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7 Vital Attitude Nutrients to Build the New You
Lewis Losoncy(Autor*in)
CRC Press
Erschienen am 21. Juli 2023
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A healthy attitude is the key to success, happiness, and growth. Just as nutrients in foods result in a healthy body, New Attitude Nutrients result in a healthy mind. Today! Grab It: 7 Vital Attitude Nutrients to Build the New You will show you how to bring about the changes you've been meaning to make in your life-TODAY.
"Once again, Dr. Lew Losoncy has captured the essence of a dynamic concept..this time introducing the attitude component of self-help psychology as a nutritional science. Plus, he gives us a simple road map to follow to grow ourself."
-Mike DeGennaro, President, Matrix Essentials

"Practical...TODAY is filled with lots of activities that anyone can go out and think/feel and do to change their life. Right now."
-James Belasco, Ph.D., Professor of Management, San Diego State University

"Losoncy helps you today to change your life. You can learn your dominant attitude style. The exercises presented help initiate a change in your thoughts, feelings, and actions. TODAY will give you courage for tomorrow!"
-Dr. Don Dinkmeyer, Co-author of Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP)
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978-1-000-67331-9 (9781000673319)
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Lewis Losoncy is the author of fifteen books on encouragement, success and teamwork. He is also the psychologist for Matrix Essentials in Solon, Ohio, North America's largest producer of professional beauty products.
Introduction, The Breakthrough of New Attitude Nutrients: Philosophy, Description and Directions for Usage; The 7 New Attitude Nutrients; (Each nutrient results in Thoughts, Feelings and Actions) New Attitude Nutrient #1 "Today, I'll determine where I will be tomorrow!" PURPOSE & PASSION Nutrient: Nutrient to find meaning and create dreams, goals, success (thought); Nutrient for enthusiasm, high spirits, desire for achievement (Feeling); Nutrient to take action and reach dreams (Action); New Attitude Nutrient #2 "Today, l'll build my inner resources to rise above the outer forces!" INNER SECURITY Nutrient: Nutrient to affirm inner assets, strengths and resources to succeed (thought); Nutrient for security, self-confidence, self-reliance, inner knowing (Feeling); Nutrient to take self-determined action, without outside support (Action); TODAY! Grab lt New Attitude Nutrient #3 "Today, l'll condition myself to immediately accept anything I can't change!" ACCEPTANCE Nutrient: Nutrient to accept "what is, is," to focus energies constructively (thought); Nutrient for acceptance, joy, serenity, calmness, peace, relaxation (Feeling); Nutrient to take action and "Iet go" or "Iet it be" (Action); New Attitude Nutrient #4; "Today, I'll proceed with understanding rather than judgment toward others!" UNDERSTANDING Nutrient: Nutrient to understand, rather than judge, to improve relationships and effectiveness with others (thought); Nutrient for understanding, empathy, sensitivity, caring (Feeling); Nutrient to take action, using successful understanding skills (Action); New Attitude Nutrient #5 ;"Today, I'U courageously go through my anxieties and fears!" COURAGE Nutrient: Nutrient to bust through anxieties, fears and enter your New Attitude Growth Zone (thought); Nutrient for courage, strength, willingness (Feeling); Nutrient to take action and move forward into the rich unknown possibilities (Action); New Attitude Nutrient #6; "Today, I'll act out of my spirit, not my ego!" INSPIRATION Nutrient: Nutrient to transcend ego, find universal, not selfish, perspective (thought); Nutrient for inspiration, energy, expansion, positive motivation (Feeling); Nutrient to take action with universal base (Action) New Attitude Nutrient #7; "Today, I'll take the lead in changing the world!" LEADERSHIP Nutrient: Nutrient to communicate respect and vision and encourage buy-in (Thought); Nutrient for confidence, optimism and high energy (Feeling); Nutrient to motivate others to unite and to move toward goals (Action), Closing Thoughts

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