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"Twelve Years A Slave" is the story of Solomon Northup, an African American who was born free in New York in the early 1800s. In 1841, Solomon Northup was captured and forced into slavery for a period of 12 years. "Twelve Years A Slave" is a captivating narrative of the life of freedom and slavery experienced by one African American man prior to the American Civil War. The book is detailed in its account of life on a cotton and sugar plantation and the daily routine of slave life during the first part of the 19th century.
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  • Title page
  • CHAPTER I. Introductory-Ancestry-The Northup Family-Birth and Parentage-Mintus Northup-Marriage with Anne Hampton-Good Resolutions-Champlain Canal-Rafting Excursion to Canada-Farming-The Violin-Cooking-Removal to Saratoga-Parker and Perry-Slaves-and SlaveThe Beginning of Sorrow.
  • CHAPTER II. The two Strangers-The Circus Company-Departure from Saratoga-Ventriloquism and Legerdemain-Journey to New York-Free Papers-Brown and Hamilton-The haste to reach the Circus-Arrival in Washington-Funeral of Harrison-The Sudden Sickness-The TormeChains and Darkness.
  • CHAPTER III. Painful Meditations-James H. Burch-Williams' Slave Pen in Washington-The Lackey, Radburn-Assert my Freedom-The Anger of the Trader-The Paddle and Cat-o'-nine- tails-The Whipping-New Acquaintances-Ray, Williams, and Randall-Arrival of Little EThe Story of Eliza.
  • CHAPTER IV. Eliza's Sorrows-Preparation to Embark-Driven Through the Streets of Washington-Hail, Columbia-The Tomb of Washington-Clem Ray-The Breakfast on the Steamer-The happy Birds-Aquia Creek-Fredericksburgh-Arrival in Richmond-Goodin and his Slave PenJames H. Burch.
  • CHAPTER V. Arrival at Norfolk-Frederick and Maria-Arthur, the Freeman-Appointed Steward-Jim, Cuffee, and Jenny-The Storm-Bahama Banks-The Calm-The Conspiracy-The Long Boat-The Small-Pox-Death of Robert-Manning, the Sailor-The Meeting in the Forecastle-TheFirst Night in the New-Orleans Slave Pen.
  • CHAPTER VI. Freeman's Industry-Cleanliness and Clothes-Exercising in the Show Room-The Dance-Bob, the Fiddler-Arrival of Customers-Slaves Examined-The Old Gentleman of New-Orleans-Sale of David, Caroline, and Lethe-Parting of Randall and Eliza-Small-Pox-TEliza's Agony on Parting from Little Emily.
  • CHAPTER VII. The Steamboat Rodolph-Departure from New-Orleans-William Ford-Arrival at Alexandra, on Red River-Resolutions-The Great Pine Woods-Wild Cattle-Martin's Summer Residence-The Texas Road-Arrival at Master Ford's-Rose-Mistress Ford-Sally and her CThe Storm approaching.
  • CHAPTER VIII. Ford's Embarrassments-The Sale to Tibeats-The Chattel Mortgage-Mistress Ford's Plantation on Bayou Boeuf-Description of the Latter-Ford's Brother-in-Law, Peter Tanner-Meeting with Eliza-She still Mourns for her Children-Ford's Overseer, ChapMessage to the Pine Woods.
  • CHAPTER IX. The Hot Sun-Yet bound-The Cords sink into my Flesh-Chapin's Uneasiness-Speculation-Rachel, and her Cup of Water-Suffering increases-The Happiness of Slavery-Arrival of Ford-He cuts the Cords which bind me, and takes the Rope from my Neck-MiserDescription of the Stocks.
  • CHAPTER X. Return Tibeats-Impossibility of pleasing him-He attacks me with a Hatchet-The Struggle over the Broad Axe-The Temptation to Murder him-Escape across the Plantation-Observations from the Fence-Tibeats approaches, followed by the Hounds-They takeFood and Rest.
