Rickles' Book

A Memoir
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RICKLES' BOOK will help you win friends and influence people.

RICKLES' BOOK will introduce you to all of his famous friends, from Frank Sinatra to Johnny Carson.

RICKLES' BOOK will help you lose weight.

RICKLES' BOOK will help you gain weight.

RICKLES' BOOK will improve your love life.

RICKLES' BOOK will make you cry. (If your love life doesn't improve.)

RICKLES' BOOK will make you laugh. (If your love life does improve.)

RICKLES' BOOK will make you love one of the great Americans of our time, Don Rickles.

RICKLES' BOOK will give you something to talk about at parties. (If you're ever invited to parties.)

RICKLES' BOOK, along with the Bible and War and Peace, will grace your bookshelf and upgrade your literary status.

RICKLES' BOOK will keep you up at night.

RICKLES' BOOK will put you to sleep at night.

RICKLES' BOOK will make you rich. (If you treasure great humor.)

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Don Rickles with David Ritz
  • Intro
  • Cover
  • Colophon
  • Also by David Ritz
  • Title Page
  • Copyright
  • Dedication
  • Acknowledgments
  • All Heart
  • General Patton
  • Don the Scholar
  • Don the Lover
  • Rickles Wins the War
  • Don, Super-Salesman
  • What do Lauren Bacall, Spencer Tracy, Kirk Douglas, Grace Kelly and Edward G. Robinson Have to do with Don Rickles?
  • "Thank You. Next."
  • Men in Trench Coats
  • Jersey
  • Night Train
  • The Sawdust Trail
  • My Hero
  • Just the Two of Us
  • Sailing
  • Elegante
  • Hey, Rose, Pass the Suntan Lotion
  • The Great Summit
  • Paar for the Course
  • Zardi's Jazzland
  • Brand-New Slate
  • Gable and I are Great
  • Sherlock Holmes Had Watson
  • Rickles Had Harry
  • Wild Nights at the Casbah
  • "Rickles Deserves the Academy Award!"
  • Untold Tales of Sinatra and Rickles at the Sands! Plus, the Steamiest Story Ever Told!
  • Don in Love
  • Distinguished Roles in Distinguished Films
  • .Meet the Beatles
  • A Magical Time
  • Day of Days
  • King Carson
  • Friends? Impossible!
  • "Rickles? Not in my Place!"
  • A Really, Really Big Show
  • World's Best Sport
  • Diary of a Mad Actor
  • Moon Over Harry
  • Hollywood Goes Yugoslavia
  • World's Best Punch Line
  • Famous Last Words
  • If at First You Don't Succeed.
  • King Elvis
  • To the Moon, Alice (Without Jackie Gleason)
  • "If I Can Make Them Laugh on the Moon, Why Can't I Make Them Laugh at Harrah's?"
  • He Reads the New York Times
  • Poached Eggs
  • A Kid from the Neighborhood
  • Rock and Roll Rickles
  • Moby Dick
  • "Can the Prince Come Out and Play?"
  • The Ladies Who Live in Condos
  • "It's that Slow in Vegas?"
  • Bucket of Beluga
  • Barbara Bush and Bikini Beach
  • Everyone Wants to Meet the Pope
  • End of an Era
  • I Got a Horse Right Here.
  • You Gotta Love Clint Eastwood
  • Casino
  • Peaceful Afternoon in Malibu.
  • Bleeding Dodger Blue
  • Forever Friends
  • Memo
  • Barbara and Don Go Riding Off into the Sunset
  • About the Authors

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