The Heroines

A Novel
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Although a true lover of books, Anne-Marie Entwhistle prefers not to read to her spirited daughter, Penny, especially from the likes of Madame Bovary, Gone With the Wind, or The Scarlet Letter. These novels, devoted to the lives of the Heroines that make them so irresistible, have a way of hitting too close to home -- well, to the Homestead actually, where Anne-Marie runs the quaint family-owned bed and breakfast.

In this enchanting debut novel, Penny and her mother encounter great women from classic works of literature who make the Homestead their destination of choice just as the plots of their tumultuous, unforgettable stories begin to unravel. They appear at all hours of the day and in all manners of distress. A lovesick Madame Bovary languishes in their hammock after Rodolphe has abandoned her, and Scarlett O'Hara's emotions are not easily tempered by tea and eiderdowns. These visitors long for comfort, consolation, and sometimes for more attention than the adolescent Penny wants her mother to give.

Knowing that to interfere with their stories would cause mayhem in literature, Anne-Marie does her best to make each Heroine feel at home, with a roof over her head and a shoulder to cry on. But when Penny begins to feel overshadowed by her mother's indulgence of each and every Heroine, havoc ensues, and the thirteen-year-old embarks on her own memorable tale.

Eileen Favorite's lively, fresh, and enormously entertaining novel gives readers a chance to experience their favorite Heroines all over again, or introduces these fictional women so beguilingly that further acquaintance will surely follow. Narrated by the courageous and irreverent Penny, The Heroines will make book lovers rejoice.

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978-1-4165-5416-5 (9781416554165)
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Eileen Favorite
  • Cover
  • Colophon
  • Title Page
  • Copyright
  • Dedication
  • Epigraph
  • Contents
  • Part I The Woods
  • Chapter 1 The sorrows of delayed pubescence Annoyance with Deirdre Girlish fantasies Appearance of the Villain
  • Chapter 2 My bastardy The secrets of the Prairie Homestead I question the fate of Heroines Mother-daughter tensions with a twist
  • Chapter 3 Back to the present action in the woods Escape attempt in the manner of a gymnast The wonders of bareback riding The scent of a Villain
  • Chapter 4 Current action at the Homestead More weeping from Deirdre leads to Mother's lightbulb moment A brief history of Mother's odd genius and feminist inclinations
  • Chapter 5 Further horseback travels The Villain's identity revealed An allusion to ear-grabbing and druidical prophecy I hatch a mediocre scheme
  • Chapter 6 Emma Bovary's quandary Mother's attempts at neutrality My espionage and bold revelation The slap
  • Chapter 7 My affection for Conor grows The pleasures of deception My jealous nature Male rage Escape
  • Chapter 8 My prodigal return An exhausted sleep The towering Officer Marone Mother's betrayal Her First Pelvic Exam I'm taken for a crazy girl
  • Chapter 9 Further back story A mid-twentieth-century Heroine's philosophical crisis Mother tries to indoctrinate Franny Franny afoot
  • Chapter 10 Con Man Keller Mother caves for all the rightish reasons
  • Chapter 11 I wake up Flash-forward: psychic revelations Tips from Florence Fresh betrayals from Mother I'm committed
  • Part II The Unit
  • Chapter 12 Meeting the girls Kristina finds me transparent Life with pharmaceuticals The pleasures of telepathy Jump-in-the-Lake Jackie
  • Chapter 13 More tales from the Homestead Blanche DuBois, Kristina's idol Piggy the group therapist Kristina goes down
  • Chapter 14 What would Scarlett do?
  • Chapter 15 The limits of telepathy I hatch lame schemes to contact Conor Florence catches me red-handed
  • Chapter 16 More nonsense from Mother about my father My meds are upped Contact with Albie
  • Chapter 17 Medication overload Deus ex homo imaginarium
  • Chapter 18 Camping in the woods, Celtic-style Talk of severed heads The odd sexual mores of Celtic kings Musings on magic
  • Chapter 19 I'm stricken The deer slayer The semi-solace of peppermint Valium cravings Serious male desire
  • Chapter 20 Albie appears Finally, a decent scheme Weaning with weed I come clean to the right person (for once)
  • Chapter 21 Hester and Pearl hit the Homestead Puritanical child's play Mother finds a kindred spirit
  • Chapter 22 Albie heads to the Homestead I worry and wait Conor and I retreat farther into the woods I long for Gretta
  • Part III The Girlhood of Anne-Marie Entwhistle
  • Chapter 23 Gretta's back story A rain-drenched Heroine appears to Gretta alone A nineteenth-century plot device foiled by German ingenuity
  • Chapter 24 Fever cured, Catherine remains distraught Gretta won't suffer Catherine's torn-between-two-lovers act Gretta's accused of witchcraft The Hero pounds the door Enter the young Heroine, my mother
  • Chapter 25 Mother consoles Catherine Gretta gets her gun Mother's plot to change the plot The new Catherine Earnshaw
  • Chapter 26 The Entwhistles arrive A rollicking thunderstorm Catherine swoons Mother heads out to the prairie alone
  • Chapter 27 Mother seeks the Hero She loses her innocence to gain Heathcliff's trust
  • Chapter 28 Chores galore Catherine's attempted getaway Gretta gets the boot
  • Chapter 29 Stalking Heathcliff by night Lady Luncheon by day Intimations of financial mortality The faulty sleeping brew Conception
  • Part IV The End
  • Chapter 30 Back to the present action Hearty carnivores I wonder if I'm a Heroine I question reality itself
  • Chapter 31 The reappearance of a Heroine The dreadful trade The end
  • Epilogue
  • Acknowledgments
  • About the Author

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