Gender Ambiguity in the Workplace: Transgender and Gender-Diverse Discrimination

Transgender and Gender-Diverse Discrimination
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The transgender community is more visible now than ever before, but the diversity within this community has remained obscure in the workplace as organizations, corporations, and institutions struggle to keep up with the rate at which transgender communities are gaining visibility. For leaders seeking best practices related to bathroom access, workplace transition, hiring practices, inclusive workplace culture, and more, this book offers guidance and novel policy recommendations designed to ensure the success of transgender employees. Extending the existing theoretical literature on masculinity in the workplace, gender discrimination, and gender performance, the book introduces the new concept of "doing ambiguity." It contains original research complemented by humanizing narratives from transgender people that provide insights into rarely explored non-binary, gender-fluid, and genderless experiences. In addition, it identifies factors that may preclude and minimize discrimination, including strategies pursued by transgender people at the individual level as well as policies employed at the organization level, and outlines a pragmatic set of policy recommendations for employers, community leaders, and others looking to help transgender people thrive in organizational environments.
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978-1-4408-6323-3 (9781440863233)
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  • Cover
  • Half Title
  • Title Page
  • Copyright
  • Contents
  • Acknowledgments
  • Author's Note
  • Introduction
  • Chapter One: Transgender, Trans*, Trans
  • The History of Modern Terminology and Concepts
  • Gender: A Primer
  • The People You'll Meet in This Book
  • Chapter Two: Narratives of Trans Discrimination
  • Trans Women and Trans Femmes
  • Trans Men and Transmasculine
  • Butch Women
  • Assigned Female at Birth Nonbinary/Genderfluid
  • Assigned Male at Birth Nonbinary/Genderfluid
  • Chapter Three: The Anatomy of Discrimination
  • Discrimination's Many Faces
  • The Lucky Few
  • Filling in the Blanks
  • Chapter Four: On Men, Women, and Hegemony
  • Cisgender Status Inequality and Workplace Discrimination
  • Trans Status Inequality and Discrimination in the Workplace
  • Trans Women
  • Trans Men
  • Butch Women
  • Conclusion
  • Chapter Five: Just Pick One!
  • Beyond the Binary
  • Assigned Female at Birth Nonbinary/Genderfluid
  • Doing Ambiguity
  • Assigned Male at Birth Nonbinary/Genderfluid
  • Conclusion
  • Chapter Six: Strategies for Avoiding and Reducing Discrimination
  • Trans Women
  • Trans Men
  • Butch Women
  • Assigned Female at Birth Nonbinary/Genderfluid People
  • Assigned Male at Birth Nonbinary/Genderfluid People
  • Putting It All Together
  • Conclusion
  • Chapter Seven: Moving Forward
  • The Unwilling Organization
  • Inclusion in Progress
  • Parting Words
  • Bibliography
  • Index
  • About the Authors

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