Just When You're Comfortable in Your Own Skin, It Starts to Sag

Rewriting the Rules to Midlife
Chronicle Books LLC (Verlag)
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With the voice of a close friend, this clever and witty guide from bestselling duo Trisha Ashworth and Amy Nobile takes women through the new and sometimes challenging midlife phase, with chapters including: - Redefining what beauty means after age 40... and that there is beauty after age 40! - How to care for yourself when you're also caring for growing children and aging parents - Navigating midlife relationships and dating (did someone say dating apps??) - Discovering new career paths and new meaning in your life Whether married, single, widowed, divorced, with children or without, at some point women inevitably ask the question, "What's next for me?" Here, they will find a road map for how to embrace and thrive in this new phase of life. With helpful quizzes, friendly advice, and inspiring quotes from women who have been there, this smart and engaging book gives readers the tools to turn a midlife crisis into a midlife opportunity. As seen on Oprah, Trisha and Amy share their own perspectives and experiences to bring clarity, guidance and support while reassuring readers they're not only on the right track... but that the best years are still to come.
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  • Cover
  • Title
  • Dedication
  • Copyright
  • Contents
  • Chapter 1 Um, Is This IT? (Why We Wrote This Book)
  • Quiz: You Need This Book If . . .
  • A Personal Search For Our Own Next Something
  • The Questions We are Quietly asking Ourselves
  • We are Not Alone
  • We are a New Generation
  • You can't Deny Gravity
  • Reframing Happiness and Success
  • Avoiding the Issue
  • The Sliding Scale
  • Finding Community Again
  • So why do we Feel this Way?
  • Writing Our Own Plans
  • Chapter 2 Balancing an Eighteen-Year-Old and a Seventy-Eight-Year-Old (Entering the Perfect Storm)
  • Quiz: Which of the Following is Part of Your Reality?
  • You are Part of Something
  • So what's Different for Us?
  • Everything you Still have Under Control (Thank You Very Much)
  • Decisions and Transitions
  • Taking on the Taboo
  • Maybe those Crazy Kids are Onto Something
  • Four Key Things we could Learn from Teenagers
  • Full Lives, Full House, Full Hearts
  • Chapter 3 Who Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up? (Aligning Expectations and Reality)
  • Quiz: I Never Expected . . .
  • Your Life, in Four Phases
  • Phase 1: Your first 25 years
  • Phase 2: Age 25 to 45
  • Phase 3: Age 45 to 65
  • Phase 4: Age 65 onward
  • Are we there Yet?
  • The Greatest of Expectations
  • Unhealthy Echoes from Moms
  • Is Personal Fulfillment too much to ask For?
  • The Facebook Effect: Is it Time for a Social Media Sabbatical?
  • Things We'd Post on Facebook If We Were Being Really Honest
  • Expectations Then VS. Now
  • Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda
  • Eight Common Fears
  • It's Time to be a Boss
  • The Choices are Yours
  • Midlife Checkup: Ask Yourself these Four Questions
  • Chapter 4 For the First Time, I'm Becoming Myself (Finding Meaning, Community, and Happiness)
  • Quiz: It's Time to Make Yourself a Priority
  • Happy, as in "Happy Happy"?
  • Little Things that make me Happy Now
  • Now on to the Minor Matter of Figuring Myself Out
  • You Find Yourself in the "U"
  • I Know what doesn't Make me Happy. Do I Get Points for That?
  • Happiness by the Decades
  • How can I be Happy if . . . ?
  • Modern Models of Happiness
  • Finding New Sources of Happiness
  • Making an impact
  • Proven Ways to Build More Happiness into Your Day
  • Look Back: Be a rookie
  • Look Forward: Be mindful of what remains
  • Look Inside: Get comfortable saying no
  • Things we All have Permission to Say no to Now
  • Chapter 5 Do These Crow's Feet Make My Ass Look Big? (Redefining the Idea of Beauty)
  • Quiz: In the Past Six Months, You Have . . .
  • Why is No One Leering at me Anymore?
  • Who do these Legs Belong to!?
  • I Work on Myself, and I'm Proud of It
  • Oh, c'mon, stop now! . . . Compliments we all love
  • Healthy Inside and Out
  • Who can we Blame?
