Intelligent Information and Database Systems

6th Asian Conference, ACIIDS 2014, Bangkok, Thailand, April 7-9, 2014, Proceedings, Part II
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The two-volume set LNAI 8397 and LNAI 8398 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 6th Asian Conference on Intelligent Information and Database Systems, ACIIDS 2014, held in Bangkok, Thailand in April 2014. The 125 revised papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 300 submissions. Suggestion: The aim of the conference is to provide an internationally respected forum for scientific research in the technologies and applications of intelligent information and database systems. The papers are organized in topical sections on Natural Language and Text Processing, Intelligent Information Retrieval, Semantic Web, Social Networks and Recommendation Systems, Intelligent Database Systems, Decision Support Systems, Computer Vision Techniques, Machine Learning and Data Mining, Multiple Model Approach to Machine Learning, MMAML 2014, Computational Intelligence, CI 2014, Engineering Knowledge and Semantic Systems , IWEKSS 2014, Innovations in Intelligent Computation and Applications, IICA 2014, Modelling and Optimization Techniques in Information Systems, Database Systems and Industrial Systems, MOT 2014, Innovation via Collective Intelligences and Globalization in Business Management, ICIGBM 2014, Intelligent Supply Chains, ISC 2014, and Human Motion: Acquisition, Processing, Analysis, Synthesis and Visualization for Massive Datasets, HMMD 2014.
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Part I.- Natural Language and Text Processing A Meta-model Guided Expression Engine.- Text Clustering Using Novel Hybrid Algorithm.- Combination of Multi-view Multi-source Language Classifiers for Cross-Lingual Sentiment Classification.- Learning to Simplify Children Stories with Limited Data.- Clustering Based Topic Events Detection on Text Stream.- Nonterminal Complexity of Weakly Conditional Grammars.- Thai Grapheme-Phoneme Alignment: Many-to-Many Alignment with Discontinuous Patterns.- A New Approach for Mining Top-Rank-k Erasable Itemsets.- Intelligent Information Retrieval New Method for Extracting Keyword for the Social Actor.- Query Expansion Using Medical Subject Headings Terms in the Biomedical Documents.- Improving Health Question Classification by Word Location Weights.- Entity Recognition in Information Extraction.- Author Name Disambiguation by Using Deep Neural Network.- Incremental Refinement of Linked Data: Ontology-Based Approach.- Using Lexical Semantic Relation and Multi-attribute Structures for User Profile Adaptation.- Auto-Tagging Articles Using Latent Semantic Indexing and Ontology.- Evaluating Profile Convergence in Document Retrieval Systems.- Similarity Search among Real Valued Vectors.- Semantic Web, Social Networks and Recommendation Systems.- Finding the Cluster of Actors in Social Network Based on the Topic of Messages.- Geodint: Towards Semantic Web-Based Geographic Data Integration.- SPARQL - Compliant Semantic Search Engine with an Intuitive User Interface.- A General Model for Mutual Ranking Systems.- Automated Interestingness Measure Selection for Exhibition Recommender Systems.- Equivalent Transformation in an Extended Space for Solving Query-Answering Problems.- Knowledge Generalization during Hierarchical Structures Integration.- Design and Implementation of an Adaptive Tourist Recommendation System.- Improving Efficiency of PromoRank Algorithm Using Dimensionality Reduction.- A Framework to Provide Personalization in Learning Management Systems through a Recommender System Approach.- Intelligent Database Systems.- Agent-Based Modelling the Evacuation of Endangered Areas.- DPI: Dual Private Indexes for Outsourced Databases.- Anomaly SQL SELECT-Statement Detection Using Entropy Analysis.- Deriving Composite Periodic Patterns from Database Audit Trails.- Comparison of Stability Models in Incremental Development.- An Approach of Finding Maximal Submeshes for Task Allocation Algorithms in Mesh Structures.- A GA-Based Approach for Resource Consolidation of Virtual Machines in Clouds.