Reading Still Matters: What the Research Reveals about Reading, Libraries, and Community

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978-1-4408-5577-1 (ISBN)
Reading is more important than it has ever been--recent research on reading, such as PEW reports and Scholastic's "Kids and Family Reading Report," proves that fact. This new edition of Reading Matters provides powerful evidence that can be used to justify the establishment, maintenance, and growth of pleasure reading collections, both fiction and nonfiction, and of readers' advisory services. The authors assert that reading should be woven into the majority of library activities: reference, collection building, provision of leisure materials, readers' advisory services, storytelling and story time programs, adult literacy programs, and more. This edition also addresses emergent areas of interest, such as e-reading, e-writing, and e-publishing; multiple literacies; visual texts; the ascendancy of young adult fiction; and fan fiction. A new chapter addresses special communities of YA readers. The book will help library administrators and personnel convey the importance of reading to grant-funding agencies, stakeholders, and the public at large. LIS faculty who wish to establish and maintain courses in readers' advisory will find it of particular interest.
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  • Cover
  • Half Title
  • Title Page
  • Copyright
  • Contents
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Chapter 1â??The Company of Readers
  • 1.1: Henny Penny and the Case for Reading
  • 1.2: Myths about Reading
  • 1.3: Histories of Reading
  • 1.4: Reading in the Digital Age
  • 1.5: Introduction to Reading Research
  • 1.6: Reflecting on Reading
  • Chapter 2â??Becoming a Reader: Childhood Years
  • 2.1: What We Know about Children and Reading
  • 2.2: Becoming a Reader
  • 2.3: Readicide and Its Antidotes: Maintaining Childhood Reading
  • 2.4: Multimodal Reading
  • 2.5: Children, Libraries, and Reading
  • Chapter 3â??Young Adults and Reading
  • 3.1: Are Young Adults Reading or Not?
  • 3.2: Young Adults and Fiction Reading
  • 3.3: Reading and Identity
  • 3.4: Digital Reading
  • 3.5: Reading Comics by Lucía Cedeira Serantes
  • 3.6: Young Adults Reading and Reaching Out
  • 3.7: To Read More on Special Communities of YA Readers
  • Chapter 4â??Adult Readers
  • 4.1: The Who, What, Where, and When of Reading
  • 4.2: Why (Not) Read?
  • 4.3: The Reading Experience
  • 4.4: Respecting Readers
  • 4.5: Attracting Attention
  • 4.6: Advising Readers
  • 4.7: Shared Reading
  • 4.8: Reading and Therapeutic Practices
  • Coda: Reading Becomes You
  • Name and Subject Index
  • Title Index
  • About the Authors

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