Year-Round Gardening

Growing Vegetables and Herbs, Inside or Outside, in Every Season
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Want to get home-grown spices in the middle of winter? Eat fresh vegetables in the spring? Sow in the summer to harvest in the fall? Lena Israelsson's book, Year-Round Gardening, is a practical guide for those who want to extend their growing season. And double, perhaps triple, their harvest. Growing year round is possible, and this book can teach you the best methods to do it the right way.

Year-Round Gardening includes inspiring and expert tips on which vegetables, herbs, and spices suit the different seasons. Certain plants can even be harvested in the middle of winter if handled correctly. Others, like microgreens, herbs, and hydroculture, can create the perfect indoor gardens.

This book will teach readers to know the difference between cold and hot weather plants, which growing methods are best suited for different plants, and when to plant and harvest. They'll learn about sowing; coverage with plastic, glass, or fiber weaves; and fertilization—creating a fruitful and fertile soil is the linchpin of all cultivation and one of the book's most important parts.
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Lena Israelsson is one of Sweden's most valued gardeners. She is a newspaper journalist and has published a series of books, including the Handbok för köksträdgården (Handbook for the Vegetable Garden), which is usually described as a vegetable grower's bible. In 2004, she released the book Cityodling (Growing City). Lena Israelsson is of Norrbotten origin and has always had a strong interest in gardening. In a barren climate, she learned how important the foundation is to succeed in cultivation. The books she has written, and the knowledge she conveys, is thus based on deep personal experience. She currently resides in Sweden.
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  • Title Page
  • Contents
  • These Days, I Garden All Year
  • Planning The Harvest
  • Weather Detection
  • Smart Plant Choices
  • Your Complete Cheat Sheet
  • Create A Greenhouse Environment
  • Garden Fabric Is a Must
  • Growing in a Cold Frame
  • Gardening in a Greenhouse Tunnel
  • Unheated Greenhouses and Tunnel (Poly-Tunnel) Greenhouses
  • The Fertile Earth
  • Heavenly Humus
  • Important to Know When Growing Vegetables
  • To Dig or Not to Dig?
  • Mulching Is Best
  • Slug Problems
  • Composting
  • Fertilizing
  • Growing Schedules and Crop Rotation Methods
  • Spring Gardening
  • Indoor Seed Starting
  • Grow Lights-Which to Choose?
  • Let's Start Sowing Outdoors!
  • Perennial Vegetables
  • Spring in the Tunnel Greenhouse
  • Summer Gardening
  • Grow Warm Weather Plants
  • Checklist for the Summer
  • Staggered Sowing and Planting
  • Aim for a Late Fall Harvest
  • Asian Greens
  • Not Everything Thrives in the Heat
  • Get Nutrients with Green Fertilizing
  • Kick-Start Your Cut-and-Come-Again Plants
  • Summer in the Tunnel Greenhouse
  • Fall Gardening
  • Four Fall Beds
  • Time to Get the Row Covers Out Again!
  • The Fall Frost Attacks
  • These Plants Taste Better after a Cold Snap
  • The Italians React
  • Grow Your Own Seeds
  • Build a Hügel Bed
  • Fall Sowing
  • It's Time for Garlic
  • Fall Gardening : Tunnel Greenhouses
  • Winter Gardening
  • At Least Ten Hours of Daylight
  • So You Still Want to Garden in Winter?
  • Grow and Harvest in a Heated Frame
  • Winter Gardening in a Tunnel Greenhouse
  • Indoor Gardening
  • Microgreens or Tender Leaves
  • The Most Budget-Friendly Seeds
  • Sprout Superfoods
  • Herbs and Chili Peppers
  • Hydroponics-Water Gardening
  • The Gardening Year Is Over and Done-Time to Start Anew!
  • Index
  • Thanks!
  • Copyright Page

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