Valley Forge

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The #1 New York Times bestselling authors of The Heart of Everything That Is return with "a thorough, nuanced, and enthralling account" (The Wall Street Journal) about one of the most inspiring—and underappreciated—chapters in American history: the Continental Army's six-month transformation in Valley Forge.

In December 1777, some 12,000 members of America's Continental Army stagger into a small Pennsylvania encampment near British-occupied Philadelphia. Their commander in chief, George Washington, is at the lowest ebb of his military career. Yet, somehow, Washington, with a dedicated coterie of advisers, sets out to breathe new life into his military force. Against all odds, they manage to turn a bobtail army of citizen soldiers into a professional fighting force that will change the world forever.

Valley Forge is the story of how that metamorphosis occurred. Bestselling authors Bob Drury and Tom Clavin show us how this miracle was accomplished despite thousands of American soldiers succumbing to disease, starvation, and the elements. At the center of it all is George Washington as he fends off pernicious political conspiracies. The Valley Forge winter is his—and the revolution's—last chance at redemption. And after six months in the camp, Washington fulfills his destiny, leading the Continental Army to a stunning victory in the Battle of Monmouth Court House.

Valley Forge is the riveting true story of a nascent United States toppling an empire. Using new and rarely seen contemporaneous documents—and drawing on a cast of iconic characters and remarkable moments that capture the innovation and energy that led to the birth of our nation—Drury and Clavin provide a "gripping, panoramic account" (Publishers Weekly, starred review) of the definitive account of this seminal and previously undervalued moment in the battle for American independence.
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Bob Drury and Tom Clavin
  • Intro
  • Dedication
  • A Note to Readers
  • Prologue
  • Part I
  • Chapter One: A Sprig of Green
  • Chapter Two: To Crown the Brave
  • Chapter Three: The French Connection
  • Chapter Four: Burned Forges
  • Chapter Five: Fix Bayonets
  • Chapter Six: A Perfect Scribe
  • Chapter Seven: A Bloody Day
  • Chapter Eight: The Idealist
  • Chapter Nine: An Eerie Foreboding
  • Chapter Ten: Blood on the Delaware
  • Part II
  • Chapter Eleven: The Relics of an Army
  • Chapter Twelve: Chaos in the East
  • Chapter Thirteen: Trenton Redux?
  • Chapter Fourteen: Starve, Dissolve, or Disperse
  • Chapter Fifteen: The Best Answer to Calumny
  • Chapter Sixteen: Integration
  • Chapter Seventeen: Firecakes and Cold Water
  • Chapter Eighteen: Civil War
  • Chapter Nineteen: An American Army
  • Chapter Twenty: "Howe's Players"
  • Chapter Twenty-One: Franklin's Miracle
  • Chapter Twenty-Two: "Those Dear Raggedy Continentals"
  • Chapter Twenty-Three: The Political Maestro
  • Chapter Twenty-Four: Martha
  • Part III
  • Chapter Twenty-Five: Prussian Spring
  • Chapter Twenty-Six: The Rains Never Cease
  • Chapter Twenty-Seven: A Trim Reckoning
  • Chapter Twenty-Eight: A Rumor of War
  • Chapter Twenty-Nine: "Long Live the King of France"
  • Chapter Thirty: The Modern Cato
  • Chapter Thirty-One: Knights and Fair Maidens
  • Chapter Thirty-Two: The Gauntlet Thrown
  • Chapter Thirty-Three: "You Damned Poltroon"
  • Chapter Thirty-Four: "So Superb a Man"
  • Epilogue
  • Afterword
  • Photographs
  • Acknowledgments
  • About the Authors
  • Bibliography
  • Notes
  • Index
  • Illustration Credits
  • Copyright

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