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"But I hope that you know something already of the history of your own country. For, after all, you know, this is only a play book. It is not a book which you need knit your brows over, or in which you will find pages of facts, or politics, and long strings of dates. But it is a book, I hope, which when you lay it down will make you say, 'I'm glad that I was born an American. I'm glad that I can salute the stars and stripes as my flag.'"-From the preface of "This Country of Ours", H. E. Marshall's expansive history of the United States.
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978-1-4209-3578-3 (9781420935783)
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  • Title page
  • Chapter 1. How the Vikings of Old Sought and Found New Lands.
  • Chapter 2. The Sea of Darkness and the Great Faith of Columbus.
  • Chapter 3. How Columbus Fared Forth Upon The Sea of Darkness and Came to Pleasant Lands Beyond.
  • Chapter 4. How Columbus Returned Home in Triumph.
  • Chapter 5. How America Was Named.
  • Chapter 6. How The Flag of England Was Planted on the Shores of the New World.
  • Chapter 7. How The Flag of France Was Planted in Florida.
  • Chapter 8. How The French Founded a Colony in Florida.
  • Chapter 9. How the Spaniards Drove the French Out of Florida.
  • Chapter 10. How a Frenchman Avenged the Death of His Countrymen.
  • Chapter 11. The Adventures of Sir Humphrey Gilbert.
  • Chapter 12. About Sir Walter Raleigh's Adventures in the Golden West.
  • Chapter 13. The Adventures of Captain John Smith.
  • Chapter 14. More Adventures of Captain John Smith.
  • Chapter 15. How the Colony was Saved.
  • Chapter 16. How Pocahontas Took a Journey Over the Seas.
  • Chapter 17. How the Redmen Fought Against Their White Brothers.
  • Chapter 18. How Englishmen Fought a Duel With Tyranny.
  • Chapter 19. The Coming of the Cavaliers.
  • Chapter 20. Bacon's Rebellion.
  • Chapter 21. The Story of the Knights of the Golden Horseshoe.
  • Chapter 22. The Story of the Pilgrim Fathers.
  • Chapter 23. The Founding of Massachusetts.
  • Chapter 24. The Story of Harry Vane.
  • Chapter 25. The Story of Anne Hutchinson and the Founding of Rhode Island.
  • Chapter 26. The Founding of Harvard.
  • Chapter 27. How Quakers First Came to New England.
  • Chapter 28. How Maine and New Hampshire Were Founded.
  • Chapter 29. The Founding of Connecticut and War with the Indians.
  • Chapter 30. The Founding of New Haven.
  • Chapter 31. The Hunt for the Regicides.
  • Chapter 32. King Philip's War.
  • Chapter 33. How The Charter of Connecticut Was Saved.
  • Chapter 34. The Witches of Salem.
  • Chapter 35. The Founding of Maryland.
  • Chapter 36. How New Amsterdam Became New York.
  • Chapter 37. How a German Ruled New York.
  • Chapter 38. Pirates!
  • Chapter 39. The Founding of New Jersey.
  • Chapter 40. The Founding of Pennsylvania.
  • Chapter 41. How Benjamin Franklin Came to Philadelphia.
  • Chapter 42. The Founding of North and South Carolina.
  • Chapter 43. War With the Indians in North and South Carolina.
  • Chapter 44. The Founding of Georgia.
  • Chapter 45. How the Mississippi was Discovered.
  • Chapter 46. King William's War and Queen Anne's War.
  • Chapter 47. The Mississippi Bubble.
  • Chapter 48. How a Terrible Disaster Befell the British Army.
  • Chapter 49. The End of the French Rule in America.
  • Chapter 50. The Rebellion of Pontiac.
  • Chapter 51. The Boston Tea party.
  • Chapter 52. Paul Revere's Ride-The Unsheathing of the Sword.
  • Chapter 53. The First Thrust-The Battle of Bunker Hill.
  • Chapter 54. The War In Canada.
  • Chapter 55. The Birth of A Great Nation.
  • Chapter 56. The Darkest Hour-Trenton and Princeton.
  • Chapter 57. Burgoyne's Campaign-Bennington and Oriskany.
  • Chapter 58. Burgoyne's Campaign-Bemis Heights and Saratoga.
  • Chapter 59. Brandywine-Germantown-Valley Forge.
  • Chapter 60. War on the Sea.
  • Chapter 61. The Battle of Monmouth-The Story of Captain Molly.
  • Chapter 62. The Story of a Great Crime.
  • Chapter 63. A Turning Point in the World's History.
  • Chapter 64. Washington First In War, First In Peace.
  • Chapter 65. Adams-How He Kept Peace with France.
  • Chapter 66. Jefferson-How the Territory of the United States was Doubled.
  • Chapter 67. Jefferson-How the Door Into the Far West was Opened.
  • Chapter 68. Jefferson-About An American Who Wanted to be a King.
  • Chapter 69. Madison-The Shooting Star and the Prophet.
  • Chapter 70. Madison-War with Great Britain.
  • Chapter 71. Monroe-The First Whispers of a Storm-Monroe's Famous Doctrine.
  • Chapter 72. Adams-The Tariff of Abominations.
  • Chapter 73. Jackson-"Liberty and Union, Now and Forever"-Van Buren-Hard Times.
  • Chapter 74. Harrison-The Hero of Tippecanoe.
  • Chapter 75. Tyler-Florida Becomes a State.
  • Chapter 76. Polk-How Much Land Was Added to the United States.
  • Chapter 77. Polk-The Finding of Gold.
  • Chapter 78. Taylor-Union or Disunion.
  • Chapter 79. Fillmore-The Underground Railroad.
  • Chapter 80. Pierce-The Story of "Bleeding Kansas".
  • Chapter 81. Buchanan-The Story of the Mormons.
  • Chapter 82. Buchanan-The First Shots.
  • Chapter 83. Lincoln-From Bull Run to Fort Donelson.
  • Chapter 84. Lincoln-The Story of the First Battle Between Ironclads.
  • Chapter 85. Lincoln-The Battle of Shiloh and the Taking of New Orleans.
  • Chapter 86. Lincoln-The Slaves are Made Free.
  • Chapter 87. Lincoln-Chancellorsville-The Death of Stonewall Jackson.
  • Chapter 88. Lincoln-The Battle of Gettysburg.
  • Chapter 89. Lincoln-Grant's Campaign-Sheridan's Ride.
  • Chapter 90. Lincoln-Sherman's March to the Sea-Lincoln Re-Elected President.
  • Chapter 91. Lincoln-The End of the War-The President's Death.
  • Chapter 92. Johnson-How The President Was Impeached.
  • Chapter 93. Grant-A Peaceful Victory.
  • Chapter 94. Hayes-Garfield-Arthur.
  • Chapter 95. Cleveland-Harrison-Cleveland.
  • Chapter 96. McKinley-War and Sudden Death.
  • Chapter 97. Roosevelt-Taft.
  • Chapter 98. Wilson-Troubles With Mexico.
  • Chapter 99. Wilson-The Great War.

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