Antihypertensive Therapy

Principles and Practice an International Symposium
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Hypertension has certainly been one of the topics most fre quently discussed at symposia, meetings, and congresses during recent years. There may be several reasons for this; three of them are obvious: firstly, the fact that a large proportion of the world's population is suffering from various forms of hypertensive disease; secondly, increasing knowledge of the pathogenesis of hypertension and of the disturbances underlying it; and, thirdly, the marked progress which has been made in antihypertensive therapy over the past fifteen years. When plans for the present symposium were being drawn up, it was felt that it should not simply bring forth just another meeting on hypertension, but should place particular emphasis on those aspects which had not been adequately discussed at previous symposia of this kind. Curiously enough, the topic which appeared to have received least attention in the past was therapy, although from the practical point of view this is by far the most important. The choice of therapy as the main theme of the whole symposium also seemed to be warranted in view of the relatively long period that had elapsed since effective antihyper tensive treatment became available; the time had in fact come now to pass judgement on the benefits as well as the shortcomings of drug treatment as available today.
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Opening remarks.- Experimental basis of antihypertensive treatment.- Pharmacology of the sympathetic nervous system.- Mode of action of antihypertensive drugs.- Discussion: Carlsson, Page, Smirk.- Pharmacology of diuretics.- Discussion: Hood, Peters.- Functional, biochemical, and morphological changes produced by hypotensive drugs.- Discussion: Carlsson, Dollery, Gross, Page, Wilson, Zaimis.- Influence of sleep on circulation in normal and hypertensive animals.- Discussion: Bock, Pickering, Smirk.- General Discussion:.- by A. C. Taquini.- Bein, Brunner, Carlsson, Pickering, Zaimis.- Hypertension and vascular disease.- Experimental atherosclerosis and hypertension.- The vascular crisis in hypertension.- Discussion: Bein, Byrom, Carlsson, Deming, Dengler, Dollery, Gross, Hood, Page, Peart, Pickering.- Vascular disease and hypertension.- Discussion: Cottier, Dustan, Kincaid-Smith, Kirkendall, Page, Pickering, Smirk.- Retinal vascular alterations in hypertension.- Discussion: Brod, Byrom, Cottier, Dollery, Gross, Page, Peart, Pickering, Taquini.- The heart and hypertension.- General Discussion:.- by V. Puddu.- Hood, Kirkendall, Page, Pickering, Reubi, Smirk, Taquini, Werkö, Wilson.- General principles in antihypertensive treatment.- Assessment of antihypertensive therapy.- Discussion: Cranston, Deming, Preis, Gross, Lee, Page, Peart, Peters.- Selection of patients for antihypertensive therapy.- Discussion: Bock, Brod, Dollery, Dustan, Hamilton, Hoobler, Lee, Leishman, Mach, Smirk, Wilson, Zaimis.- Methodology of blood-pressure recording.- Discussion: Dollery, Humerfelt, Pickering, Puddu, Smirk, Taquini.- Spontaneous blood-pressure variations in hypertension; the effect of antihypertensive therapy and correlations with the incidence of complications.- Discussion: Bock, Brod, Dontas, Hoobler, Pickering, Taquini, Werkö, Zanchetti.- Effect of a simple therapeutic regimen on blood pressure and its variability in mild hypertension.- Discussion: Brod, Cottier, Cranston, Dengler, Preis, Hoobler, Page, Peart, Taquini.- General Discussion:.- by J. Brod.- Brod, Cranston, Deming, Dustan, Hoobler, Hood, Kincaid-Smith, Lee, Page, Peart, Peters, Pickering, Reubi, Smirk, Taquini, Wilson.- Clinical pharmacology and short-term treatment.- Haemodynamic analysis of some principles applied in the treatment of arterial hypertension.- Discussion: Brod, Cottier, Gross, Hartmann, Hoobler, Humerfelt, Page, Peart, Reubi, Taquini, Werkö.- Some biochemical aspects of treatment and diagnosis of hypertension.- Discussion: Carlsson, Dengler, Dollery, Hoobler, Kirkendall, Sjoerdsma.- Advantages and disadvantages of combined drug treatment.- Discussion: Bock, Brest, Carlsson, Dustan, Freis, Hoobler, Kincaid-Smith, Page, Peters, Smirk.- Management of hypertensive crisis.- Discussion: Dustan, Freis, Hamilton, Hood, Kirkendall, Lee, Leishman, Reubi, Sjoerdsma, Smirk, Wilson.- Hypertension in pregnancy and its treatment.- Discussion: Brod, Deming, Freis, Kincaid-Smith, Morris, Smirk, Zanchetti.- General Discussion:.- by H. Lagerlöf.- Bein, Page, Peart, Smirk, Taquini, Wolff.- Long-term treatment.- Organization of a long-term multiclinic therapeutic trial in hypertension.- Prognosis in retinal Grade I and II patients.- Analysis of mortality and survival in actively treated hypertensive disease.- Discussion: Brod, Freis, Hood, Pickering, Puddu, Reubi, Smirk, Wilson.- The present status of symptomatic surgical treatment for arterial hypertension.- Discussion: Brest, Brod, Dustan, Hoobler, Hood, Page, Reubi, Smirk, Tcherdakoff, Wilson.- Potassium loss and potassium replacement during long-term diuretic treatment in hypertension.- Disturbances in carbohydrate and uric-acid metabolism during diuretic treatment.- Comparison of long-term effects of saluretics and of anabolic steroids on renal functions.- Discussion: Brest, Cottier, Dollery, Hartmann, Lagerlöf, Leonetti, Mach, Peters, Reubi, Smirk.- Diagnosis and treatment of renovascular and other forms of renal hypertension.- Diagnosis of renal artery stenosis.- The diagnostic value of renal biopsy in renovascular and other forms of renal hypertension.- Discussion: Byrom, Gross, Hood, Kincaid-Smith, Peart, Tcherdakoff, Wilson.- Diagnostic value of selective renal arteriography in hypertension.- Discussion: Page, Peart.- Diagnostic significance of humoral factors in renovascular hypertension.- Discussion: Dollery, Dustan, Genest, Kincaid-Smith, Peters, Taquini, Tcherdakoff.- Conservative treatment of renovascular hypertension.- Some observations on the filtration fraction, on the transport of sodium and water in the ischemic kidney, and on the prognostic importance of R.P.F. to the contralateral kidney in renovascular hypertension.- Discussion: Brod, Dustan, Genest, Hood, Lee, Smirk, Stamey.- Hypertension and nephritis.- General Discussion:.- by F. C. Reubi.- Brod, Dollery, Genest, Hartmann, Hood, Kirkendall, Peart, Reubi, Smirk, Stamey, Tcherdakoff, Wilson, Zaimis.- Drug treatment of hypertension.- Public lecture by I. H. Page, delivered on the occasion of the bestowal of an honorary doctorate from the Medical Faculty, University of Siena.- Closing remarks.- List of authors.

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