Seekers of the Face

Secrets of the Idra Rabba (The Great Assembly) of the Zohar
Studies in Jewish Mysticism; Stanford University Press
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A magisterial, modern reading of the deepest mysteries in the Kabbalistic tradition.

Seekers of the Face opens the profound treasure house at the heart of Judaism's most important mystical work: the Idra Rabba (Great Gathering) of the Zohar. This is the story of the Great Assembly of mystics called to order by the master teacher and hero of the Zohar, Rabbi Shim'on bar Yochai, to align the divine faces and to heal Jewish religion. The Idra Rabba demands a radical expansion of the religious worldview, as it reveals God's faces and bodies in daring, anthropomorphic language.

For the first time, Melila Hellner-Eshed makes this challenging, esoteric masterpiece meaningful for everyday readers. Hellner-Eshed expertly unpacks the Idra Rabba's rich grounding in tradition, its probing of hidden layers of consciousness and the psyche, and its striking, sacred images of the divine face. Leading readers of the Zohar on a transformative adventure in mystical experience, Seekers of the Face allows us to hear anew the Idra Rabba's bold call to heal and align the living faces of God.

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Stanford University Press
978-1-5036-2858-8 (9781503628588)
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Melila Hellner-Eshed has been a Professor of Jewish Studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and is Senior Fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute. She is the author of A River Flows from Eden: The Language of Mystical Experience in the Zohar (Stanford, 2009).
  • Cover
  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • My Path to the Idra and to Writing This Book
  • On the Idra in Our Contemporary World
  • On Oneness
  • Reclaiming the Feminine Divine
  • Tools and Supplies for the Journey
  • Acknowledgments
  • The Structure of This Book
  • Some Notes on Translation
  • PART 1
  • Chapter 1: Introduction to the Idra Rabba
  • Idra Literature in the Zohar
  • The Divine Faces (Partsufim)
  • Summary of the Idra Rabba's Structure
  • Interpreters of the Idra
  • Critical Idra Scholarship
  • Chapter 2: The Language of Divine Faces
  • On the Qualities of Face Terminology
  • The Face as a Fundamental Human Experience
  • The Face as a Living Presence
  • The Face as a Conduit and Filter of Light
  • The Face as a Tiqqun
  • The Face of God in Jewish Tradition
  • Jewish Philosophy and the Idra Literature: Between Abstraction and Anthropomorphism
  • Arikh Anpin: The Long-Faced, Patient One
  • Ze'eir Anpin: The Small-Faced, Short-Tempered One
  • The Divine Body: Male and Female
  • The Chain of Divine Faces
  • Chapter 3: The Gaze
  • 'Attiqa's Gaze
  • The Face's Healing
  • Descriptions of the Gaze
  • The Human Gaze
  • Chapter 4: Reflections on Ze'eir Anpin
  • Ze'eir Anpin, the God of Judgment
  • Ze'eir Anpin and Gnosticism: Between Splitting and Healing
  • A Prayer for Ze'eir Anpin's Life
  • Chapter 5: Literature, Mysticism, Praxis
  • Divine Secrets and the Literary Plot
  • Oral and Written Torah
  • Simultaneity and Collapsing Polarities
  • Idraic Midrash
  • Space, Time, Consciousness, Experience
  • The Figure of the Master and the Purpose of the Circle of Companions
  • Religious Praxis in the Idra
  • Chapter 6: Overarching Themes in the Idra Rabba
  • A Mythic Account of the Emergence of the Many-Faced Divine
  • The Unfolding of Existence
  • Ways of Attenuating the Power of Judgment
  • Reading through the Lens of Consciousness: Oneness and the Dual, Male and Female
  • Chapter 7: What Is the Idra Rabba Trying to Communicate?
  • The Idra Rabba's Manifesto: A Call to Heal and Renew the Face of Jewish Religion
