Seven Steps to Heaven

How to Communicate with Your Departed Loved Ones in Seven Easy Steps
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Have you ever experienced a breeze in a closed room? A brush on the cheek when no one is there? A whisper that sounds like the voice of someone who has passed away? Perhaps it is coincidence or perhaps it is the beginning of spirit communication.

In Seven Steps to Heaven noted psychic Joyce Keller clears up misconceptions about the afterlife and reveals the various ways in which those who have crossed over make contact with us. With clarity and compassion she shares for the first time her successful Connection Technique that makes it possible for anyone to bridge the divide between the living and the dead. Developed over a period of twenty years, Keller's Connection Technique involves seven simple and safe tools:

  • angels and spirit teachers
  • prayer and affirmations
  • meditation
  • dreams
  • a spirit space
  • sound
  • a labyrinth

Seven Steps to Heaven offers comfort and hope to everyone who has experienced the profound loneliness and sadness that comes with the death of a family member, a dear friend, or a pet.

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Joyce Keller


Part One: Opening the Lines of Communication

chapter 1: Clearing Away Misconceptions

chapter 2: Can You Experience After-Death Communication?

Part Two: Contact Your Loved Ones in Seven Easy Steps

chapter 3: Step One: Call on Your Angels and Spirit Teachers

chapter 4: Step Two: Protect Yourself and Draw in the Right Vibration with Prayer and Affirmations

chapter 5: Step Three: Strengthen Your Connection Through Meditation

chapter 6: Step Four: Harness Your Subconscious with the Power of Dreams

chapter 7: Step Five: Establish a Special Environment by Creating a Spirit Space

chapter 8: Step Six: Draw on Your Senses with the Resonance of Sound

chapter 9: Step Seven: Elevate Your Consciousness Through the Mystery of the Labyrinth

chapter 10: The Connection Technique: Using the Seven Steps

Part Three: Loud and Clear: Beyond the Seven Steps

chapter 11: Departed but Not Gone: Further Ways of Contacting Those We Love

chapter 12: Communication: A Two-Way Process

chapter 13: A Final Communication



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