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John Henry Newman (1801-1890) was a significant figure in the religious history of nineteenth century England. Cardinal Newman was a leader of the Oxford Movement which eventually lead to the development of Anglo-Catholicism. No small presence within religious literature, John Henry Newman also wrote a great deal of tracts, hymns, and apologias. Here is collected twenty-six sermons, Volume I of his "Parochial and Plain Sermons". These sermons are essential to an understanding of Newman's theological development as well as the dynamic changes that occurred within the Catholic Church in the 19th century. A diverse collection, Newman writes on "Religious Faith Rational", "The Christian Mysteries", "Religious Emotion", as well as much more. These sermons were all preached on Sundays by Newman at his Anglican parish, Saint Mary the Virgin, Oxford. Essential to any student of theology, these sermons mark a great change in the Anglican and Catholic traditions.
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  • Title page
  • SERMON I. Holiness Necessary for Future Blessedness.
  • SERMON II. The Immortality of the Soul.
  • SERMON III. Knowledge of God's Will without Obedience.
  • SERMON IV. Secret Faults.
  • SERMON V. Self-Denial the Test of Religious Earnestness.
  • SERMON VI. The Spiritual Mind.
  • SERMON VII. Sins of Ignorance and Weakness.
  • SERMON VIII. God's Commandments not Grievous.
  • SERMON IX. The Religious use of Excited Feelings.
  • SERMON X. Profession without Practice.
  • SERMON XI. Profession without Hypocrisy.
  • SERMON XII. Profession without Ostentation.
  • SERMON XIII. Promising without Doing.
  • SERMON XIV. Religious Emotion.
  • SERMON XV. Religious Faith Rational.
  • SERMON XVI. The Christian Mysteries.
  • SERMON XVII. The Self-Wise Inquirer.
  • SERMON XVIII. Obedience the Remedy for Religious Perplexity.
  • SERMON XIX. Times of Private Prayer.
  • SERMON XX. Forms of Private Prayer.
  • SERMON XXI. The Resurrection of the Body.
  • SERMON XXII. Witnesses of the Resurrection.
  • SERMON XXIII. Christian Reverence.
  • SERMON XXIV. The Religion of the Day.
  • SERMON XXV. Scripture a Record of Human Sorrow.
  • SERMON XXVI. Christian Manhood.

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