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Learn to save & earn money easily, achieve asset goals, get intelligent investments stocks & finances, the best strategies - index funds & equity trading
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What this book can do for you: You support certified climate protection projects, get fast compact information and checklists from experts (overview and press reviews in the book preview) as well as in practice proven advice, which leads step by step to success - also thanks to add-on.

Because earning money virtually on the side without having to do much for it is the old dream of many people. But what at first sight sounds like a beautiful illusion, can become quite true. Passive income is the magic word, after all only those who let their money work for them can become real. But unfortunately, very few people are really familiar with the subject of investing money and there are as many opinions about the right financial planning as there are experts. So if you want to earn money on the side, you would do well not to lose track in the jungle of financial products between stock trading with single stocks, ETF and index funds, gold, real estate, etc. Therefore, it makes sense to take a closer look at one's own asset planning, after all, savings and thus the retirement provisions that are important for retirement are only destroyed by inflation.

We give you the best possible help on the topics of career, finance, management, personnel work and life assistance. For this purpose, we gather in each book the best experts in their field as authors - detailed biographies in the book - , who give a comprehensive overview of the topic and additionally offer you success planner workbooks in printed form.

Our guidebooks are aimed primarily at beginners. Readers who are looking for more in-depth information can get it for free as an add-on with individual content as desired. This concept is made possible by a particularly efficient, innovative digital process.

The publisher is also involved in numerous, well-documented charitable projects, e.g. on climate protection, and supports the quality of neural machine learning and international understanding through its translation from German into English.

Janson began her career as an editor for two magazines published by the German Federal Employment Agency before founding her own magazine and book publishing company, for which over 500 authors write today. In addition, she has worked for almost all major newspapers, written books and appeared several times as an expert on German TV.

