Humiliated Men

Twisted Tales of Female Domination
Pink Flamingo Publishers
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Ruled by their obsessive desires for submission, they become the playthings of women they covet. Some consent. Some even volunteer. Others are tricked into chastity cages and humiliating acts. Regardless of how they find themselves groveling at their mistresses' feet, none of these unlucky males stand a chance against the cunning wiles of their devious femme fatales. Included in these short stories are slave training, humiliation, pussy worship, feminization, animal training, torture, piss drinking, forced m/m, shock collars, chastity devices, castration, mind games and blackmail. Twentythree bedtime fantasies filled with plenty of kinky inspiration for submissive males and Dominant females. In Boarding House Rules, Mike's desperate for a place to live and takes a room at Miss Crystal's boarding house, discovering that his new landlady has some very unusual requirements that have him naked, on the floor, and subject to her ironwill. And in I've Always Wanted A Dog, Hanna's husband refuses to let her have a dog, so she decides to turn him into one instead. And in Maid Perfect Miss Helga's Training Academy, lesbians Julie and Deb catch a neighbor sneaking into their apartment and masturbating in their dirty underwear. Once they have him on tape, the sexy duo has plenty of ammunition to turn him into their personal slave. Then in The New Housekeeper, Benjamin wants to live as a slave to a beautiful woman. But when he hires the nubile young April to be a livein housekeeper, she taps into her 'inner Domme' with a vengeance and takes charge in he ways he never planned on. And in From Husband to Possession with the Stroke of a Pen, Mary aims to fulfill Jason's submissive fantasies. When her slave contract states that she can modify him anyway she wants, he hardly blinks. Maybe he should have read the fine print! Also, A Letter to KY Lubricants, Delayed Gratification, Breeding Stock, The Cutter, The Glory Hole, You Lost, Didn't You?, Not Until We're Married and many more! Note: Five stories in this collection have been posted to our internet website.
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978-1-936173-92-1 (9781936173921)

You Lost, Didn't You?

Chapter One

"You lost, didn't you, Chad?"

"Yes, Amber, I did."

"You didn't think I could beat you, did you?"

No, I hadn't thought she could beat me or I would never have bet so foolishly. I had been roommates with hot foxy Amber for almost a year and for almost a year I had been trying to get in her pants without success. We were both members of the same club that catered to alternative lifestyles, which is how I came to move in with her. We were both Tops but I was sure that if I could have her under my thumb for a week I could bring out the slave girl I was convinced was lurking inside.

Then I found what I was certain was a sure thing. I had been so positive that I would win I had insisted on a punitive bet. I had been so wrapped up in salivating about having her at my beck and call, my slave for a week or more, that it had shocked me to my core when she won. Even now the implications hadn't completely sunken in.

"No, Amber, I didn't," I finally answered.

"So, are you going to honor the terms?"

"Amber I."

"Is that a no, Chad?"


"Because if it is I want to remind you how our circle of friends is going to react to you backing out."

"But, Amber."

"After all, Chad, it was you who insisted on telling everyone, wasn't it?"

She was right. I did insist because I had been certain that I was going to win and I wanted to make sure that she couldn't back out. The group we ran with took something like this very seriously. There was no faster way to becoming an invisible person than to welsh on a bet, especially one with servitude involved. If I didn't serve as her salivating slave-boy for a week I would never be able to go into our fetish club again much less get a crack at some girl who might want to be my slave. I was fucked but my mind wouldn't leave it alone. I wasn't some wimpy sub and the thought of having to act like one for a week was disgusting.

"Amber, can we talk about this?" I asked.

"What is there to talk about, Chad?"

"I'm sorry I made the bet like I did," I said. "I thought.what I mean is that the idea of you serving as slave girl just made sense to me because I think you have these tendencies and."

"Tendencies?" she said incredulously. "You think I have submissive tendencies?"

"Yes, I do."

"And you don't?" she snapped.

"No, of course not," I said indignantly.

"I guess we'll see, won't we, Chad?" she said.

"Amber, can't we change the.uh."

"No, we can't," she said flatly.


"Let me ask you something, Chad. Would you have forced me to be your little slave-girl for a week if you had won?"

"Well, of course," I answered, "but that's because."

"Because you're an arrogant asshole who thinks because I'm laid back that I must not be the hard-assed Domme that I really am."

"Look, Amber."

"Look, asshole," she interrupted, "I'm going to sit down on the couch and in two minutes I'm going to lift my legs. When I put them down they had better be resting on your naked back or my next act will be to call the club and start the process of turning you into a non-entity."

"Amber, please. I'll do anything, please."

"Yes you will."


"Chad, the two minutes start now," she said sitting down on the couch.