- Problems of SUMO-Like Ontology Usage in Domain Modelling.- Intelligent Information Systems.- Implementation of Emotional-Aware Computer Systems Using Typical Input Devices.- An Item Bank Calibration Method for a Computer Adaptive Test.- Hybrid Approach to Web Based Systems Usability Evaluation.- Application of Network Analysis in Website Usability Verification.- Travel Password: A Secure and Memorable Password Scheme.- Performance Measurement of Higher Education Information System Using IT Balanced Scorecard.- Decision Support Systems.- Decisional DNA Based Framework for Representing Virtual Engineering Objects.- A Data Quality Index with Respect to Case Bases within Case-Based Reasoning.- Agent's Autonomy Adjustment via Situation Awareness.- The Development of a Decision Support Model for the Problem of Berths Allocation in Containers Terminal Using a Hybrid of Genetic Algorithm and Simulated Annealing.- Sensitivity Analysis of a Priori Power Indices.-Artificial Neural Network Based Prediction Model of the Sliding Mode Control in Coordinating Two Robot Manipulators.- Comparison of Reproduction Schemes in Spatial Evolutionary Game Theoretic Model of Bystander Effect.- Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Solving the Provider - Modified Traveling Salesman Problem.- Controlling Quality of Water-Level Data in Thailand.- Application of Nonlinear State Estimation Methods for Sport Training Support.- Computer Vision Techniques.- Multiple Object Tracking Based on a Hierarchical Clustering of Features Approach.- A Copy Move Forgery Detection to Overcome Sustained Attacks Using Dyadic Wavelet Transform and SIFT Methods.- Methods for Vanishing Point Estimation by Intersection of Curves from Omnidirectional Image.- Human Detection from Mobile Omnidirectional Camera Using Ego-Motion Compensated.- Simple and Efficient Method for Calibration of a Camera and 2D Laser Rangefinder.- Iris Image Quality Assessment Based on Quality Parameters.- Contextual Labeling 3D Point Clouds with Conditional Random Fields.- Part I.- Categorization of Sports Video Shots and Scenes in TV Sports News Based on Ball Detection.- A Coral Mapping and Health Assessment System Based on Texture Analysis.- Navigation Management for Non-linear Interactive Video in Collaborative Video Annotation.- Machine Learning and Data Mining.- Intelligent Fuzzy Control with Multiple Constraints for a Model Car System with Multiplicative Disturbance.- The Design of Knowledge-Based Medical Diagnosis System for Recognition and Classification of Dermatoglyphic Features.- Exact Discovery of Length-Range Motifs.- Feature Reduction Using Standard Deviation with Different Subsets Selection in Sentiment Analysis.- A Support Vector Machine Approach to Detect Financial Statement Fraud in South Africa: A First Look.- Using Multi-agent Systems Simulations for Stock Market Predictions.- Customer Lifetime Value and Defection Possibility Prediction Model Using Machine Learning: An Application to a Cloud-Based Software Company.- Mining Class Association Rules with the Difference of Obidsets.- Multiple Model Approach to Machine Learning (MMAML 2014).- Multi-Level Genetic-Fuzzy Mining with a Tuning Mechanism.- The Influence of a Classifiers' Diversity on the Quality of Weighted Aging Ensemble.- Comparison of Ensemble Approaches: Mixture of Experts and AdaBoost for a Regression Problem.- The AdaBoost Algorithm with the Imprecision Determine the Weights of the Observations.- Vehicle Logo Recognition with an Ensemble of Classifiers.- Optimization Algorithms for One-Class Classification Ensemble Pruning.- Evaluation of Fuzzy System Ensemble Approach to Predict from a Data Stream.- Computational Intelligence (CI 2014).- Genetic Transformation Techniques in Cryptanalysis.- On-the-Go Adaptability in the New Ant Colony Decision Forest Approach.- Bootstrapping and Rule-Based Model for Recognizing Vietnamese Named Entity.- A Family of the Online Distance-Based Classifiers.- Online Learning Based on Prototypes.- Reinforcement Learning Strategy for Solving the Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem by a Team of A-Teams.