Janson began her career as an editor for two magazines published by the German Federal Employment Agency before founding her own magazine and book publishing company, for which over 500 authors write today. In addition, she has worked for almost all major newspapers, written books and appeared several times as an expert on German TV.
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  • Imprint
  • Introduction: How this book supports you
  • Add-on, press reviews and customer feedback
  • Content of the book
  • Structure of the book
  • Information as desired and additional material to the book!
  • Personal eBooks and eCourses
  • Earn money with currency trading and exchange rate fluctuations [Introduction] // By Dennis Metz
  • History and current development of the foreign exchange market
  • The origins of the foreign exchange market
  • The problem with the gold standards
  • From the BrettonWoodsSystem to the European exchange rate system
  • Maastricht Treaty: the basis for the euro
  • Market participants and reasons for transactions
  • Currency market speculation
  • Interbank Market
  • Bloggers and influencers: Earn money with online marketing // By Simone Janson
  • What is Blogging?
  • Jeff Jarvis: From TV critic to starboard logger
  • Basic Democratic enlargement
  • Blogging becomes commercial
  • How do you make money from blogging?
  • Opportunities and risks of the respective forms of advertising
  • Prerequisites, education and training
  • Formalities at the start-up in brief
  • Business or Freelance?
  • opportunities
  • Financial management in everyday life: How do you drink your money? // By Professor Dr. Hanno Beck
  • Maintain with our resources
  • The teenage pocket problem
  • How do you drink your pocket money?
  • supply and demand
  • Relative price ratios
  • Rats as perfect consumers?
  • Financial planning with stock trading: 5 Steps to broker success // By Susanne Kleimst
  • Stocks as an alternative investment
  • In 5 steps to brokerage success
  • Investing successfully in finance: listening to yourself and others // By Dr. Markus Elsässer
  • Investor vs. Speculator: Consider your own psyche
  • How do you survive a stock market crash?
  • Every investor is different
  • Not everyone is a Warren Buffett
  • Listen to yourself: It's all about self-analysis
  • Earn more money with raw materials: benefit from gold, silver, coffee, sugar // By Michael Vaupel
  • Mobile phone manufacturers with gold mines?
  • Gold mine in mobile phone waste
  • Demand determines the market
  • Basics of the raw materials market
  • Characteristics of commodity bull markets
  • The fundamental analysis
  • Forecasts fall short
  • China's hunger for demand
  • Chinese oil imports
  • China as a global player
  • China's hunger for raw materials
  • Chinese iron ore imports
  • Emerging markets with increasing raw material requirements
  • Share of economies in global goods production
  • Miss-Success Money and Failure: I don't want to get rich at all? // By Ulrike Rheinberger
  • I do not want to get rich ...
  • Money is only a means of exchange
  • Trade on a larger scale
  • Let's talk about money
  • Displacement increases danger of failure
  • Kaizen - getting better and better
  • More of what works, less of what does not work
  • Get out of the trap of "more of the same"
  • 3 tips for better business failure
  • At the end
  • Equity investments, funds and stock exchanges: how secure are your finances? // By Judith Engst, Rolf Morrien
  • Why the guaranteed minimum interest rate for insurance companies says little about profitability
  • Allow for the cost
  • What return can be achieved
  • The only right measure: the real return
  • Shares vs. real estate
  • Are equity investments safe enough?
  • How it is with the security of an equity investment: The Renite triangle of the DAI
  • What have the last 50 years been like?
  • Become rich as an entrepreneur: from dishwasher to millionaire? // By Robert T. Kiyosaki
  • Entrepreneurs instead of employees
  • David, Goliath and Schumpeter
  • Bad advice is expensive
  • Why networks are important
  • How to protect wealth as an entrepreneur
  • Being an entrepreneur is a full-time job
  • What is an entrepreneur?
  • Serial entrepreneurs and world changers: There are different entrepreneurs
  • Are we born as entrepreneurs?
  • How important is studying for entrepreneurs?
  • Taxi drivers as entrepreneurs: from dishwasher to millionaire
  • Why become an entrepreneur?
  • Become a Bitcoin millionaire: Rich like Zuckerberg and Co // By Ben Mezrich
  • Hollywood Knocks: The template for the film "The Social Network"
  • Become a billionaire: in the right place at the right time
  • Position war: On the way to world domination
  • Like Dante in the circle of hell
  • The master of meditation
  • The most surreal moment in life
  • Facebook is launched
  • The Harvard Connection
  • Elites among themselves
  • Getting rich and staying rich: a question of attitude? // By Ilja Grzeskowitz
  • Life in a traffic jam - as always!
  • Rough from the hamster wheel
  • Think rich - a collection of mental strategies
  • Everyone can think richly
  • Just flip the switch for more wealth? It is not that easy!
  • More than money: increasing the quality of life
  • Success starts in the head!
  • How problems become successes
  • What should your life look like?
  • Success money prosperity: poverty is not sexy! // By Simon Hofer
  • Being poor is not sexy
  • What do the 5 percent do better?
  • Take a trip to yourself
  • Know the right formula
  • Why 95 percent of people don't think and 5 percent are successful
  • The curse of comparison
  • No short-term trend
  • The structural division is repeated
  • Imbalance has manifested through generations
  • New and old players
  • Information is openly available
  • Wealth is not a matter of luck
  • The secret of success
  • A question of thinking
  • Closing Remarks
  • Authors Overview
  • Dennis Metz
  • Professor Dr. Hanno Beck
  • Susanne Kleimst
  • Dr. Markus Elsässer
  • Michael Vaupel
  • Ulrike Rheinberger
  • Rolf Morrien
  • Judith Engst
  • Robert T. Kiyosaki
  • Ben Mezrich
  • Ilja Grzeskowitz
  • Simon Hofer
  • Simone Janson
  • About the publisher Best of HR -®
  • Notes on translation
  • AI and neural networks: How is our translation produced?
  • How we support neural machine translation
  • Quality of translations: What experts and the press say
  • Liability

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