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Effect appearance self-confidence, learn the power of rhetoric, communicate present moderate well, convince with body language gestures & facial expressions
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What this book can do for you: You support certified climate protection projects, receive fast compact information and checklists from experts (overview and press reviews in the book preview) as well as in practice tested advice, which leads step by step to success - also thanks to add-on.

Because only those who talk and can present themselves in public are noticed in our society and can use their effect and charismatic appearance to convince other people - many celebrities and politicians already do this. Rhetoric and the right use of gestures and facial expressions are indispensable for success. Everybody has something to say and a few specific rhetorical tips and tricks can help to get your message across convincingly in front of an audience. This book helps to strengthen your self-confidence, to build up your appearance and effect as well as to improve charisma and charisma decisively for the perfect public appearance.

We give you the best possible help on the topics of career, finance, management, personnel work and life assistance. For this purpose, we gather in each book the best experts in their field as authors - detailed biographies in the book - , who give a comprehensive overview of the topic and additionally offer you success planner workbooks in printed form.

Our guidebooks are aimed primarily at beginners. Readers who are looking for more in-depth information can get it for free as an add-on with individual content as desired. This concept is made possible by a particularly efficient, innovative digital process.

The publisher is also involved in numerous, well-documented charitable projects, e.g. on climate protection, and supports the quality of neural machine learning and international understanding through its translation from German into English.

Janson began her career as an editor for two magazines published by the German Federal Employment Agency before founding her own magazine and book publishing company, for which over 500 authors write today. In addition, she has worked for almost all major newspapers, written books and appeared several times as an expert on German TV.