- A Hybrid Cooperative and Reactive Search Approach for Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows.- Comparative Study on Bio-inspired Global Optimization Algorithms in Minimal Phase Digital Filters Design.- On Modelling Social Propagation Phenomenon.- Engineering Knowledge and Semantic Systems (IWEKSS 2014).-Design of a Performance Analyzer for Electric Vehicle Taxi Systems.- Item-Based Collaborative Filtering with Attribute Correlation: A Case Study on Movie Recommendation.- Linked Data Mashups: A Review on Technologies, Applications and Challenges.- Belief Propagation Method for Word Sentiment in WordNet 3.0 .- Innovations in Intelligent Computation and Applications (IICA 2014).- A New Method for Autocratic Decision Making Using Group Recommendations Based on Intervals of Linguistic Terms and Likelihood-Based Comparison Relations.- Applying Fuzzy AHP to Understand the Factors of Cloud Storage Adoption.- A Novel Neural-Fuzzy Guidance Law Design by Applying Different Neural Network Optimization Algorithms Alternatively for Each Step.- Detection of Bus Routes Number in Bus Panel via Learning Approach.- Performance of an Energy Efficient Bandwidth Allocation for Wireless Communication Systems.- A Hierarchical Road Model for Shortest Route Discovery in Vehicular Networks.- Factor Analysis as the Feature Selection Method in an Emotion Norm Database.- Harmony Search Algorithm Based Nearly Optimal Peak Reduction Tone Set Selection for PAPR Reduction in OFDM System.- Predicting Stock Returns by Decision Tree Combining Neural Network .- Computing Intentions Dynamically in a Changing World by Anticipatory Relevant Reasoning .- Modelling and Optimization Techniques in Information Systems, Database Systems and Industrial Systems (MOT 2014).- One Step Ahead towards the Rearrangeability of 4D-Hypercube Interconnection Networks.- Bi-level Sensor Planning Optimization Process with Calls to Costly Sub-processes.- DC Programming and DCA for Portfolio Optimization with Linear and Fixed Transaction Costs .- A Filter Based Feature Selection Approach in MSVM Using DCA and Its Application in Network Intrusion Detection.- Building a Trade System by Genetic Algorithm and Technical Analysis for Thai Stock Index.- Table of Contents - Part II.- Innovation via Collective Intelligences and Globalization in Business Management (ICIGBM 2014).- A Study of Shift Workers for Role Conflict Effect: Quality of Life-Emotional Exhaustion as Mediator.- How Product Harm Recalls Affect Customer Brand Equality and Trust and Customer Perceived Value.- Using Chance Discovery in Recruiting Strategies to Explore Potential Students in Taiwan- A Fees System of an Innovative Group-Trading Model on the Internet.- Intelligent Supply Chains (ISC 2014).- Non Dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm for Chance Constrained Supplier Selection Model with Volume Discounts .- Improving Military Demand Forecasting Using Sequence Rules.- Agent-Based System for Brokering of Logistics Services - Initial Report.- Cloud Community in Logistics e-Cluster.- Models of an Integrated Performance Measurement System of Intelligent and Sustainable Supply Chains.- Human Motion: Acquisition, Processing, Analysis, Synthesis and Visualization for Massive Datasets (HMMD 2014).- Implementation of Quaternion Based Lifting Scheme for Motion Data Editor Software.- XXXIV Table of Contents - Part II.- Rough Set Based Classifications of Parkinson's Patients Gaits.- Feature Selection of Motion Capture Data in Gait Identification Challenge Problem.- Motion Data Editor Software Architecture Oriented on Efficient and General Purpose Data Analysis.- 4GAIT: Synchronized MoCap, Video, GRF and EMG Datasets: Acquisition, Management and Applications .- VMASS: Massive Dataset of Multi-camera Video for Learning, Classification and Recognition of Human Actions.- New Tools for Visualization of Human Motion Trajectory in Quaternion Representation.- Heuristic Method of Feature Selection for Person Re-identification Based on Gait Motion Capture Data.- 3D Gait Recognition Using Spatio-Temporal Motion Descriptors.- Imaging and Evaluating Method as Part of Endoscopical Diagnostic Approaches.
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