Ike and Dick

Portrait of a Strange Political Marriage
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Dwight D. Eisenhower and Richard Nixon had a political and private relationship that lasted nearly twenty years, a tie that survived hurtful slights, tense misunderstandings, and the distance between them in age and temperament. Yet the two men brought out the best and worst in each other, and their association had important consequences for their respective presidencies.

In Ike and Dick, Jeffrey Frank rediscovers these two compelling figures with the sensitivity of a novelist and the discipline of a historian. He offers a fresh view of the younger Nixon as a striving tactician, as well as the ever more perplexing person that he became. He portrays Eisenhower, the legendary soldier, as a cold, even vain man with a warm smile whose sound instincts about war and peace far outpaced his understanding of the changes occurring in his own country.

Eisenhower and Nixon shared striking characteristics: high intelligence, cunning, and an aversion to confrontation, especially with each other. Ike and Dick, informed by dozens of interviews and deep archival research, traces the path of their relationship in a dangerous world of recurring crises as Nixon's ambitions grew and Eisenhower was struck by a series of debilitating illnesses. And, as the 1968 election cycle approached and the war in Vietnam roiled the country, it shows why Eisenhower, mortally ill and despite his doubts, supported Nixon's final attempt to win the White House, a change influenced by a family matter: his grandson David's courtship of Nixon's daughter Julie—teenagers in love who understood the political stakes of their union.
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Jeffrey Frank
  • Intro
  • Dedication
  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1: The Men's Club
  • Chapter 2: The Ticket
  • Chapter 3: The Silent Treatment
  • Chapter 4: "The Greatest Moment of My Life"
  • Chapter 5: President Eisenhower
  • Chapter 6: Diplomatic Vistas
  • Chapter 7: The Troublesome Senator
  • Chapter 8: "Mr. Nixon's War"
  • Chapter 9: The Pounding
  • Chapter 10: Mortal Man
  • Chapter 11: Survivor
  • Chapter 12: The Liberation of Richard Nixon
  • Chapter 13: "Once an Oppressed People Rise"
  • Chapter 14: Worn Down
  • Chapter 15: Should He Resign?
  • Chapter 16: Dirty Work
  • Chapter 17: Unstoppable
  • Chapter 18: "If You Give Me a Week, I Might Think of One"
  • Chapter 19: The Good Life
  • Chapter 20: The Obituary Writers
  • Chapter 21: Easterners
  • Chapter 22: The "Moratorium"
  • Chapter 23: Private Agendas
  • Chapter 24: The Rehearsal
  • Chapter 25: "That Job Is So Big, the Forces Are So Great"
  • Chapter 26: David and Julie
  • Chapter 27: Family Ties
  • Chapter 28: A Soldier's Serenade
  • Chapter 29: Victory Laps
  • Chapter 30: Eulogies
  • Chapter 31: What Happened Next
  • Photographs
  • Acknowledgments
  • About Jeffrey Frank
  • Notes
  • Sources
  • Index
  • Copyright

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