Conduct Staff Appraisals & Job Interviews

Communicate Professionally in Personnel Development, Application Processes & Difficult Leadership Situations [Checklists Conversation Guidlines Templates]
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What this book can do for you: You support certified climate protection projects, receive compact information and checklists from experts (overview and press reviews in the book preview) as well as advice proven in practice, which leads step by step to success - also thanks to add-on.
Because employee and job interviews are not easy even for managers and personnel. This book shows you how to master this challenge: How do you conduct a good appraisal interview? How do you define achievable target agreements? What do you do if your employee suddenly freaks out? And how do you ask the right questions in a job interview to find the best applicants? You can find the answers here.

We give you the best possible help on the topics of career, finance, management, personnel work and life assistance. For this purpose, we gather in each book the best experts in their field as authors - detailed biographies in the book - , who give a comprehensive overview of the topic and additionally offer you success planner workbooks in printed form.
Our guidebooks are aimed primarily at beginners. Readers who are looking for more in-depth information can get it for free as an add-on with individual content as desired. This concept is made possible by a particularly efficient, innovative digital process.
The publisher is also involved in numerous, well-documented charitable projects, e.g. on climate protection, and supports the quality of neural machine learning and international understanding through its translation from German into English.
Editor Simone Janson is chairwoman, publisher, and best-selling author. She was also one of the 20 most important German bloggers and columnist of renowned media - more about her in Wikipedia.

