Win Conflicts, Secure your Power Position & Status

Make the right decisions & enforce them, use convincing strategies to achieve your goals, persuade & inspire people with your opinion
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CLIMATE PROTECTION AND KNOWLEDGE: With this book you support - documented - afforestation projects and digital neural machine learning translation, receive compact information and checklists from experts (overview and press reviews in the book preview) as well as advice proven in practice, which leads step by step to success - also thanks to add-on. Because if you want to represent your opinion in companies, achieve something and change something, you have to assert yourself against others. But that does not necessarily mean putting out the infamous elbows. Success and retention of power are usually the result of a sophisticated strategy and a tactically clever approach that secures one's own status in companies and organizations. If you also take a closer look at the methods of successful strategists, you will find that they are often the result of excellent concepts and correct decisions. This book shows what really matters in conceptual design and strategically important decisions.
Our publishing house has a special concept: You will find all authors in the detailed table of contents paired with information as desired, free onDemand-eCourses as add-on, and many more offers. Our books on job, hr, management, finance and life support are praised by press and customers - more in the book. Editor Simone Janson is a German Top-20-Blogger, bestselling author and was a columnist for renowned media - more in Wikipedia. We support neural machine learning with our AI-translation.
  • Intro
  • Imprint
  • Introduction: How this book supports you
  • Add-on, press reviews and customer feedback
  • Content of the book
  • Structure of the book
  • Information as desired and additional material to the book!
  • Personal eBooks and eCourses
  • Rules of power for women: power through a clear attitude // By Isabel Nitzsche
  • Whoever does not want to be liked becomes more capable of acting
  • Turn off the competition
  • This is how the anti-odds argument works
  • The game has worked well so far
  • The clearer the attitude, the easier a high status
  • Female communication style: Good for the company, but bad for the career
  • Lack of ascent efficiency
  • Male competition orientation
  • The power code is simply not familiar to them
  • Get more respect: negotiate status! // By Natalie Schnack
  • Elbow or not?
  • Winner and loser
  • Status concept
  • We negotiate status - always!
  • It always depends on one's own
  • It does not depend on the rank order?
  • Swiftness First Aid: Your mental protective shield against attacks // By Peter Kensok, Petra Schächtele-Philipp
  • From positive thinking to affirmation
  • Like a counter-charm
  • Who's crying is not right
  • Use inverse logic
  • Agree instead of annoy
  • The art of not reacting
  • Take time for the reaction
  • A strategy that works
  • Acting sovereignly in discussions and interviews: Ready to play in front of an audience // By Dr. Matthias Nöllke
  • Are you allowed to interfere with the other?
  • Be sparing with interruptions
  • Beware of the "Niedermachern"
  • Never go to the last
  • Tip:
  • Please let me finish?
  • Punish the other: Let him talk it out!
  • Avoid conflicts through clear communication: emotions give space without buts // By Markus Hornung
  • The transmitter needs security!
  • Speak emotions directly
  • Why do not you just say it to him?
  • There are no self-explanations!
  • The word "but"
  • Adversative or relative?
  • "And" instead of "But"
  • Two statements instead of conjunction
  • The change in subconsciousness
  • Do not relativize positive statements with "but"
  • Conflict free conversations: Please no profile neurosis! // By Thorsten Otto
  • How to silence profile neurotic
  • Profile Neurosis - interrupt and irritate your counterpart
  • When talks suddenly tip over thanks to profile neurosis
  • Bye Profile Neurotics - Dare!
  • You're not born a talker, you learn it
  • If business partners feel the same way
  • Better an end with horror ...
  • A talk with Rolf Eden
  • Better not a good listener
  • The Black-Peter Syndrome in Conflicts: 12 Tips for Better Arguing // By Simone Janson
  • 15 percent of working time for conflicts
  • How you stand in your way
  • Chronic anti-behavior
  • 12 Tip for better quarreling
  • The power of clear everyday communication and language: risk populism! // By Stefan Häseli
  • Differentiation instead of simple solutions
  • No words of clarity
  • The voice of the people
  • Who wants to be average?