  • CHAPTER XI. The Mistress' Garden-The Crimson and Golden Fruit-Orange and Pomegranate Trees-Return to Bayou Boeuf-Master Ford's Remarks on the way-The Meeting with Tibeats-His Account of the Chase-Ford censures his Brutality-Arrival At the Plantation-AstonSale to Edwin Epps.
  • CHAPTER XII. Personal Appearance of Epps-Epps, Drunk and Sober-A Glimpse of his History-Cotton Growing-The Mode of Ploughing and Preparing Ground-Of Planting, of Hoeing, of Picking, of Treating Raw Hands-The difference in Cotton Pickers-Patsey a remarkablFlowers and Verdure.
  • CHAPTER XIII. The Curious Axe-Helve-Symptoms of Approaching Illness-Continue to decline-The Whip ineffectual-Confined to the Cabin-Visit by Dr. Wines-Art-Partial Recovery-Failure at Cotton Picking-What may be heard on Epps' Plantation-Lashes Graduated-EppPatsey, the Victim.
  • CHAPTER XIV. Destruction of the Cotton Crop in 1845-Demand for Laborers in St. Mary's Parish-Sent thither in a Drove-The Order of the March-The Grand Coteau-Hired to Judge Turner on Bayou Salle-Appointed Driver in his Sugar House-Sunday Services-Slave FurThe Love of Freedom.
  • CHAPTER XV. Labors on Sugar Plantations-The Mode of Planting Cane-of Hoeing Cane-Cane Ricks-Cutting Cane-Description of the Cane Knife-Winrowing-Preparing for Succeeding Crops-Description of Hawkins' Sugar Mill on Bayou Boeuf-The Christmas Holidays-The CaUncle Abram's Contempt of Matrimony.
  • CHAPTER XVI. Overseers-How they are Armed and Accompanied-The Homicide-His Execution At Marksville-Slave Drivers-Appointed Driver on removing to-Bayou Boeuf-Practice makes perfect-Epps's Attempt to Cut Platt's Throat-The Escape from him-Protected by the MDisappointment and Despair.
  • CHAPTER XVII. Wiley disregards the counsels of Aunt Phebe and Uncle Abram, and is caught by the Patrollers-The Organization and Duties of the latter-Wiley Runs Away-Speculations in regard to him-His Unexpected Return-His Capture on the Red River, and ConfThe Idea of Insurrection.
  • CHAPTER XVIII. O'Niel, the Tanner-Conversation with Aunt Phebe overheard-Epps in the Tanning Business-Stabbing of Uncle Abram-The Ugly Wound-Epps is Jealous-Patsey is Missing-Her Return from Shaw's-Harriet, Shaw's Black Wife-Epps Enraged-Patsey denies his"The Child is Father to the Man.
  • CHAPTER XIX. Avery, on Bayou Rouge-Peculiarity of Dwellings-Epps builds a New House-Bass, the Carpenter-His Noble Qualities-His Personal Appearance and Eccentricities-Bass and Epps discuss the Question of Slavery-Epps' Opinion of Bass-I make myself known My Faith in him.
  • CHAPTER XX. Bass faithful to his word-His Arrival on Christmas Eve-The Difficulty of Obtaining An Interview-The Meeting in the Cabin-Non-arrival of the Letter-Bass announces his Intention to proceed North-Christmas-Conversation between Epps and Bass-YoungLast Hour on Bayou Boeuf.
  • CHAPTER XXI. The Letter reaches Saratoga-Is forwarded to Anne-Is laid before Henry B. Northup-The Statute of May 14, 1840-Its provisions-Anne's Memorial to the Governor-The affidavits Accompanying it-Senator Soule's Letter-Departure of the Agent AppointedThe Farewell.
  • CHAPTER XXII. Arrival in New-Orleans-Glimpse of Freeman-Genois, the Recorder-His Description of Solomon-Reach Charleston Interrupted by Custom House Officers-Pass through Richmond-Arrival in Washington-Burch Arrested-Shekels and Thorn-Their Testimony-BurcConclusion.

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