  • Reframing and Reclaiming our Own Beauty
  • The Power of Self-Image and a Positive Mindset
  • What makes us Feel Beautiful?
  • Chapter 5a SPECIAL SECTION (Menopause Made Me Do It)
  • First Off, Let's Share Some Facts
  • There are a lot of us here!
  • Perimenopause is a thing, and it can start in our forties
  • The average age for the full-on show is fifty-one
  • It's physical
  • It's emotional and psychological
  • Getting Ahead of the Wave
  • Midlife Health Risks-What to Know and Do
  • Wait-it's Not Just Us??
  • Meet Your Menopausal Friends
  • Post-Menopause
  • Chapter 6 Is This Really the Only Husband I'm Ever Gonna Have? (Expect a Midlife Relationship Reset)
  • Quiz: It's Time for a Relationship Reset If . . .
  • Questions we're All Asking
  • The State of Our Unions
  • Record Numbers of Americans Are Staying Single
  • When We Are Getting Married, We're Doing It Later and Later
  • The "Untraditional" Family Is Becoming the Norm
  • Divorce Is Actually Less Common Than You Might Think
  • Meanwhile, Those of Us Getting Divorced Are Increasingly Doing It Post-Forty
  • And When We Do Divorce, It's Largely Our Decision
  • Choose Your Own Relationship Adventure
  • START HERE IF . . . You are in a (largely) fulfilling long-term relationship.
  • Think "we" not "I," and seek out new things together.
  • Follow your own relationship script.
  • Be clear about who does what.
  • Get to bed!
  • Argue honestly-and wrap it up.
  • Last but not least, make a conscious choice to be happy in your relationship.
  • START HERE IF . . . You are in a (largely) unfulfilling long-term relationship.
  • "We're essentially just co-parents and roommates, triaging our lives."
  • "I'm so tired of taking care of him. It's my time."
  • "We're stressed about money and it's all-consuming."
  • "We're playing new roles and have less and less in common."
  • "Thinking about sex (with my partner) fills me with dread."
  • Happier Relationships, Starting Now
  • Five Easy Investments to Make in Your Relationship
  • 1. Reconnect with your empathy
  • 2. Take notes about what he's doing well
  • 3. Get some action
  • 4. Be reasonable-in both directions-in your expectations
  • 5. Do ONE thing differently
  • START HERE IF . . . You're single, whether newly, staunchly, sporadically, or reluctantly.
  • I Never Should Have Gotten Married in the First Place-Now I'm Doing It "Differently" and Proudly
  • I'm Not All That Interested in Dating
  • I Still Need to Figure Out Who I Am, On My Own
  • Renewing the Bonds of Friendships
  • Doubling Down-on the Right Friends
  • Friendships with Benefits
  • FRIENDS do this for ME TOO?
  • Improve memory
  • Reduce risk of dementia
  • Lengthen your life
  • Your Relationship with your Kids is Quickly Shifting
  • Dos and Don'ts for Engaging with Your Kids Now and from This Day Forward
  • Chapter 7 Don't Be Afraid to Fail, Be Afraid Not to Try (Discovering Your Purpose and Passion)
  • Quiz: I'm Grateful for . . .
  • I've done it All
  • Now I Need to have a Purpose too?
  • Paths to Try to Discover Mindfulness
  • Choosing the Right Passion or Purpose is a Pressure
  • How the Hell am I Supposed to Know What My Passion Is?
  • It's Sort of Exhilarating and Terrifying
  • Running for the Hills-Now that's a Sign of Passion
  • There's Never been a Better Time: Tapping into Your Personal Data
  • Passion-Finding Dos and Don'ts
  • DO: Start small.
  • DON'T: Overthink it.
  • DO: Give it time to sink in.
  • Strategies to Tap into Your Passion and Discover Your Purpose
  • Embrace your curiosity
  • Revisit your core values
  • Pick up a hobby, any hobby
  • The power of setting an intention-and writing it down
  • Be open-minded with yourself
  • In Conclusion: a Passionate Plea for Gratitude
  • Let's All take a Moment to Jump in the Grass
  • Acknowledgments
  • About the Author
  • Chronicle Ebooks

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