Miraculous Health

How to Heal Your Body by Unleashing the Hidden Power of Your Mind
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The power to live a pain-free life of health and well-being is stored deepin the limitless human mind. Miraculous Health is the revolutionaryblueprint for accessing this power. Dr. Rick Levy systematically guidesthe reader through a specific program to heal physical illness or injury.His sequence of proven prescriptive mind-body healing techniques leads toimmediate results and miraculous changes in long-term vitality.

Dr. Levy's methods are easy to learn and can be customized for individualneeds. The exercises in this book come with cogent explanations of why theywork, complete with their scientific underpinnings, and are illuminated bytrue healing stories and personal anecdotes. To maximize the power of thework in this book, the author provides twelve potent mind-body tools to thereader as free audio downloads accessed via the Web. Most important, thereader can do this with no more specialized training than a commitment tobetter health. Not just a feel-good theory, and much more than the revelation of a phenomenon, Miraculous Health unleashes the powerwithin to heal in dramatic and enduring ways.

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Rick Levy with Lou Aronica



Prelude to 1 - A Glimpse into the Power of the Mind

Chapter 1 - The Story Behind the Story

Prelude to 2 - Thought Directs the Energy Inside of You

Chapter 2 - Feeling Energy

Prelude to 3 - A Hypnotic Holiday

Chapter 3 - Hypnosis

Prelude to 4 - An Instant Stressbuster

Chapter 4 - Meditation

Chapter 5 - Conscious Assessment

Chapter 6 - Hypnotic Self-Assessment

Chapter 7 - Getting Yourself a Little Better Right Away

Chapter 8 - Hypnotic Pre-Talk

Chapter 9 - Combining Direct Suggestion and Healing Imagery Under Hypnosis

Chapter 10 - Hypnotic Regression

Chapter 11 - Energy Healing

Chapter 12 - The Gearshift Exercise

Chapter 13 - Cognitive Reprogramming

Chapter 14 - Cathartic and Expressive Techniques

Chapter 15 - Where to Go from Here

Bonus Chapter - Seeing Things in a New Way Glossary

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