  • The Undifferentiated Divine-The Source of All Things.
  • What Else Is the Idra Trying to Say?
  • PART 2
  • Chapter 8: Entering the Idra Rabba
  • Sitting on a Single-Based Pillar
  • Time to Act for YHVH
  • Summoning the Companions
  • "Woe If I Reveal! Woe If I Do Not Reveal!"
  • Those Who Enter and Emerge
  • The Field and the Threshing Floor
  • The Adjuration and the Curse
  • Time to Act for YHVH-Deepening the Interpretation
  • Fear and Love
  • Containing the Secret
  • Heaven and Earth
  • Conclusion
  • Chapter 9: The Kings of Edom: The First Appearance
  • The Kings of Edom: From Scripture to the Zohar
  • Pre-Creation Processes
  • The Kings of Edom in the Works of Cordovero and Luria
  • The Kings in Sifra di-Tsni'uta
  • First Appearance in the Idra: Engraving and Concealing
  • Chapter 10: Arikh Anpin: Origins
  • The Ancient of Days
  • Skull and Brain
  • Chapter 11: Arikh Anpin: Features of the Face
  • Regulation and Flow: The Hair and the Path
  • The River of Ratson (Will)
  • Providence in the Undifferentiated Dimension: Eyes
  • Patience: The Nose
  • Arikh Anpin: An Overview
  • Chapter 12: Arraying Arikh Anpin's Beard
  • The Beard in the Zohar and in the Idra Literature
  • Tiqqunim of the Beard: The Opening Passage
  • The Power of Mercy: The First Tiqqun
  • Bearing Iniquity: The Second Tiqqun
  • Flowing Bounty: The Eighth Tiqqun
  • Eternal Forgiveness: The Twelfth Tiqqun
  • The Greater Perspective: The Thirteenth Tiqqun
  • A Summary of the Tiqqunim of the Beard
  • The Ceremonial Closing of the Tiqqunim of 'Attiqa
  • Chapter 13: The Kings of Edom: The Second Appearance
  • Chapter 14: Ze'eir Anpin Comes into Being
  • A Hymn to God in Human Likeness
  • The Emergence of Ze'eir Anpin
  • The Formation of Ze'eir Anpin's Skull
  • Brain
  • Chapter 15: Ze'eir Anpin's Head and Its Features
  • Hairs as Channels of Transmission
  • The Pathway: Marking Binary Existence
  • The Forehead: A Searchlight of Providential Justice
  • Between the Forehead and the Human Figure, Adam
  • The Eyes: Divine Providence in the Dual Dimension
  • The Nose: The Flaring of Divine Wrath
  • 'Attiqa's Responsibility for Divine Anger
  • The Ears: Attentiveness, Discernment, Mechanisms of Delay
  • Chapter 16: The Tiqqunim of Ze'eir Anpin: The Language of Flowing Bounty
  • Introduction to the Tiqqunim of the Beard: The Teacher Awakens Consciousness
  • Between 'Attiqa's Beard and Ze'eir Anpin's Beard
  • Beginning the Tiqqunim of the Beard
  • The First Tiqqun
  • Judgment in Duality, Blushing Red: A Path, Lips, and Rounded Cheeks in the Third and Fifth Tiqqunim
  • The Warrior's Mercy, Tif'eret (Beauty): The Ninth Tiqqun
  • Chapter 17: The Ancient of Ancients and Ze'eir Anpin: All Is One
  • Complex Unity
  • A Figure within a Figure: The Structure of Reality
  • Chapter 18: Forming the Male and Female Body
  • Sexuality and the Body in the Divine
  • The Idra's Myth of the Male and Female, and Its Sources
  • Configuring the Male and Female Body
  • Chapter 19: The Kings of Edom: The Third Appearance
  • Chapter 20: Separation and Coupling
  • Chapter 21: Sweetening Judgment
  • The Birth of Cain and Abel, and Their Archetypical Fate
  • All is Sweetened: Establishing the World with Seth
  • The Aromatized Female
  • Sweetening the Powers of Judgment Continues: The Conclusion of the Idra Rabba
  • Chapter 22: Emerging from the Idra Rabba
  • Ending 1: Concealment and Clarity
  • Ending 2: Fear of Revelation and the Deaths of the Companions
  • Ending 3: Validating the Assembly
  • Ending 4: Legitimizing a Smaller Circle of Companions
  • A Comic Interlude
  • Ending 5: Amplifying the Figure of Rabbi Shim'on
  • Epilogue
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Index
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