners desires nothing more than to live a wonderful relationship, the other withdraws again and again and rejects this special love. A game of proximity and distance arises that only takes an end, if you accept and master the learning tasks that this soul connection holds for both.

In this book we would like to show you the correlations between the two dual soul partners, how strong they are connected to each other, what learning tasks await them and how to clear the way into a happy and fulfilled relationship.

Because one thing is for sure:

Destiny has chosen you for one of the most beautiful relationships that exists. And you should live it - the greatest love of all!
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978-3-7504-7295-2 (9783750472952)
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Ricarda Sagehorn, born in Bremen, Germany in 1975, lives in Berlin, Germany and works for many years successfully as a dual soul & karma coach. She is a specialist in karmic connections and soulmates with a special focus on dual soul connections.
She shares her knowledge about karma and dual soul connections with their associated learning processes in seminars and workshops together with Cornelia Mroseck.


Even though each karmic love is very individual, we found out through the many stories we've already listened to that there are a myriad of "symptoms" that can be found in each of these connections. So when the first meeting has taken place, the following signs are usually to be found in different intensities. Of course, not all symptoms need to occur at once and right at the beginning. Many of these symptoms come into play only when one dual soul partner withdraws and leaves the other partner behind.

Infinite familiarity

As we have already mentioned, the first look into the eyes is the trigger for the energetic wave, the triggering of the learning tasks, the re-establishment of the connection in reality. With that look and with the first words that you change, you feel like you're closer to this person than to anyone else ever before. You feel attracted and infinitely familiar. You seem to know each other deep inside. Often you even have the feeling that this knowledge goes beyond time and space, as if you've known each other for centuries - even from previous lives. We assume that this truly is the case. As we have already mentioned in the definition of the term "karma", this theory also includes the theory of reincarnation - the eternal circle of rebirths. Earlier lives are therefore assumed. It is therefore to be assumed that this unfathomable familiarity on the emotional level results precisely from the fact that you already know one another from different incarnations. Apart from that, of course, your opposite is literally the other half of your own soul that causes this incredible sense of togetherness.

An irresistible magnetism

Equally fast - but in rare cases slower - a tremendous magnetism sets in between the two partners. This is not only present when both face each other. No. It goes far beyond that. It is a longing that burns so strong inside that you believe you can't exist without the other one any more. Like a magnet, this other human being seems to be tuned to the waves of yourself. And this feeling is also present on a sexual level. It's like being forced to come closer. Even if it does not necessarily happen in the end, it appears incredibly difficult to escape this magic. Words, mere thoughts about the other one and touch trigger entire energy storms in the body that make it impossible to resist. The burning spiritual desire for inner, spiritual and sexual (re-)union is the reason for this yearning.

The partner is permanently in your thoughts

You wake up in the morning and the first thought goes to your dual soul partner. This phenomenon accompanies you through the whole day and it seems almost impossible not to think about the partner. You also fall asleep in the evening with the last thought about the other soul and you might not even find your sleep at all. The thoughts are constantly revolving around the partner. It seems like bewitched. This can even result in being unable to concentrate and putting your day-to-day work and job at risk.

Lucid dreams

Many people seeking advice report that they dream of their dual soul partner very clearly. These dreams are so real that they hardly believe they have only dreamed. On the one hand, these nocturnal encounters can give an indication of where both partners are standing currently. On the other hand, they can also give you a glimpse on future events. We can almost say that the partners particularly meet in these lucid dreams on an energetic or emotional level. Since this is a purely energetic level, lying in these dreams is not possible. They reflect the mental intentions and can therefore be taken very seriously, even if in reality something different or even contrary shows up. Because here we can often keep up appearances or lie to others.

However, it is important not to confuse these lucid dreams with other dreams that are blurred and indistinct. These kinds of dreams usually reflect the own mental and emotional processing of experiences or even fears.