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978-3-96596-011-4 (9783965960114)
Our publishing house has a special concept: You will find all authors in the detailed table of contents paired with information as desired, free onDemand-eCourses as add-on, and many more offers. Our books on job, hr, management, finance and life support are praised by press and customers - more in the book. Editor Simone Janson is a German Top-20-Blogger, bestselling author and was a columnist for renowned media - more in Wikipedia. We support neural machine learning with our AI-translation.
  • Intro
  • Imprint
  • Introduction: How this book supports you
  • Add-on, press reviews and customer feedback
  • Content of the book
  • Structure of the book
  • Information as desired and additional material to the book!
  • Personal eBooks and eCourses
  • Personnel Development in Companies: 3 Practical Tips for Everyday Life // By Claudia Mangel
  • Who actually does the personnel development?
  • Oppositions collide
  • Disadvantages for the company
  • 3 Practical tips for everyday life:
  • How to Manage Executives with Anger Outbursts of Employees: Caution Risk of Explosion! // By Henryk Lüderitz
  • What to do when employees freak out?
  • Do not close on others
  • Tips for dealing with uncontrolled emotional outbursts
  • It does not have to come so far
  • Interview with High Potentials: Job Interview with Generation Y // By Uta Rohrschneider
  • The classics in the talk
  • Different generations, different answers
  • Understand the values ??of Generation Y
  • 4 Topics you should address
  • It depends on the position
  • Job Interviews that Surprise Applicants: Provoke Candidates // By Uta Rohrschneider
  • Questions about the interview situation
  • Provide your applicant
  • What you can recognize by irrelevant questions
  • Winning Applicants as Partners: 5 Tips for the Optimal Job Interview // By Dirk Ohlmeier
  • 1. Create an open atmosphere
  • 2. Even companies need to prepare themselves!
  • 3. The first impression counts!
  • 4. Application discussion at eye level!
  • 5. Draw an honest picture!
  • Leadership Tools for the New World of Work: The Don'ts in the Employee Interview // By Anne M. Schüller
  • The difference between managing and leading
  • A weekend trajectory crash should be sufficient?
  • Employees who feel? Command and control?
  • Other leadership roles are needed today
  • Employee talks: manage or lead?
  • About Form Madness and Conversation Mania
  • Standardized compulsory programs from the HR department
  • Constructive Feedback as a Leader: 2 Times 5 Tips for Giving and Taking // By Sophia von Rundstedt
  • Feedback as a gift
  • As a leader, you are a role model for your employees
  • Any 5. Employee does not understand his boss!
  • 5 Tips on how to give a constructive and comprehensible feedback as a leader:
  • 5 tips on how to get feedback as a leader:
  • Summary
  • Hurdles in Job Interviews Increase Employee Satisfaction: It Must not be too Easy to Apply // By Sonja Perry
  • Why tricky job interviews?
  • Increasing the difficulty level around 10% is associated with 2,6% higher employee satisfaction
  • Very easy talking conversations lead to setting errors
  • As extremely difficult conversations turn again lead to low satisfaction
  • Career in Management - 10 Leadership-Skills: Can I (already) be a Boss? // By Mario Neumann
  • Caution: treacherous guide
  • Can you learn to be a boss?
  • Social competency is indispensable
  • 10 necessary leadership-skills
  • Please be honest!
  • Leadership Satire: Hurray, an Employee Appraisal! // By Stefan Häseli
  • Pressure from above
  • Hannes prepares the conversation
  • Just no interrogation!
  • Hannes recalls communication models
  • Common sense?!
  • Hannes has solved it again - or not
  • Job Interview - 6 Unconventional Questions for Recruiters: Finding the Perfect Employee // By Gerd Mittmann
  • Exceptional questions, informative answers
  • Question 1: "Suppose you do not work for us in the next six months, what do you think is the reason?
  • Question 2: "Are you the heart and soul of our company?
  • Question 3: "What's wrong with you?
  • Question 4: "What was the hardest nut you cracked in your professional life - or cracked - have?
  • Question 5: "What do you need from your boss or team to really work?
  • Question 6: "Tell me about your most frustrating workday of the past months.
  • Leadership and Personnel Management without Staff Appraisal: People First? // By Roswitha A. van der Markt
  • Only 6% say "bye staff appraisal
  • Does Germany have only managers, but no leaders?
  • More communication, more feedback - more success
  • Management instruments and measurement criteria offer only an apparent security
  • Formalism culture kills motivation
  • Previous performance management system miss the target
  • The results are too low
  • Poor grades for managers
  • Personnel Development in Sales: Further Education with the Triple-A-Matrix // By Markus Milz
  • Good companies sell even in bad times
  • Willing, able, may
  • Chefs do not work. They lead
  • The Triple-A Matrix
  • WANT for executives:
  • WANT for employees:
  • CAN for leaders
  • CAN For Employees:
  • MUST be for executives:
  • MUST be for employees:
  • Staff selection via Application Interview often Inefficient: 8 Rules for better Job Interviews // By Michael Lorenz
  • Blisters instead of x-ray
  • Rule no. 1: Define framework conditions
  • Rule no. 2: Give the interview structure
  • Rule no. 3: Many eyes see more
  • Rule no. 4: Specify a reference frame
  • Rule No. 5: Make a hypothesis
  • Rule no. 6: Language is not everything
  • Rule No. 7: Enter the "meaning forest" of the applicant
  • Rule no. 8: Do not bring the candidates to the hang
  • Summary
  • How to Make the Selection of your Staff even more Appealing: 8 tips for Structured Job Interviews // By Michael Lorenz
  • Recruiting is carved in stone
  • Structure instead of abdominal feeling
  • No.1: Start of conversation
  • No. 2: Personal situation of applicant
  • No.3: Current Position / New Position
  • No. 4: Personal
  • No. 5: Work behavior
  • No. 6: Performance
  • No. 7: Information about the candidate, company, task and position
  • No. 8: End of call
  • Goal Agreement for Employee Motivation: 2 Steps for clear Communication! // By Dr. Hagen Rudolph
  • Employee motivation - what is important?
  • How does goal agreement work?
  • Clearly Communicate: 2 Steps to the optimal goal agreement
  • 1. Define goals
  • 2. Objectives meeting
  • Employer Branding and Benchmarking Comparisons: Unique with 3 Questions! // By Axel Haitzer
  • Benchmarking or why do everyone always do the same?
  • What works elsewhere can not be bad?
  • Best practice is what the majority does
  • Best practice is worst practice
  • Higher, faster, wider or even different with benchmarking?
  • The courage for the new
  • Do not mind what the others say
  • Think outside the box, copy no!
  • Forget Benchmarking and Best Practice!
  • Recruiting and Cultural Fit: The Top 10 Interview Questions // By Marco De Micheli
  • The 10 best questions about Cultural Fit
  • Summary
  • Employer Branding for More Employee Confidence: Rethink HR with 30 Questions! // By Simone Janson
  • Criticism of traditional personnel work
  • Privacy: The welfare of employees plays only a minor role
  • Scandal theme Privacy - pitfalls for employer branding
  • The reality of job hunting
  • Applicant Googling by Staffers? No time!
  • Image problems in human resources due to lack of data protection
  • Mistrust of employer side is bad for employer branding
  • Strong employer brands have confidence
  • Food for thought: questions about the self-image of HR
  • Leading Introvert Employees: 10 Tips for Extroverted Bosses // By Dr. Susanne Eckel, Uta Rohrschneider
  • How bosses run calmer employees properly
  • Introverts - understanding and change of perspective
  • What characterizes the behavior of introverted people?
  • Misunderstandings in daily life are easily possible
  • Dissatisfaction on both sides
  • Well meant, little effect
  • Ten tips to pick up introverts properly
  • New Leadership in Global Businesses: Bye Staff Appraisals! // By Roswitha A. van der Markt
  • Paradigm change in performance management
  • Previous performance management systems miss the target
  • A "new" leadership culture emerges
  • What is the new performance mantra?
  • Closing Remarks
  • Authors Overview
  • Dr. Susanne Eckel
  • Stefan Häseli
  • Axel Haitzer
  • Simone Janson
  • Michal Lorenz
  • Henryk Lüderitz
  • Claudia Mangel
  • Marco De Micheli
  • Markus Milz
  • Gerd Mittmann
  • Mario Neumann
  • Dirk Ohlmeier
  • Sonja Perry
  • Uta Rohrschneider
  • Dr. Hagen Rudolph
  • Anne M. Schüller
  • Roswitha A. van der Markt
  • Sophia von Rundstedt
  • About the publisher Best of HR -®
  • Notes on translation
  • AI and neural networks: How is our translation produced?
  • How we support neural machine translation
  • Quality of translations: What experts and the press say
  • Liability

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