Power of Relax. Restart & Kill your Stress by Sleeping

Recover & rest against sleep disorders & fatigue, work more efficiently with resilience mindfulness calmness & psychology
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CLIMATE PROTECTION AND KNOWLEDGE: With this book you support - documented - reforestation projects, get fast compact information and checklists from experts (overview and press reviews in the book preview) as well as in practice tested advice, which also thanks to AddOn step by step lead to success. Because the ability to sleep sufficiently long and deep is an important, but often underestimated factor for health and performance. Many people are under extreme stress, the balancing act between employer and private life overtaxes many, and in the end this also affects sleep. The ever faster digital development and the increasing pressure to perform and succeed, to work as error-free as possible, does the rest. Burnout is often the result. This book provides tips and instructions on self-organisation and time management and shows how to successfully overcome stress and increase your own energy, motivation and concentration through good sleep.
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978-3-96596-267-5 (9783965962675)
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  • Imprint
  • Introduction: How this book supports you
  • Add-on, press reviews and customer feedback
  • Content of the book
  • Structure of the book
  • Information as desired and additional material to the book!
  • Personal eBooks and eCourses
  • Use reflection phases, achieve goals: 5 steps for good intentions // By Jörg Romstötter
  • Relax from summer
  • How good intentions work
  • Achieve goals: resolutions in 5 steps
  • Result: changing things with new energy
  • Personal Change Management: Living and working based on meaning only for dropouts? // By Stefan Dudas
  • What motivates us every day
  • The search for the meaning of life?
  • Fun and benefits
  • What makes life worth living
  • The "over-solution
  • Much too busy ...
  • Anti-stress measures by analysis: improve daily routine, plan rest periods // By Simone Janson
  • They prefer to be spontaneous
  • Planning - theory vs. practice
  • Analyze your time
  • Too much work
  • Too little work
  • Too much and too little work at the same time
  • Analyze your time in writing
  • How to deal with stress
  • Stress is also an incentive
  • Review and change personal settings and ratings
  • The moment of clarity
  • Reduce stress through exercise and relaxation techniques
  • Relaxation methods
  • Power napping - perfect work and sleep environment: 2 X 11 tips for relaxation in the office // By Simone Janson
  • Sleeping improves performance - if you can
  • Different need of sleep, different tips
  • Sleep in the office - but where?
  • 11 Tips for Suitable Beds in the Office
  • The ideal place to sleep
  • The drama of the meritocracy: When work makes you sick! // By Simone Janson
  • Only top performance leads to success?
  • When the slightest mistake costs the job
  • Working differently, less performance-oriented - just how?
  • Performance, performance, performance - your own inner driver
  • Work addiction: exaggeration or understatement?
  • Perfectionism: When your own attitude makes you sick
  • Powernapping and nap promote productivity: 2 X 5 anti-stress science tips // By Simone Janson
  • Powernapping and sleeping as perennial topics
  • Where do our readers sleep?
  • In which companies are employees allowed to sleep?
  • Busyness show is more important than the work result
  • Power napping and nap: More than meaningful quirks
  • Napping - that's what science says
  • 5 points: How does missing sleep affect your performance?
  • How long to sleep?
  • 5 tips for the ideal short sleep
  • Convince the boss
  • TALK | Edible Canada boss on productivity: "When I get up at 3 a.m., I work best." // By Simone Janson
  • Mr Pateman, what do you do first when you start your day at work or at work?
  • What distinguishes your working style?
  • How - by which tools and methods - do you increase your productivity?
  • Where do you work most productively?
  • What do you do when your productivity slows?
  • How many hours do you sleep per night?
  • What else do you think about productivity?
  • Bad sleeping - what to do to stay productive? 2 weeks self-experiment with 6 tips // By Simone Janson
  • 4 hours of sleep a night - is that enough?
  • Sleep like Marissa Mayer?
  • Sleepless for fear of the job?
  • Southern Europeans and Scandinavians are doing very well
  • 40% of Germans are sleeping badly because of the job
  • Permanently little sleep in the self-test
  • Can you work well despite lack of sleep?
  • 6 tips for productivity despite little sleep
  • Little sleep in the self-test - Conclusion:
  • Solve problems, make decisions: just do not think about it! // By Simone Janson
  • Sleep for better decisions
  • Sleeping helps to reduce stress
  • Good ideas instead of switching off
  • The more we think, the worse it gets
  • Catastrophizing makes the problem infinite
  • Problems take their power: 5 tips on decadastrophizing
  • Physical exercise helps to switch off
  • The solution: Just stop pondering
  • Work more efficiently, sleep less like IT billionaires? The 10 best tips and facts // By Simone Janson
  • Sleep like an IT billionaire?
  • How famous people sleep
  • Permanently too little sleep is harmful to health
  • Everyone sleeps differently
  • How Chronobiology Works
  • The 10 best facts and tips about sleep
  • Sleep disorders Lack of sleep Overweight: fatigue is not worth it! // By Dr. Chris Winter
  • Poor sleep leads to weight gain: Pickwick syndrome
  • 8 facts about sleep and weight
  • Heart, blood pressure, circulation: the long-term consequences of too little sleep
  • In the end there is heart failure
  • Breathing against fear, stress and panic: the Buteyko method // By Patrick McKeown
  • How life changes through breathing
  • The Buteyko method
  • How to treat asthma and regulate depressive moods
  • The history of the Butyko method
  • How health and breathing are related
  • The results of excessive breathing
  • The sports star with breathing problems
  • What over-breathing means
  • Breathe properly as a revelation
  • Excellent performance thanks to correct breathing
  • Make full use of your sporting potential
  • How breathing can improve life
  • Reducing sleep disorders: 16 environmental influences against insomnia // By Simone Janson
  • Sleep disorders and insomnia: The problems are often deeper
  • Sleep and health: what does medicine say?
  • Poor sleep - what are the reasons?
  • The influence of the environment on sleep
  • What is the optimal sleeping environment?
  • Sleep as a remedy for depression and dissatisfaction: 5 tips for more fun in life // By Dr. Chris Winter
  • Healthy sleep affects the whole body
  • The 3 main pillars of good health
  • Doctors are not sleep experts
  • Sleep problems are often neglected
  • 5 tips: How sleep improves mood
  • Closing Remarks
  • Authors Overview
  • Jörg Romstötter
  • Stefan Dudas
  • Dr. Chris Winter
  • Patrick McKeown
  • Simone Janson
  • About the publisher Best of HR - Berufebilder.de®
  • Notes on translation
  • AI and neural networks: How is our translation produced?
  • How we support neural machine translation
  • Quality of translations: What experts and the press say
  • Liability

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