Some advice seekers got lost in thought while walking on the street or lying in bed completely sleepy in the morning, when suddenly they were engrossed in a conversation with their dual soul partner - which has never taken place between the two in reality. But these conversations seem so real, as if they were actually happening - although only in their mind. Because usually the other is perceived distinctively as an inner image and also the answers "clearly" do not come from yourself.

Soliloquy continues lucid dreams, which are taken from the sleeping phase into waking up.

You can feel the partner in the stomach and / or in the whole body

Ever one of those seeking advice, without any exception, report that they have a "weird gut feeling" or feel the dual soul partner in or on the whole body. However, this feeling is not comparable to the well-known butterflies in one's stomach. Because it is in its own way quite uncomfortable, sometimes even more like nausea, and can quite well take away your appetite or even stimulate it on the contrary. These energies can either be felt mainly in the upper part of the abdomen or run through the whole body from the feet to the head like a wave.

Often you also have the feeling that you could sense when the other one is thinking of you, is feeling sick or even when your are being wiped out of the other's head. Then the sensation starts out of nowhere.

This emotional transference is so overarching and vehemently demanding, as is the permanent thought of the other, that it is among other reasons the cause for various blockages in everyday life, such as the following:

Concentration deficit and work block

Often there is hardly any opportunity in everyday life to concentrate on work or other everyday things and tasks. You always have the impression of standing beside yourself and hardly participating in your own life. Sometimes it goes so far that the job is really at risk, because you just can not work as you are used to. Again and again the thoughts wander off on your partner. Or you have the feeling of being completely hollow inside your head. You become unable to do the simplest things. Work is left behind and commitments can only be followed up with difficulties. At times you feel paralyzed.

Your joie de vivre is lost

In many cases, we can observe that those affected are in a very passive way of life. You prefer to stay at home, barely leaving the house. Sitting together happily with friends and acquaintances seems unimaginable. You have the impression that everything makes no sense without the dual soul partner. Listlessness is spreading. Sometimes this goes so far as to break up friendships and to limit contact with your family. However, this is also largely due to the fact that one hardly talks about anything other than the dual partner and the related problems and lovesickness. After a certain time, friends and relatives can neither hear this anymore, understand this, nor follow this. Then, from this misunderstood situation, personal encounters are also restricted.

Energy loss

Again and again it seems - for no apparent reason - that you are falling into an energetic hole. You are tired and worn-out, you do not feel motivated for anything, and you just daydream. No matter what you do, your own energy level seems to be at zero. You feel pitiful and close to tears. These energy losses can actually take such forms that they resemble a severe depression. Sometimes you wake up in this mood in the morning, sometimes you get into this mood during the day. It is always very energy-sapping in any case and hardly seems to be surmountable. You're just completely exhausted.

Crying out of the blue

In addition to the energy losses and often together with them, tears appear out of the blue. You do not really know why your tears start to flow. But they are there. However, this sudden crying can also occur quite unexpectedly in situations that do not suggest the slightest bad mood. You might just have had a merry round with friends for lunch and, without any warning, crying starts all of a sudden.

Even if it is sometimes inexplicable, an infinite, emotional pain can accompany this crying as well. You often do not know where it comes from. You just feel awful.

Attack-like restlessness

A very sudden unrest is also one of those overpowering emotions. Everything is just fine and in the next moment you could go ballistic for some unknown reason. You become incredibly nervous and restless. However, there is no such thing as a direct external trigger that could explain this reaction.

This restlessness can certainly occur at night as well. You suddenly wake up from deep sleep or do not even fall asleep. Although you feel tired, you do not come to a rest. Either you roll yourself back and forth in bed or run restlessly through the apartment. Thinking of sleep is impossible.

Likewise, a longing can also occur along with this restlessness. The urge to make contact with the soulmate is immeasurable. And the separation and retreats from your partner hurt a lot.

Trembling on contact

Another indication of a dual soul connection is that you literally tremble when contact takes place - no matter what kind. Your knees are soft, the hands shake, if you do not even literally shudder on the whole body. Some people seeking our advice even report that they had to put the phone on the table, holding it there with one hand while they...

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