  • The world of language
  • Help everyday communication to new fame
  • Team spirit and culture of debate: 5 tips against conflicts, mobbing and manipulation // By Simone Janson
  • The ability to work as a team is a healthy battlefield
  • How to deal with conflicts
  • The pitcher goes to the well for so long ...
  • 5 Tips against conflicts in the team
  • Internal conflict leads to conflicts: 7 tips for the right inner attitude // By Ilja Grzeskowitz
  • 7 Tips for the right attitude in conversations and in conflicts
  • 1. Be brave
  • 2. Communicate respectfully
  • 3. Focus your attention on the opportunities
  • 4. The art of saying "no
  • 5. How you say something makes the difference
  • 6. Decide
  • 7. Create clarity and reliability
  • Why? So harms demands of your career: The Nocebo effect // By Prof. Dr. Martin-Niels Däfler
  • The Agent K motto
  • What we can learn from Men in Black
  • Do not ask questions that you do not want to know the answer to
  • Put the truth to the point
  • Invest time and energy in solutions
  • The nocebo effect
  • What I do not know does not make me hot
  • I do not even ask for the reasons
  • Successful communication in the job: Do babblers have the better cards? // By Dr. Cornelia Topf
  • It's not just about the thing
  • Play for the sake of the matter?
  • You have to decide
  • Better to become active yourself
  • What do you want?
  • For the cause, against the career!
  • Play the power game
  • Frustration does not continue!
  • Conclusion: conscious decision!
  • Body language: keep your distance in the power struggle! // By Dr. Gabriele Cerwinka, Gabriele Schranz
  • With eyes threatening
  • Power struggle of the eyes
  • Blow your nose
  • Rump nose - but right!
  • Of the three monkeys
  • The hand as a protective barrier for the face
  • Internal defense
  • Beware of misinterpretation
  • Project Management - Basics Methods Tasks: Decisions and escalations // By Andrea Ramscheidt
  • 6 Questions: Find causes for the problem
  • The conflict-solution conversation
  • The follow-up talk
  • Avoid escalation at any cost?
  • Example: escalation process
  • When you need to escalate a topic
  • The levels of escalation
  • Keep it in writing!
  • Ready to beat instead of self-doubt: confidently counter feedback! // By Simone Janson
  • Negative feedback - and now?
  • Prone to criticism
  • The others are always right?
  • Caught cheating?
  • The show must go on
  • Please be more confident!
  • An absolute exaggeration
  • How to take criticism less personally
  • Please think briefly
  • React correctly
  • Question criticism
  • Filter and rate criticism
  • This opinion is really important
  • General criticism is not useful
  • Note the pattern of criticism
  • Accept and reject criticism
  • Pressure that is not
  • The best way to spoil the joy of work
  • Afraid of the no?
  • So you say "No!
  • Help, he wants something from me!
  • Your own constraints and their causes
  • Manipulators at work
  • The trick with irreplaceability
  • Threats and other meanness
  • So that the self-image is not damaged
  • Questioning techniques - only seemingly nice
  • Moral extortion
  • Defend yourself - right?
  • The absurd logic of the perfectionists
  • Sometimes we have to accept criticism
  • Closing Remarks
  • Authors Overview
  • Isabel Nitzsche
  • Natalie Schnack
  • Petra Schächtele-Philipp
  • Peter Kensok
  • Dr. Matthias Nöllke
  • Markus Hornung
  • Thorsten Otto
  • Stefan Häseli
  • Ilja Grzeskowitz
  • Professor Dr. Martin-Niels Däfler
  • Dr. Cornelia Topf
  • Gabriele Schranz
  • Dr. Gabriele Cerwinka
  • Andrea Ramscheidt
  • Simone Janson
  • About the publisher Best of HR -®
  • Notes on translation
  • AI and neural networks: How is our translation produced?
  • How we support neural machine translation
  • Quality of translations: What experts and the press say
  • Liability

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