Iron Lake (20th Anniversary Edition)

A Novel
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  • erschienen am 14. Juli 1999
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978-0-671-03690-4 (ISBN)
William Kent Krueger joined the ranks of today's best suspense novelists with this thrilling, universally acclaimed debut. Conjuring "a sense of place he's plainly honed firsthand in below-zero prairie" (Kirkus Reviews), Krueger brilliantly evokes northern Minnesota's lake country -- and reveals the dark side of its snow-covered landscape.

Part Irish, part Anishinaabe Indian, Corcoran "Cork" O'Connor is the former sheriff of Aurora, Minnesota. Embittered by his "former" status, and the marital meltdown that has separated him from his children, Cork gets by on heavy doses of caffeine, nicotine, and guilt. Once a cop on Chicago's South Side, there's not much that can shock him. But when the town's judge is brutally murdered, and a young Eagle Scout is reported missing, Cork takes on a mind-jolting case of conspiracy, corruption, and scandal.

As a lakeside blizzard buries Aurora, Cork must dig out the truth among town officials who seem dead-set on stopping his investigation in its tracks. But even Cork freezes up when faced with the harshest enemy of all: a small-townsecret that hits painfully close to home.

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978-0-671-03690-4 (9780671036904)
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"Minnesotan Krueger has a sense of place he's plainly honed firsthand in below-zero prairie. His characters, too, sport charm and dimension... This first-timer's stamina and self-assurance suggest that O'Connor's got staying power." * Kirkus Reviews * "I can't remember reading a better first novel than this one." * The Drood Review * "If you don't know Cork O'Connor, get to know him now." * Booklist * "Iron Lake is an explosive brew: one part James Ellroy, one part Stephen King, one part Jack London, and all parts terrific... A truly remarkable first novel." -- David Housewright, Edgar Award-winning author of Penance "In August 1998, the same month my own first book came out, I heard about this other debut novel called Iron Lake. I can still remember the night I stayed up late finishing it. When I closed the book, I thought two things: This is the best mystery I've read all year. And how in hell am I ever gonna keep up with this guy? Twenty years later, I'm still trying." * Steve Hamilton, Edgar Award winning author of the Alex McKnight series * "For readers new to William Kent Krueger, this 20th anniversary edition of Iron Lake will be an eye-opening discovery. For those of us who have been reading his wonderful Cork O'Connor novels since their beginning, this volume will be a welcome pilgrimage to the birthplace of one of our favorite characters, a journey down Krueger's icy, mysterious and singular memory lane." -- T. Jefferson Parker, Edgar Award winning author of Swift Vengeance "Among thoughtful readers, William Kent Krueger holds a very special place in the pantheon. Upon introducing Cork O'Connor in IRON LAKE twenty years ago, Kent showed the mystery reading world that a protagonist need not be a chain-smoking loner with lots of emotional baggage but he could be an honest and admirable family man doing his best for all the right reasons." -- C.J. Box, #1 NYT Bestselling Author of The Disappeared "There's a feel that you get from a master craftsman, a saddle that sits right, a fly rod that casts with its own agility, or a series of books written with a grace and precision so stunning that you'd swear the stories were your own-Kent Krueger's Cork O'Conner novels fit that bill." -- Craig Johnson, author of the Walt Longmire series "Iron Lake is where it all began, when Cork O'Connor walked off the page, tough, vulnerable, hardened and shattered, and into our lives. His creation is a brilliant achievement, and one every crime reader and writer needs to celebrate. With this novel, Kent Krueger elevated the crime fiction genre into something very special." -- Louise Penny, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Glass Houses

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