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The New Year's Day 2017 marked a turning in the life of the author, his meeting with a woman who changed her life, revealing to him the secrecy of the success to him. In this work, you will find what it hides behind the failures, and gives the keys to draw them with their advantages, to become a better version of yourself. The purpose of this book is to change all your life, to have a clearer vision on your future, you will understand that nothing is never lost and that you can take back the control of your destiny and obtain all that you want, for that, you will have to change your manner of thinking and of conceiving the events. the author opens the doors of your subconscious to you and gives you a description of the law of attraction .
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Yoann MERITZA is an essay writer author born on March 28th, 1978 in Bonneville in Haute-Savoie. It followed of the studies of accounting and a formation of collaborator SME where it learned the PNL (Programming Neurolinguistics). It took part in many internships and seminars on the communication and is impassioned in the field of the personal development. Autodidact in the heart, it continues to improve in the communication and the study of the human nature.

Son of veteran and former serviceman, he is also member of friendly 27th BCA and the UNC-Alps.


"Everyone knew that it was impossible to make.

Then one day somebody arrived which did not know it, and it did it"

(Winston Churchill)

Hello everyone, you who read these lines,

The purpose of this book is to bring all the help to you which you need to improve your daily newspaper which will carry out you, if you really wish it, towards success . It will fill the whites in your spirit concerning the field of the attractivity.

As much to be honest from the beginning, you will have many tools which I will bring to you to the wire pages, however, it will be necessary to be invested personally. I am neither a magician, nor dream maker, I do nothing but arise what is already in you, i.e. your capacity with being better and going from the front one. If you want to give me a function, then it will be that of guide.

Very early in my life, I was interested in the personal development, while starting with a book of Norman Vincent Peal "the power of the positive thought", it fascinated me so much that I read some another, then another, and so on, I did not even think of writing my own book one day, by feeling me unable, but finally, and thanks to "my coachs" (deaths or alive), and with the "secrecy" (I will return above), I had courage and the force to act.

I was turned over the question several times, I was exactly as you little time ago of that, and I said myself "if my strategy does not function, it is necessary to test some another", the problem, I took it with back, and there exists very little of in-depth works treating to be it and be able to probe its own spirit, because in my knowledge, the subject is vast.

I needed many information and readings before publishing this book, of the authors under development personal like Max Piccinini, Mickaël Losier, Franck Nicolas, Napoléon Hill (as I call affectionately it my intellectual guide), Florence Shoven Shyn, Emile Coué and Norman Vincent Peal. It is all what I consider like friends of heart, I owe them enormously, They all helped me to open up the way to me towards the best of myself, and as they did, I transmit knowledge in the field to you, I will help you to answer the questions that you are put on the subject. Why doesn't that function like the professionals describe it? What blocks at the bottom of you?

All the writers in the field of the constructive thought, such as they are, are in truth, there are reasons for which nothing functions as you would like it and that comes from yourself.

If some do the utmost and that nothing succeeds, it is because you did not make the things as it would be needed unconsciously. It missed you the essential.

In this book, I will reveal you something of fabulous which can change your existence forever, a power which we have all which makes it possible to cross of the social barriers, to be a better version of yourself, which I very precisely call "the secrecy".

The day when I've made the discovery of "the secrecy" was a revelation for me, my life took a step of giant, in which circumstances I was discover this? For all to explain you, it was during the midnight supper of the year 2017, with the Casino of Chamonix, an old woman of easy appearance, equipped well, it "smart touch" as I could call, me told a fabulous story, that which made it reach success .

After the twelve strokes of midnight sounded, we were to discuss things and others in front of a glass of champagne, the guests did not start to return on their premises, the big room on the floor was emptied, it did not remain any more but some people, of which me, my partner of the moment and this unknown factor.

We evoked our lives, our course each one in turn, then it became a little more confidante, I remember that it grabbed me the arm and "it entrusted to me is time to change direction young man!" while speaking about my professional life.

