Fresh Water for Flowers

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A POIGNANT RUNAWAY BESTSELLER full of French charm and memorable characters, Fresh Water for Flowers is Valérie Perrin's English debut.

Violette Toussaint is the caretaker at a cemetery in a small town in Bourgogne. Casual mourners, regular visitors, and sundry colleagues-gravediggers, groundskeepers, and a priest-visit her to warm themselves in her lodge, where laughter, companionship, and occasional tears mix with the coffee she offers them. Her life is lived to the rhythms of their funny, moving confidences.

Violette's routine is disrupted one day by the arrival of Julien Sole-local police chief-who insists on scattering the ashes of his recently deceased mother on the gravesite of a complete stranger. It soon becomes clear that Julien's inexplicable gesture is intertwined with Violette's own difficult past.

With Fresh Water for Flowers, Valérie Perrin has given readers an intimately told story that tugs on the heartstrings about a woman who believes obstinately in happiness, despite it all. A number one bestseller in France, Fresh Water for Flowers is a heartwarming and tender story that will stay will readers for years after the final page is turned.


"Thundering applause. And, believe us, the word 'thunder' is not too strong."-La Marseillaise

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978-1-60945-596-5 (9781609455965)

Valérie Perrin is a photographer and screenwriter who works with Claude Lelouch. Her first novel, Les Oubliés du Dimanche, has won numerous prizes, including the 2016 Lire Élire and Poulet-Malassis prizes.

