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Influential naturalist, author, and co-founder of the Sierra Club, John Muir loved the outdoors. His writings and advocacy for protection of the pristine wilderness of the American west were vital in helping to preserve noted sites of natural beauty including the Yosemite Valley and Sequoia National Park. Muir saw the natural world as a place of spiritual wonder, writing that the National Parks were "places for rest, inspiration, and prayers." One of Muir's most endeared works is the 1911 publication, "My First Summer in Sierra". Following the American Civil War in the summer of 1869, John Muir signed on with a crew of shepherds to drive a flock of 2,500 sheep to Yosemite National Park at the headwaters of the Merced river. This journey would take Muir through the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Eastern California. "My First Summer in Sierra" is an account of that experience, one which would inspire many to visit the Yosemite region and has become a classic of environmentalist literature. This edition reproduces all the original illustrations and photographs from the 1911 edition and includes a biographical afterword.
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978-1-4209-5824-9 (9781420958249)
  • Intro
  • Chapter 1. Through The Foothills with a Flock of Sheep
  • Chapter 2. In Camp on the North Fork of the Merced
  • Chapter 3. A Bread Famine
  • Chapter 4. To the High Mountains
  • Chapter 5. The Yosemite
  • Chapter 6. Mount Hoffman and Lake Tenaya
  • Chapter 7. A Strange Experience
  • Chapter 8. The Mono Trail
  • Chapter 9. Bloody Canyon and Mono Lake
  • Chapter 10. The Tuolumne Camp
  • Chapter 11. Back to the Lowlands
  • Biographical Afterword

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