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978-3-96596-255-2 (9783965962552)
Janson began her career as an editor for two magazines published by the German Federal Employment Agency before founding her own magazine and book publishing company, for which over 500 authors write today. In addition, she has worked for almost all major newspapers, written books and appeared several times as an expert on German TV.
  • Intro
  • Imprint
  • Introduction: How this book supports you
  • Add-on, press reviews and customer feedback
  • Content of the book
  • Structure of the book
  • Information as desired and additional material to the book!
  • Personal eBooks and eCourses
  • Present like Hitchcock: Stimulate the head cinema with picture language // By Michael Moesslang
  • How Picture Language Works
  • How lecturing better not go
  • Building and preparing a good speech
  • Focus on visual language during presentations
  • Like Cary Grant in "The Invisible Third"
  • Good rhetoric: Away with the subordinate clauses
  • Speak effectively: keep it short
  • The optimal speech: The entrance is important!
  • The power of voice: 6 frequent voice errors // By Dr. Roland Forster
  • Dialect can also be an advantage
  • A problem of syntax
  • The listening capacity is overstretched
  • It is about reducing complexity
  • Do my listeners understand me? 6 frequent voice errors
  • 1. volume
  • 2. nasality
  • 3. Sigmatismen
  • 4. harsh speaking
  • 5. lateral speech
  • 6. dysphonia
  • Swiftness through communication with questions and counter questions: As in the Space Zoo // By Peter Kensok, Petra Schächtele-Philipp
  • Questions as an elegant form of rhetoric
  • Closed vs. open questions
  • Each argument is vulnerable
  • Means against counter questions
  • Playing with language
  • Method for the ego
  • Risks and side effects
  • Like in the Space Zoo
  • An attack says a lot about the attacker
  • Instant Techniques Accuracy: The Power of the Absurd Theater // By Dr. Matthias Nöllke
  • Ready-to-use fast-paced techniques
  • Theater of the absurd
  • Simply astounding
  • Stage free for the absurd theater
  • The different types of the absurd theater
  • The inappropriate proverb
  • "Scientifically proven: women cannot park properly"
  • Unsuitable always fits
  • Other suitable specimens
  • corruptions
  • Slap strokes under the belt line: The best techniques against malicious attacks // By Dr. Matthias Nöllke
  • Embrace technique
  • Stunning effect
  • Example: The king of the demimonde
  • A small compliment
  • Tip:
  • Do not let yourself be wrapped
  • The good-mood switch
  • Example: "With the greatest pleasure"
  • Let go of goals, dealing with fear: get out of the tunnel view // By Gottfried Hoffmann
  • Releasing goals?
  • Serenity instead of stupor
  • Allow operations instead of forcing them
  • Like the little prince
  • The longing in the heart
  • The emotional anchorage counts
  • Do not lose sight of the goal
  • How to get out of the tunnel?
  • Take compulsive thinking
  • A picture: Your vision of the perfect holiday
  • Feel joy without fixation
  • Goals freed in communication
  • Wake up enthusiasm
  • Your conviction is greater than your doubts
  • Confident in the development look
  • Compact: How to release targets?
  • Communication & Verbal (Er-) Creation: Diesel Summit & TV duels // By Stefan Häseli
  • wordplay
  • New "measures"
  • Question of measurability
  • The appearance is deceptive
  • Read between the lines
  • A little clearer picture
  • Very democratic
  • Quite a "round conversation"
  • Lack of passion
  • Lack of presence
  • Always fair and correct
  • Too little involvement as a democratic good
  • Election campaign in TV debates: cause and effect // By Marc M. Galal
  • Germany in prosperity
  • The downside of the medal
  • Election campaign becomes "election spasm"
  • Small parties show themselves openly
  • cause and effect
  • The true winner
  • The key to success is the degree of efficiency
  • Conflicts and communication at the G20 summit: 4 theses and learnings // By Stefan Häseli
  • Media consumption as a drug
  • What questions does communication raise?
  • Where does communication matter?
  • 4 theses on communication at G20
  • 1. Communication on peacekeeping
  • 2. Communication channel violence
  • 3. Communication = Think it - say it - do it!
  • 4. Crime communication only general places
  • Summary
  • Communication characteristics: Using the spirit of Olympia in everyday life! // By Stefan Häseli
  • World Winter Olympics event
  • Patriotic pride
  • The sport between business and politics
  • Communicative "high flights"
  • Where is the creative question left?
  • Draft wanted
  • Communication characteristics: Who wins, looks for himself ...
  • ... who loses, explains it in the outside
  • Communication with (olympic) spirit
  • 4 Rhetoric Tips for a Good Speech: Self-Imagination - More Than Just a CV // By Malte W. Wilkes
  • More than the oral CV
  • Use formal surprises
  • The perfect entry level
  • Improve the redecode
  • The audience wants to see the speaker win
  • Performance alone is not enough
  • Symbiosis with the listeners
  • The 4 maxims of a speech
  • Learn the packaging art of speech
  • Guiding people to understand reading: body language vs. rhetoric // By Joe Navarro
  • Listen to what I say? Spoken language
  • Less is sometimes more
  • The nonverbal art of listening
  • Talk to me
  • Linguistic egoists
  • The inability to reflect language preferences
  • The common linguistic denominator is important
  • Good at speaking and giving lectures: 2 X 5 tips for speakers // By Simone Janson
  • Good and bad lectures: what makes the difference?
  • Perfect lectures - 5 tips: What can speakers do better?
  • Pay attention to the voice
  • Why is the voice important?
  • Better in voice - 5 tips: what can you do?
  • Conclusion: Good lectures depend on the person and their skills
  • Crisis management & communication: Using rhetoric and the power of the word - 3 X 7 tips // By Sereina Schmidt
  • Communication is important - especially in times of crisis
  • You can only face a crisis in a team - 7 tips
  • Creative solutions: in unusual times please no standard!
  • Find ideas, use new ways
  • Turning customers into allies - 7 tips:
  • Be generous, not just emotional - 7 tips
  • Closing Remarks
  • Authors Overview
  • Michael Moesslang
  • Dr. Roland Forster
  • Petra Schächtele-Philipp
  • Peter Kensok
  • Dr. Matthias Nöllke
  • Gottfried Hoffmann
  • Stefan Häseli
  • Mark M. Galal
  • Malte W. Wilkes
  • Joe Navarro
  • Sereina Schmidt
  • Simone Janson
  • About the publisher Best of HR - Berufebilder.de®
  • Notes on translation
  • AI and neural networks: How is our translation produced?
  • How we support neural machine translation
  • Quality of translations: What experts and the press say
  • Liability

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