Web Technology

Theory and Practice
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This book intends to expound the complete concept of Web in Theory, Web in Research and Web in Practice with the help of worked out examples for better understanding. Planned as a comprehensive reading for beginners and a reference for advanced learners, the book includes latest developments and approaches related to the World Wide Web.
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Akshi Kumar is a Ph.D in Computer Engineering from the University of Delhi, Delhi, India. She has received her MTech (Master of Technology) and BE (Bachelor of Engineering) degrees in Computer Engineering. She is currently working as an Assistant Professor in Department of Computer Science & Engineering at the Delhi Technological University, Delhi, India. She was a teaching-cum-research fellow at Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, University of Delhi, India.

Dr. Kumar's research interests are in the area of text mining, sentiment analysis, recommender systems, social & semantic Web, and analytics of user-generated big-data. She has many publications in various international journals/conferences to her credit, has authored books and co-authored book chapters within her domain of interest. She is actively involved in research activities as the editorial review board member for international journals, session chair & technical program committee member for international conferences and providing research supervision at under-graduate, post-graduate and doctorate levels. She has visited foreign universities like Imperial College, London and University of Cambridge, UK. She is a member of IEEE, IEEE (WIE) and ACM and a life member of ISTE and CSI, India, a member of IACSIT, Singapore, a member of IAENG & IAENG society of computer science, Hong Kong and a member of Internet Computing Community (ICC), AIRCC.

Dr. Kumar can be contacted via e-mail at akshi.kumar@gmail.com

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1. INTERconnected NETwork: INTERNET 1.1. Internet: The Giant WAN 1.2. Communicating over the Internet 1.3. Accessing the Internet 1.4. Internet Organizations 1.5. Cyber Ethics

2. Internet Applications 2.1. Internet Services 2.2. Electronic Mail (E-mail) 2.3. File Transfer 2.4. Real-time User Communication 2.5. Remote Login 2.6. Usenet 2.7. World Wide Web


3. The World Wide Web 3.1. The Web 3.2. The Working of Web 3.3. Web Terminology 3.3.1. Web page 3.4. Web Architecture 3.5. World Wide Web Challenges

4. HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol 4.1. Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) 4.2. HTTP Version 4.3. HTTP Connections 4.4. HTTP Communication 4.5. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) 4.6. HTTP State Retention: Cookies 4.7. HTTP Cache

5. Evolution of Web 5.1. The Generations of Web 5.2. Web 1.0 5.3. Web 2.0 5.4. Web 3.0 5.5. Big Data: A Special Discussion

6. Web IR: Information Retrieval on the Web 6.1. Web Information Retrieval (Web IR) 6.2. Web IR Tools 6.3. Web IR Architecture (Search Engine Architecture) 6.4. Web IR Performance Metrics 6.5. Web IR Models 6.6. Google's PageRank TM


7. Web Development Basics 7.1. Elements of Web Development 7.2. Client Side and Server-side scripting 7.3. Model-View-Controller (MVC) Architecture

8. Client-side Technologies 8.1. HTML 8.2. CSS 8.3. JavaScript 8.4. Bootstrap Framework 8.5. AngularJS Framework

9. Server-side Technologies 9.1. Server-side Scripting 9.2. PHP 9.3. Node.js: Server-side JavaScript

10. Web Application Frameworks 10.1. DJango 10.2. Ruby on Rails (RoR)

11. Web Databases 11.1. Web Database 11.2. SQL: Relational Databases 11.3. NoSQL Databases: Non-Relational & Distributed Data 11.4. Understanding Popular Databases


12. Research Trends in Web 12.1. Contextual Information Retrieval 12.2. Web Mining

APPENDIX Appendix A: HTML Examples Appendix B: A Recipe Website project using Django and Neo4j: Kitchen Ninja


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