She was taken a kind of small notebook with a pen and writted something above, then it tore of it a bit of paper with its notes. She folded it into four and tightened it to me while telling me "the come day, you will have for it need", then I it put in my pocket of jacket.

I kept these notes holding "the secrecy" like an invaluable good, which was noted above will make you a shock and will be revealed to you with the wire of the pages, because there are stages to respect, this power is very powerful, it is of each one of us, it can build as it can destroy according to how it is used, that asks a certain state of mind a given moment, not from precipitation, I will show you how to use it.

The year according to, I did not re-saw it, but these words in our conversation remained engraved in my spirit, "the positive one attracts the positive one!". Remember of that you too!

Many are those which pass their life by being unaware of such a power, that of the attractivity, to obtain all that we wish in our existence, to want to be recognized, rich of knowledge, to be able to offer themselves vacancies, to go or good seems to us. At the time when I discovered this, all seemed clearer in my spirit, I travelled the wrong road. Imagine that you have that between your hands, this secret formula.

Many people pass their existence not to try the experiment, that they arrive at the end of their life to be said "if I had known!", you want to live with regrets, or to change radically of course? I suggest the ultimate solution, that to you which nobody knowing it will tell you, because it is really very powerful, "but" (because there is one "but") this power has a more obscure side, it is the most alarming aspect, and I will avoid you this trap. The totality of the "Secrecy" will be revealed to you. But to function, I can guarantee to you that functions.

As specified before, this work is not a book of magic, but it has the power to make react your subconscious, being able to transform your dreams in reality. There exists a fabulous power, that of the control of its thoughts and to concretize them, have a big house, to have a beautiful car, to obtain a good employment, and all of which you dream, all is within reach here and now in these pages.

We can attract with us all that we wish, according to the law of attraction.

But be carefull! There are conditions for that acts on you, the materialization does not function if your thoughts are accompanied by a feeling of absolute need, it is essential to think that all is already with your range, that asks a constant concentration and to occult the brakes of your desires, to forget your ego.

The chapters were designed in a well determined direction, because it comprises stages to progress. If you one are not accustomed of the reading, or that you have only very little time to devote, I recommend to you to provide yourselves with a brand page. You can read chapter by chapter, or about twenty pages, it is you who choose.

I will deepen, to try to go to the source of yourself, to exploit your capacities, and to break this carapace FINALLY, to slice the Gordian knot of your existence. You to explain how somebody who started from nothing suddenly took a new departure. Like you, my life was a succession of tests and failures, I will show you that with the will and an unshakeable determination, one arrives at all.

To the wire of your readings, you there will take taste, become addict knowledge, and will know some a little more than the day before. Thanks to simple techniques, I will learn how to you to become a version improved of yourself.

Do not burn the stages! You begin quietly this work as of the beginning, it is useless to pass in following chapters without understanding the substance of the previous chapters of it, that would amount looking at a video by not looking at that the last minutes without seizing of it in substance the history, or and why that started.

The methods in this book function, and moreover, they are free (finally almost), I do not sell to you not of dream but do nothing but arise what you have in you by the force of your thoughts, they can build as they can to destroy your life, all depends on how you use this power.

You will find there, inside this book:

- Theoretical analyses, who summarizing in details the transmission of the knowledge received in the field. The secrecy will be revealed to you gradually.

- Practical advices, for to have the good habits to take, acquire more self-confidence and to start in you the phenomenon of attraction.

-Anecdotes, I want to share a little my course and to weave the link between you and me of confidant to confidant, and of personalities known or not.

I will learn how to you "to make" and "to believe", and to decipher the origins of your erroneous beliefs, which one inculcated to you. To break cement which took around you and which prevented you moving and from advancing. Do you want best of yourself? That must pass by a personal analysis in a first place, to approach the circumstances which describe you why you are there, in this situation.

With you, I will work out with the wire of the pages a program to substitute a negative thought and to transform it into positive thought. I invite you to apply, immediately as of the end of your reading, the methods that I propose to you in this work.

Do not be any more the victim of your life, act as...

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