  • Intro
  • 1. When we miss one person, everywhere becomes deserted.
  • 2. What do you expect will become of me if I no longer hear your step, is it your lifeor mine that's going, I don't know.
  • 3. Let them take me or let them take my loved onessince all cemeteries one day end up as parks.
  • 4. Being is eternal, existence a passage, eternal memory will be its message.
  • 5. The book of life is the ultimate book, which we can neither close nor reopen at will
  • when we want to return to the page on which we love, the page on which we die is already between our fingers.
  • 6. For the hour is coming, in which all that are in the graves shall hear his voice, and shall come forth.
  • 7. There'll always be someone missingto make my life smile: you.
  • 8. May your rest be as sweet as your heart was kind.
  • 9. His beauty, his youth smiled upon the worldin which he would have lived. Then from his hands fell the book of which he has read not a word.
  • 10. Talking about you is making you exist,saying nothing would be forgetting you.
  • 11. Soothe his rest with your sweetest singing.
  • 12. Sleep, Nana, sleep, but may you still hear our childish laughter up there in highest Heaven.
  • 13. There's something stronger than death, and that's the presence of those absent in the memory of the living.
  • 14. The day someone loves you, the weather's marvelous.
  • 15. Sweet butterfly, spread your lovely wingsand go to his tomb to tell him I love him.
  • 16. We never meet people by chance. They are destined to cross our paths for a reason.
  • 17. I hear your voice in the world's every sound.
  • 18. The dead leaves are shoveled away,the memories and regrets are, too.
  • 19. If a flower grew every time I thought of you, the earth would be one massive garden.
  • 20. If life is nothing but a passage, our memory will preserve your image.
  • 21. The darkness is never total
  • at the end of the path, there's always an open window.
  • 22. Little flower of life. Your scent is eternal, even if humanity picked you too soon.
  • 23. If life is but a passage, let us at least scatter flowers on that passage.
  • 24. You must learn to be generous with your absence to thosewho haven't understood the importance of your presence.
  • 25. A mother's love is a treasurethat God gives only once.
  • 26. Nothing opposes the night, nothing justifies it.
  • 27. A weak dawn spills across the fieldsthe melancholy of setting suns.
  • 28. There's no solitude that isn't shared.
  • 29. The leaves fall, the seasons pass,only memory is eternal.
  • 30. Along this river where you loved to dream,the silvery fish slipped by so lightly,keep our memories, which can never die.
  • 31. We were two loving each other, Only I remain to grieve for you.
  • 32. My dear friends, when I die, plant a willow in the cemetery. I love its weeping foliage.Its paleness is sweet and dear to me, and its shadowwill fall lightly upon the earth in which I sleep.
  • 33. Along with time, goes, everything goes, you forget the passions and you forget the voices, telling you quietly what pathetic folk say: don't get in too late, above all, don't catch cold.
  • 34. In our hearts you remain forever.
  • 35. Everything fades away, everything passes, except for memory.
  • 36. All those who knew you miss you and mourn you.
  • 37. I loved you, I love you, and I will love you.
  • 38. The memory of the happy days soothes the pain.
  • 39. The essential is invisible to the eyes.
  • 40. My grandmother taught me early on how to pick stars: at night, just place a basin of water in the middle of the courtyard, and you'll have them at your feet.
  • 41. The earth conceals you, but my heart still sees you.
  • 42. Love is when you meet someone who gives you news about yourself.
  • 43. Like a flower crushed by the wind of the storm,death snatched him away in the spring of his life.
  • 44. Warbler, if you fly above this tomb, sing him your sweetest song.
  • 45. We think that death is an absence, when in fact it's a secret presence.
  • 46. You're no longer where you were,but you're everywhere that I am.
  • 47. The darkness has to intensify for the first star to appear.
  • 48. Like a flight of swallows as winter approaches,Your soul flew away with no hope of return.
  • 49. These few flowers, in memory of times gone by.
  • 50. For me, it's been years now, forever, that your dazzling smile has sustained the same rose with its glorious summer.
  • 51. Each day that passes weaves the invisible thread of your memory.
  • 52. Here lies my garden's most beautiful flower.
  • 53. Don't cry over my death. Celebrate my life.
  • 54. She hid her tears but shared her smiles.
  • 55. His life is a lovely memory.His absence a silent agony.
  • 56. Sweet are the memories that never fade.
  • 57. Fate followed its path but it never separated our hearts.
  • 58. It's the words they didn't say that make the dead so heavy in their coffins.
  • 59. It's when the tree is lying down that one gets the measure of its stature.
  • 60. A memory never dies, it merely falls asleep.
  • 61. We know that you would be with us today if heaven weren't so far away.
  • 62. I no longer dream, I no longer smoke, I no longer even have a history, I'm dirty without you, I'm ugly without you, I'm like an orphan in a dormitory.
  • 63. The absence of a father strengthens the memory of his presence.
  • 64. Sleep, Daddy, sleep, but may you still hear our childish laughter in highest Heaven.
  • 65. Just a little note to tell you we love you.Just a little note to ask you to help us overcome the great ordeals down here.
  • 66. The death of a mother is the first sorrow one weeps over without her.
  • 67. On the quicksand into which life has slippedgrows a sweet flower my heart has picked.
  • 68. Of their love that's bluer than the sky around them.
  • 69. Nothing can wilt it, nothing wither it,this charming flower is called memory.
  • 70. One day we will come to sit beside you in the house of God.
  • 71. Through the open window, together we looked at life, love, joy. We listened to the wind.
  • 72. Jesu, joy of man's desiring.May the inventor of birds make a hero of me.
  • 73. No express train will take me towards bliss,No old banger reach it, no Concorde have your wingspan, no ship sail, except you.
  • 74. You'll see my pen feathered with sunlight,snowing on the paper the archangel of awakening.
  • 75. I'm a stroller, I have "other side of the river" syndrome.
  • 76. The family isn't destroyed, it changes. A part of it merely becomes invisible.
  • 77. It's better to mourn you than not to have known you.
  • 78. There are so many fine things you don't know about, the faith that brings down mountains, the white spring in your soul, think of it as you fall asleep, love is stronger than death.
  • 79. In the time linking heaven and earth, the finest of mysteries is hidden.
  • 80. Speak to me in the easy way which you always used,Put no difference in your tone, Wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow.Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes we shared together.
  • 81. I'm not sure you're inside of me, or that I am inside of you, or that I own you. I think we're both inside of anotherbeing we have created called "us."
  • 82. Here lies my love.
  • 83. People have stars that aren't the same. For those who travel, stars are guides, for others, they are nothing but little lights.
  • 84. Here we are today, at the edge of the void,Because we're searching everywherefor the face we have lost.
  • 85. Do not stand at my grave and weep,I am not there, I do not sleep.I am a thousand winds that blow.
  • 86. We have come here in search, in search of something or someone. In search of that love that is stronger than death.
  • 87. No remorse. No regrets.A life fully lived.
  • 88. From where I am, I smile, because my life was good and, above all, I loved.
  • 89. We lived together in bliss.We rest together in peace.
  • 90. November is eternal, life is almost beautiful, memories are dead ends that we just keep turning over.
  • 91. And when, taking my burial mound for a pillow,A water nymph comes gently to doze,clad in the skimpiest of costumes,I apologize in advance to Jesus if my cross's shadow falls over her a touchfor a little posthumous happiness.
  • 92. Life is but an endless losing of all that one loves.
  • 93. We're at the end of summer, the warmthof those evening return journeys, back in our apartments, life continuing as usual.
  • 94. Not a day goes by without us thinking of you.
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