Intersexuality in the Animal Kingdom

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When Richard Goldschmidt' coined the term "intersexuality" in 1915, he intended it to apply to normally dioecious species which exhibit some kind of mixture between male and female characters. However, as knowledge of the bewildering variability present in the sexual orga nization of members of the animal kingdom has increased, the original meaning of the word has changed. Today many authors define inter sexuality as "the presence of both male and female characteristics, or of intermediate sexual characteristics, in a single individual".2 This more extensive and widely accepted concept justifies the title of our book . Among all the anatomical and physiological features of living organisms the reproductive system has a unique importance for the perpetuation of the species. Conversely, reproductive processes are of little or no account for the viability of the individual. Therefore, within the framework of general biology reproduction has all too often been looked at solely from the point of view of genetics. Lively discussions about genotypic versus phenotypic sex determination long dominated the sci entific literature on sexuality in animals; this one-sided emphasis has tended to obscure many important facets of an organism's ability to reproduce. Recent developments in current biological research have brought the classic problem of sex differentiation into focus again, and the rapid progress being made in comparative endocrinology has added a new di mension to the study of reproductive biology.
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978-3-642-66069-6 (9783642660696)
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Invertebrates.- Sex and Sex Determination in Coelenterates.- Sexual Differentiation in the Fissiparous Strain of Dugesia gonocephala.- Sexuality and Neurosecretion in Freshwater Planarians.- Sex Differentiation in Regenerating ?/? Nemertine Chimeras.- Sex Reversal in the Syllinae (Polychaeta: Annelida).- Mutual Influence on the Sexual Differentiation in the Protandric Polychaete Ophryotrocha puevilis.- Neurosecretory Phenomena during Reproduction in Oligochaeta.- Study of Sex Control of Gametogenesis by Organ Culture in the Oligochaete Annelid Eisenia foetida f. typica Sav.- Factors of Primary Sexual Differentiation in the Simultaneous Hermaphrodite Eisenia foetida (Oligochaeta: Lumbricidae).- Sex-Determination in Bonellia.- Hermaphroditism and Gynandromorphism in Malacostracan Crustacea.- Temperature-Sensitive Intersexuality and Its Determinism in Orchestia gammarella Pallas.- Parasite-Induced Castration and Intersexuality in Insects.- Hermaphroditism in Insects. Studies on Icery a purchasi.- Sex Specific Cell Differentiation in Different Types of Intersexes of Lymantria dispar L..- Structural and Endocrinological Aspects of Hermaphroditism in Pulmonate Snails, with Particular Reference to Lymnaeastagnalis (L.).- Protandric Hermaphroditism in Prosobranch Gastropods.- The Sexuality of Pelecypod Molluscs.- Hermaphroditism in Echinoderms. Studies on Asteroids.- Vertebrates.- The Gonadal and Adenohypophysial Functions on Natural Sex Reversal.- Ovarian and Testicular Intersexuality in Two Protogynous Mediterranean Groupers, Epinephelus aeneus and Epinephelus guaza.- Hermaphroditism in Cichlid Fishes.- An Unusual Approach to Experimental Sex Inversion in the Teleost Fish, Betta and Macropodus.- The Possible Significance of Sex-Chromatin for the Determination of Genetic Sex in Ambisexual Teleost Fishes.- Sex Determination and Differentiation among Uniparental Homozygotes of the Hermaphroditic Fish Rivulus marmoratus (Cyprinodontidae: Atheriniformes).- Protogynous Hermaphroditism in Fishes of the Family Scaridae.- Ecology and Physiology of Sex Reversal in Anthias squamipinnis (Peters), (Teleostei: Anthiidae).- The Evolution of Hermaphroditism in Fishes.- Unisexual Female Offsprings in the Salamander, Pleurodeles waltlii Michah.- Autoradiographic Study on the Mechanisms of Testosterone-Induced Sex-Reversal in Rana Tadpoles.- Temperature and Sex Differentiation in Embryos of Two Chelonians, Emys orbicularis L. and Testudo graeca L..- Evolution of Parthenogenetic Species of Reptiles.- Intersexuality in Birds. Study of the Effects of Hybridization and Post-Embryonic Ovariectomy.- Some Effects of Embryonic Gonad and Non-Gonadal Grafts on the Development of Primary Sexual Characteristics in the Chick.- Intersexuality of the Genital System and "Free-Martinism" in Birds.- The Prenatal Development of Bovine Freemartins.- The Role of Androgens in Sexual Differentiation of Mammals.- Recent Studies on the Intersexual Programming of the Genetic Rat Male Pseudohermaphrodite.- Chromosomes and Sex Differentiation.

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