I walked into my bedroom and spent the first thirty seconds trying to figure a way out of the box I had put myself into. There wasn't one and I knew it but my mind raged on. Finally I reluctantly pulled my clothes off but I still couldn't bring myself to debase myself in front of her.

I peeked out the door. She was sitting on the couch reading a magazine. With only twenty seconds left in the two minute window she reached out and picked up her cell phone. With ten seconds left she lifted her legs. I dropped to my hands and knees and managed to get under her legs just as they came down.

"Good choice, Chad."

I hated it. This was pure bullshit. I had lived with her for a year and I'd never even seen one of her breasts, and yet here I was naked with her legs resting on my back. She put her cell phone down, picked up her magazine and resumed reading. For the next hour I played footstool while she read and ignored me.

I tried to keep my mind in neutral but little things kept interfering. Some of them were subtle like the hint of her perfume that wafted in and out of my awareness from time to time or the flash of her panties in my peripheral vision as she shifted her legs. Others were more direct like her damn foot that caressed my ass lightly and her provoking habit of leaning down and brushing her lips on my cheek when she had something to say. All of them were arousing. All of them got me excited and my penis was giving it away. She noticed.

"It seems like little Chad boy likes being a footstool," Amber gushed, running her hands between my legs and discovering my raging erection. "A lot."

I wiggled and tried to keep my penis away from her but it just wound her up. She got her hand wrapped around my member and began to squeeze it. I couldn't help myself. I started fucking her hand.

"Just like a little doggy, aren't we, Chad?" she teased.

I didn't care how degrading she was making it for me I needed to spurt. I increased my hip motion. I could feel it starting. Oh my.

"No pleasure for you, Chad," she said removing her hand and ruining what had promised to be a great one.

"Amber, please," I begged, moving my right hand to my dick to finish what she had started.

"Remove your hand," she ordered grabbing my balls and squeezing to make sure I obeyed.

I whimpered and let go of my cock. She kept squeezing.

"You can't leave that little thing alone, can you?"

"I don't know what you mean," I said.

"I hear you every night, Chad, sometimes three and four times," she laughed.

"Shit! She could hear me?"

"All that grunting and groaning you do is pretty disgusting actually," she said, "but you won't be doing any of that for a while."

"What do you mean?" I asked, frightened by this turn of conversation.

"I don't allow my slaves to masturbate, Chad," she said. "You know that."

I didn't really know that but I had suspected it. The few times she had let one of her fawning minions stay over I could feel the frustration oozing out of every pore and the sounds that came from her room after they had retired didn't ever contain any masculine cries of delight.

"In fact I very seldom allow them any relief at all," she continued, "and then only accompanied with humiliation, like sucking or fucking each other."

I shuddered at that one. Then I shuddered again when I realized that the bitch intended to keep me horny and unfulfilled all week.

"Amber," I said as calmly as I could, "I'm not one of your slaves who gets off on not being able to have orgasms. You can't keep me frustrated all week."

"I can," she said smugly.

"Amber," I wailed.

"But I probably won't if you're obedient," she added.

"Thank you," I said sincerely.

"Oh, I wouldn't thank me just yet," she giggled, "because if I do let you have a spurt it will be under the same terms I let all of my boys go."

"You mean I will have to suck some guy's dick?" I asked appalled.

"Oh, no," she chuckled, "that goes without saying. All of my slaves suck dick and you won't be any different. I meant your relief will be humiliating."

"Amber I."

"Enough talking," she interrupted, "all of this has me worked up so, lucky you, after all of this time of living with me you are finally going to see my pussy.up close and personal."

She skinned her panties off, spread her legs and used my hair to pull my face into her cunt. My mouth reacted involuntarily. Hours spent between an old girlfriend's legs who particularly liked oral sex had trained me well. I made her scream.

"Wow!" she gushed an hour later. "Who knew? I feel like I've wasted a year thinking you were a worthless asshole. We should have done this ages ago."

I blushed at the compliment. My dick had remained engorged the entire hour. I hoped if she was that mellow that she might take pity.



"I know that you don't allow your slaves know but I was wondering if I"

She snapped out of her indolent mood and sat up straight looking at me. I didn't like the hardness that was radiating from her eyes.

"That would be a no, Chad," she said coldly. "Did you think you deserved some reward for what you just did?"

"Well, I thought that."

"Crawl over to the refrigerator," she snapped.

Within minutes she had cuffed me to the refrigerator handle, placed a stew pot on the floor in front of me and had gone off to bed. Her parting words had something to do with taking care of my little problem in the morning and making sure that if I had to piss during the night that it all went into the pot. I spent a miserable night hanging from the handle.


She swept into the kitchen late in the morning wearing nothing. I guess now that I was just her slave she didn't feel the need to conceal her charms. She pushed me out of the way to get into the refrigerator for an English muffin but didn't bother to speak to me. I watched her eat and...

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